Everything to know about Skul the hero slayer!

Skul the hero slayer, our hero is a Skul who, after humans have attacked the underworld, finds themselves unconscious on the battlefield. The strong Demon King is now in their captivity, and it looks like the youngest soldier of the Demon King, Skul, will be the one to wipe out the plague once and for all. The tale doesn’t develop much past the game’s concept.

South Korean indie studio Southpaw Games has just released its first major title under its brand name. There are many roguelikes to choose from, so the real question is whether or not this one stands out. Let’s start with the basics of playing skul the hero slayer, and then we’ll go on to some beginner tips and tricks.

Everything to know about Skul the hero slayer!

What is Skul the hero slayer?

Skul, the hero slayer, is a challenging roguelike with exciting locations. The selection of options has everything a newbie might want. Rookie Mode reduces damage by 50%. Skul, the hero slayer, wasn’t the only independent video game in 2021. We hope this trend, which attempts to make video games more accessible to gamers of all skill levels and ethnicities, continues until 2022. If this mode is activated, the game will show a skull logo with a pacifier in its mouth at the bottom of the screen.

The Language of Doors:

Keep a watch out for these three types of random doors in Skul: One that takes heroes’ lives. It doesn’t account for exits that lead to bosses or stores. The rules here are set in stone. Gold-plated exits laden with treasure frequently dole out big cash payouts. Instead of the usual loot drops, though, you may find chests every so often. Players who successfully pass through green doors that are on fire are rewarded with skulls at the end of the game.

Skills in the Mario series:

Skul, the primary character, can transform into several forms by collecting Skulls, similar to how Mario gains new abilities in the Mario game series. If players choose gateways that appear unremarkable, the level will be more evenly distributed for them to navigate, but they will also receive fewer unique gifts. Even though the player is getting close to the end of their health bar, it is recommended that they use one of the two more unusual doors rather than risk losing all of their health.

Study the Bones of Fable:

When the Skull is changed into a new form, it gains new skills according to that form. There is only the impression of one. Therefore, The firearm is distinct from this. Abilities take up the third slot. It’s important to note that some classes have special powers that aren’t immediately obvious. Players should head to the game’s menu once they’ve acquired a skull and morphed to familiarize themselves with the controls.

Skul absorbs or does damage:

Anytime Skul absorbs or damages, energy flows into the specific meter of the Living Armor form, allowing it to recharge. It occurs whether or not the Living Armor form is active. When it reaches its maximum capacity, using this ability will cause a blast of fire damage to be dealt with. When damaging a skull, know its class and skills. This ability restores 30% of Skul’s maximum health once every run. The secret is worth the effort it takes to figure it out.

Upgrades in Black Quartz:

Most roguelike games feature some currency that can purchase permanent upgrades to the player character’s stats. In Skul: The Hero Slayer, these are known as Dark Quartz. It is what you need to offer to the witch inside the castle to obtain Traits from her. Some characteristics are typical and helpful, like the capacity to deal more damage or heal faster. These could seem reasonable initially, but you’ll be glad you waited later.

Where Should One Go Shopping in Subspace?

In addition to collecting gold, players will also pick up items while running. Like in many roguelike games, your gold is only suitable for a short time and disappears when you die. In the interphase shop section of a world, which appears periodically? Items can grant bonuses to the player; food can replenish health, a vendor who would trade a skull for an item, and a blacksmith with unique abilities.

Hero Slayer and other action RPGs:

Unless they have access to a health-restoring item, the players should prioritize finding a food vendor. You can improve your character by visiting the blacksmith to learn a new skill. After that point, anything that happens next can be changed. Don’t buy anything from the mysterious Dark Quartz vendor if they ever show up. Long-range opponents, notable bowmen, should be overseen. This basic technique is essential in Skul the Hero Slayer and other action RPGs.

Get rid of the sorcerers right away:

Most of Skul’s opponents will seek to attack him up close. If there is a spell caster among your opponents, you can safely ignore their superior firepower. Players’ first encounters will likely be with tree monsters, an opponent that can spawn vines from the ground up. There will be a red box to let players know what’s happening, so they can move out of the way in plenty of time. On top of that, it’s a surefire sign that somebody with extraordinary abilities is nearby.

What are the benefits of giving up?

If you are in the middle of a run, you will lose all of your data if you stop. If the player ventures into the dungeon and explores several chambers before leaving, the next time the game is played, the player will be returned to the castle. It is a typical scenario in roguelike games. It, however, does not imply that every last bit of data will be wiped out. To give just one example, black Quartz will persist after the change.

Permanent Improvements with Black Quartz:

Dark Quartz is the primary form of updated currency and a vital energy source in this game universe. Allies and foes alike have used Dark Quartz for its dark magic characteristics. Skul, our antihero, can level up with the help of the Dark Quartz he discovered in the starting castle. Talking to the helpful witch in your castle will allow you to gain and improve permanent character stats such as more health points, the ability to deal more significant damage, and so on.


Skul, the hero slayer, presents a story that many people will find familiar: your king has been kidnapped, and it is your responsibility to defeat his foes and save him. However, you are not merely a spectator of this drama; you are the antagonist. If you wish to assist Skul in his quest to become a member of the army of the Demon King, you will have to engage in combat with humans and the humans’ friends to ensure the safety of your evil commander.


Skul, the hero slayer, seems like a pretty intense game, but is it worth my time?

Skul the hero slayer: The Hero Slayer’s range of construction and combination choices should appeal to roguelike fans. It’s not flawless, especially in the beginning, and the level design isn’t great, but it’s worth trying.

Is it hard to beat The Hero Slayer?

The latest update seems to have made things harder, but I haven’t noticed any difference; it’s still hard! We realize how challenging roguelikes can be. Remember the “boss” behavioural pattern.

Is there a way to save your game when playing Skul the Hero Slayer?

The only time your progress may be saved is when you exit the game. In addition to being unable to “reload” the save, the save feature is useless.