Everything that you need to know about Wynaut sword and shield.

Wynaut sword and shield, see what all the fuss is about.  Even if they end up as a bunch of Wobbuffets, these creatures are still a lot of fun to look at. Despite what you may have heard, awynauts are not encountered in the wild while wielding walnut sword and shields. A Wobbuffet is the only way to get your hands on one of these lovely infants. The Galar region in walnut blade and shield is an excellent starting point for your quest because there are so many Pokemon to catch.

To speed up your search for shining items, you’ll need to wait to get your hands on the Shiny Charm. We recommend reading our Pokemon wynaut sword and shield guide to explain how to capture this monster completely.

Wynaut sword and shield Pokemon:

To obtain a awynaut in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the game needs that you hatch one first. Before you place your Wobbuffet in a nursery with a Ditto or another Wobbuffet of the opposite sex, therefore check to see that it is already carrying a Lax Incense (if it does not, therefore you can get one from the Herb vendor in Hulbury.

You Can Find Wynaut sword and shield In The Following Locations:

  • When an egg hatches, you get this one. Lax Incense is required for a Wobbuffet.
  • This Pokemon can also be captured through a 2-Star Raid (Level 25-30), although there is only one raid featuring this Pokemon (available in both Sword and Shield versions).
  • In the open world, this Pokemon cannot be caught.

Intense Sun In Other Areas:

  • The Bowl Is Dirty
  • Hammerlock Mountains.
  • The Lake of Shock.
  • Riverbank along the Motostoke in Tokyo.
  • Route 5

Get your hands on a awynaut, would you?  Let’s get out of the way: Wynauts are not genuinely found in the wild in Pokemon Sword and Shield. To find Wynaut in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you’ll need first to locate Wobbuffet. In Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, Wobbuffets can be seen during various weather conditions in the following locations.

How To Get In Pokemon Wynaut sword and shield:

There will soon be a fresh batch of downloadable content made available for Pokemon Sword and Shield, and our anticipation for what it will bring could not be higher. Putting together your squad in preparation for Isle of Armor’s release in June 2020 can be a little laborious during Christmas. If you are playing Pokemon Sword and Shield and want to fill your Pokedex with cute baby Pokemon, you can get an Awynaut by completing specific challenges.

Pokemon  How To Get Wynaut sword and shield?

Find out what all the fuss is about by purchasing an Awynaut for yourself and giving it a try. There is no justification for why you would not wish to act. These creatures are very entertaining to look at, and that is true even if they do turn out to be a collection of Wobbuffets. Despite what you might have been led to believe, you will not come across any awaits in the wild if you are brandishing an wynaut sword and shield.


The hatching of an egg can only obtain it. To complete the mission, you must equip and use a Wobbuffet with Lax Incense. If you are in the neighbourhood, you can pick up some Lax Incense at the herb merchant’s shop in Hulbury. It is necessary to take the Wobbuffed, which is now carrying the Lax Incense, to the Nursery to breed it with a Ditto.

Get The Following Rare Pokémon In Pokémon Sword And Shield:

Awynaut, Budew, and Mantyke are some of the other names for Bonsly. A group of Pokémon in Pokémon Sword and Shield are highly uncommon and can only be obtained by breeding other Pokémon that already contain Incense in their genetic makeup. The Pokémon in question are Bonsly, Budew, Mantyke, and await. Munchlax is also included in this list. Each of these is a juvenile form of something significantly more potent that the game will allow you to acquire in its entirety at various points throughout its progression.

Creeper World 4:

Creeper World 4 is recommended for players who are looking for a tower defence experience that is both more sophisticated and difficult. In Creeper World 4, rather than having to protect a succession of tiny passages from the Creeper, your mission will be to watch a significant 3D region from them.

 Rogue Tower:

Are you a fan of the roguelike and rogue-lite genres? Rogue Tower is a tower defence game with a unique twist on the genre. Rogue Tower gives you a path that becomes longer the longer you live, rather than having you clear each level one by one. Every time you leave Rogue Tower alive, you’re presented with a new option for expanding your path. It’s up to you whether you want to keep your adversaries as far away as possible or converge to maximise the damage your AOE towers can inflict.


To get one, you’ll need to hatch a awynaut in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Ensure that your Wobbuffet is equipped with a Lax Incense (if not, you can get one from the Herb dealer in Hulbury) before placing it in a nursery with a Ditto or another Wobbuffet of the opposite sex. When your egg from that pairing hatches, you’ll be the proud owner of a brand new Wynaut Easy. Obtaining a Wobbuffet now opens the door to getting an await.


How does await evolve in the Pokemon shield?

Await can be transformed into Wobbuffet once it reaches level 15.

How do you breed Wobbuffet to get awaited?

A Lax Incense and a Wobbuffet of the opposite gender are the only ways to ensure that your Wobbuffet is safe in the nursery.

Can you breed Wobbuffet with Ditto?

The Herb trader in Hulbury carries Lax Incense.