Everything to know about Taiki kou sailor moon!

Taiki kou sailor moon was the final set of Sailor Senshi revealed to the public in Sailor Moon. The trio consists of three young women who sing and dance as pop stars while on the road searching for their missing princess. Seiya, also known as Sailor Star Fighter, leads the team. Two of her companions are Taiki, also known as Sailor Star Maker, and Taiki, also known as Sailor Star Healer. The rest of the group wears bright uniforms, but these three individuals stand out due to their appearance. In the anime Stars, Seiya portrayed Usagi’s boyfriend after Mamoru Chiba disappeared. In this article, we will discuss more Taiki kou sailor moon.

They are from a different planet:

Most people believe the Starlights and Sailor Quartet are both new Senshi. There are Scouts in every region of the cosmos. Thus it seems probable that the Starlights are not native to our galaxy. Scouts, however, inhabit every region of the cosmos. For most of the story arc, Uranus and Neptune dislike the trio because they perceive them as a threat to Earth and Usagi. For one, Uranus and Neptune view the triumvirate as strangers.

The majority of persons are female:

Because the starlights are invariably depicted as women in their transformed phases in the anime, their gender is a subject of much discussion. Even though they are depicted as women in the manga, the Starlights wore men’s clothing while on Earth to conceal their identity and find their princess. They belong to the same group as Sailor Uranus, who likewise doesn’t claim a distinct gender because they don’t care much about claiming a clear gender.

Seiya does love Usagi:

When Seiya appeared, those who watched anime were startled. They believed Mamoru left Usagi behind when he travelled to the United States to study, so his appearance was unexpected. Seiya fell in love with Usagi despite not intending to, and at the end of the series, he wished he had met her sooner. Even though it was his duty to protect her, he fell in love with her. If Usagi hadn’t selected Mamoru as her life partner, Seiya would have been a formidable contender for Usagi’s affection.

Their world is called Kinmoku:

Fans find out that the Starlights live on Kinmoku, despite not obtaining much knowledge about other galaxies. It is the only known location for the Starlights. When the girl arrived, the planet had already been obliterated by Galaxia’s attack. Nobody has ever been able to figure out what happened to Kinmoku or whether or not any other Sailor Scouts perished in the fight against Galaxia.

Seiya outperforms Sailor Uranus athletically:

Seiya is highly talented at the music of Taiki kou sailor moon, but she is also very talented at athletics, which enrages Uranus. After Seiya and Usagi began attending the same high school, he rapidly became the school’s top athlete. It once belonged to Haruka. She was a frightened young lady who a classmate had injured. It could be because they believe the Starlights are more powerful than the Scouts.

They had to adhere to numerous rules:

Everyone knows that the fourth and final season of Sailor Moon was never broadcast in the United States, but fewer are aware that the show encountered similar difficulties in other countries. The LGBT storylines in The Sailor Starlights were nearly impossible for television networks to conceal. Italian authors altered the plot of the Starlights so that the twins now resemble humans. It was done to conceal the fact that Seiya is homosexual, and the Starlights can be male or female.

They’ll break up after the show:

The Starlights made every effort during the length of the show to appease their legion of devoted followers, and they did all in their ability to do so. After they located the princess, however, they did not keep their disappearance a secret from anyone and instead told everyone that they were breaking up. Before permanently departing the world, they even put on a final concert for their followers to say goodbye.

They had physical CDs in their possession:

The Sailor Moon series has a long history of providing its followers with various products. To appease the fans of the Sailor Moon series, the Sailor Starlights were featured singing on audio CDs that were distributed. Strangely, the Starlights have released a CD, given that they have never before released a record under their name.

Yaten sleeps the majority of the time:

Fans have observed that Yaten never blushes when the centre of attention, despite being the timidest of the starlights and preferring to remain in the background. Yaten’s need for a great deal of sleep was one of her peculiar habits. It is possible that she is not from the same galaxy or planet as the other Starlights, as she does not feel well until she has slept for thirteen consecutive hours.

Taiki is smarter than Ami:

Before the Stars events, Ami was the character with the highest IQ in the series. Her intellect was almost too brilliant for anyone to comprehend. Ami was astonished when Taiki began attending the same school as her because it showed that Taiki could perform even better than she did on tests. Despite being the same age as the rest of the scout unit, the Starlights appear to have superior training in many respects, especially in the classroom.

The Starship of the Dark Sailor:

Taiki asserts that in the Starlight manga, Seiya and Yaten abandon their teammate Princess Kakyuu because they mistakenly believe she is a dictator. Due to this, they believe Princess Kakyuu is a dictator. Taiki is so preoccupied with vengeance and violence that she kills a man during a street brawl. It makes her and Ami dangerous, losing their temper when they don’t get their way. It motivated Taiki to rebel against the Three Lights and leave them.

Make a Star, You Malevolent Sailor:

Sailor Moon slew queen Esmeraude in Starlight’s Act 62. it makes Taiki sad. To exact revenge on Sailor Moon, King Kunzite agreed to Taiki’s idea to obtain a more potent ability for him and Ami to share. Then he transforms into the Demon Sailor Star Maker, a new form he claims he will use to destroy Usagi and the remaining Senshi.

Return to Business:

Tobusora Tenba sneaks into the home of Taiki and Ami to inform them that no member of the Sailor Senshi, not even Seiya or Yaten, has betrayed them. Taiki cannot recall what Tobusora said, so she states, “The last time Seiya and Yaten saw me, they felt nothing, and I want to finish my response! You and Ami must recognize me!” it is what Tobusora stated as he punched Taiki in the face. Taiki had gotten under his skin and made him upset. This blow knocked out Taiki.


Taiki kou sailor moon is a member of the idol group Three Lights. She is referred to as “Sailor Star Maker” in the Sailor Starlights because she resembles the fictional Sailor Star Maker. Taiki has long fingers, a brown ponytail, and a classic poker face. Her irises are a deep chocolate shade. When portraying the Three Lights, she wears a light green shirt with a blue tie, and a light brown coat with a white rose on the lapel. Taiki kou sailor moon is the tallest.


Who is Taiki kou sailor moon?

During the sixth season, Taiki kou sailor moon develops romantic feelings for Ami, and episode thirteen marks the beginning of their relationship. Their love intensifies for the remainder of this season and the next three. In Season 10, they intend to marry.

Is that pair of glasses Sailor Mercury’s?

Ami Mizuno is in her teens. Her short, dark-blue hair hits her neck. She’s 5 feet 2 inches tall. Therefore Ami used reading glasses sometimes. She wears Usagi’s Azabu Juban outfit.