Is the cable you’re using in excellent shape?

Tablet charging slowly: If you buy a new phone, it’s likely to charge more quickly. Is it possible that your phone has always taken a long time to get to 100%? Whatever the situation may be, you may be able to speed up the charging process for your smartphone by taking a few simple steps. To see whether any of these methods can help you, give them a whirl. Unfortunately, the only way to fix this problem is to buy a new cable. Following are ways to improve tablet charging slowly.

Is the cable you’re using in excellent shape?

It is true, primarily if you’ve owned the charging wire for an extended period. During your existence, these goods are subjected to a tremendous degree of abuse. You tread on, tangle, and put them in luggage when you travel. Please verify that your charging cable is in good working order by examining it closely for any apparent signs of damage.

The adaptor isn’t working:

The adaptor, often known as a charging brick, is in the same boat. It is a wall-plug-compatible add-on. Find out whether there is any significant damage. The presence of bent plugs or fractured parts strongly indicates that something is amiss.

Be sure to plug in your device when not in use:

A dirty smartphone charging port is a typical cause of a slow charging battery. Therefore your phone may be the problem. Look around and see if there’s any debris in there. Try using pressurized air or a little brush to clear it up. Is the port or charger any looser than it used to be? Some of these ports can become worn out, resulting in reduced charging times for the battery.

Your power supply may be underpowered:

However, if you’re charging your battery with something other than an outlet, this might not be a problem, but if you’re using the stock charger and connection, it might be. USB ports on laptops, portable batteries, automobiles, and power strips can charge smartphones. Make sure your charger is quick enough to meet your phone’s requirements by using a wall socket and an appropriate charger.

Invest in the proper charging equipment:

Has your phone’s charger or cable changed since you purchased it? Your phone’s battery may be taking so long to recharge if this is the case. There are a variety of fast-charging devices on the market today.

Purchasing correct charging accessories:

In most cases, these two are incompatible with one another. Your manufacturer may not have included an adapter or cable for fast-charging if it does happen. Your phone’s specifications should guide you in purchasing the correct charging accessories. In some cases, quicker wireless chargers are available.

Be aware of the apps you’re using:

When it comes to battery drain, rogue apps can do far more than the screen to impede your phone from charging quickly. Apps on Android frequently start up or operate in the background even after being opened for only a brief period. A rogue app or two might still hurt your phone’s speed, even if Android is growing better at properly managing resources to fix tablet charging slowly.

Reduce its background activity:

It is likely that heavy users do not stop using their phones throughout the day and that they do not let their devices rest while charging. Your battery will drain more quickly if you use your phone when plugged in. Take a breather! Meanwhile, you may try using a tablet or another type of gadget.

The battery may be running low:

Batteries will eventually fail. It will wear down more quickly if you run them through many cycles, use them frequently, and allow them to overheat. To ensure that your battery lasts as long as possible, refer to the previous section’s link to fix tablet charging slowly.

Resetting factory data:

A factory data reset could be a final option before you give up on your outdated phone. Everything on your device is erased during this procedure, allowing you to begin anew. When you turn it off, it will restore your phone to its original state. However, how would this help with charging times? When apps and phone operations are draining your phone’s resources.

What’s wrong with the GPS?

Everything will restore to its original state if you perform a factory data reset. Try your best. A hardware issue is more likely if the phone continues to charge slowly even after a thorough wipe.

As tragic as it may sound, all devices eventually have to be retired. Even if you’ve tried all the suggestions above and still haven’t been able to get your phone to charge, it may be time to part with it to fix tablet charging slowly.

Use a standard charger and data cable:

If the gadgets support Quick Charge and Super Charge, they charge very quickly. When you connect to a cable that doesn’t allow fast charging, the fast charging feature will be disabled to protect your smartphone. So, please use a regular charger and cord to charge your gadget. Please visit VMALL.COM to purchase a new charging device if yours has been lost or destroyed.


The charging time will be longer if the USB port is covered with dust or dirt or if the charger is not in complete contact with it. It’s a good idea to unplug and re-plug the data cord after making any changes. Make sure that the USB connection of the data cable and the USB port of your device is clean. You can clean them with a gentle brush, if necessary. As a result, the tablet charging slowly pace is slowed down since the device’s temperature.

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