What Is It About Natsuo Todoroki That Makes Him So Unique?

Student Natsuo todoroki is currently enrolled in a four-year university. As the younger brother to Toya, Fuyumi Todoroki, and older brother to Shoto, he is the second son of Enji and ReiTodoroki. As a young guy of above-average stature, Natsuo has a well-toned physique. The two tiny strands that hang from the middle of his spiky white hair are his only distinguishing feature. Gray eyes and lengthy eyelashes complete his look. When Natsuo was younger, both sides of his hair had two fiery red streaks. He may be colored them over, or they’ve whitened like Toya’s hair did, but it’s also plausible that he hasn’t worn them anymore.

Natsuo todoroki personality:

The Natsuo todoroki personality has a laid-back demeanor, but he shows a more serious side when dealing with delicate problems relating to his family’s past.He holds his father responsible for the forced separation from Shoto as a toddler, his elder brothers being neglected after declaring them failures, Rei’shospitalization, and what happened to Natsuo’s close friend Toya.When it came to Enji, Natsuo’s father tried his best, but even so, he couldn’t stand to be in the same room with him without becoming enraged.

Abilities of Natsuo todoroki:

Even though Endeavor was elevated to No. 1, he informs his mother that he cannot forgive his father for how Enji treated the family. When his mother mentions that the latter visited and left her a flower, he is taken aback. He is informed that his father is battling an inside issue. Fuyumi and her brothers watched a news program about their father’s battle with a special Nomu known as Hood as they left the asylum.

Family of Natsuo todoroki:

Fuyumi has a generous heart and a strong devotion to her family, which makes her a great friend to have around. The absence of Rei’s mother necessitated her taking on the role of mother to her younger brother Shoto. Shoto and Natsuo are shown to get along well with one other, and she also visits her mother, who is in the hospital, rather frequently.

Father of Natsuo todoroki:

When he saw his father being savagely attacked by a villain, he was horrified. After watching the program for a while, Natsuo couldn’t help but wonder why Endeavor was still battling. He pleaded with him to give up and retreat, as he had done with his children. Fuyumi revealed to him that their father is the one who will never give in, according to her. Endeavor defeats Hood, but not before suffering a major injury in the process.

Fuyumi’s dinner plans:

He consented to attend Fuyumi’s dinner plans for his sister’s sake, but he rushed left after being unable to bear his father’s presence.Despite Natsuo’s obvious distress at his family’s problems, he is aware that the weight of his past prevents him from forgiving his father as much as he was terrified by Endeavor’s injury in the fight with Hood and as grateful as he could be for his father’s sacrifice in saving him.

History of the Endeavor Agency:

When IzukuMidoriya compliments Fuyumi on the food she prepared, Natsuo responds by saying that she had to give it up because of her age and physical limitations. Shoto was taken aback when Fuyumi revealed that Natsuo was also an accomplished cook. Natsuo claims that Endeavor forced him to stop because he over-seasoned the dish, but Endeavor apologizes for not knowing before. Natsuo hastily exits the room after finishing his speech to avoid his father’s gaze.

The Paranormal Liberation War:

Dabi’s confession is aired live to the globe, and Natsuo is horrified to learn that his older brother is alive and has turned into a villain. Natsuo, along with the rest of his family, visits his wounded little brother in the hospital after the epic battle. Before Enji can respond to Natsuo’s question about why he is crying, Rei interrupts him and asks about his heart. He apologizes excessively, claiming that his regrets and remorse are too late to matter.

Natsuotodoroki’s death:

Before Toya’s presumed demise, Natsuo and his younger brother had a tight bond, with Toya frequently turning to Natsuo for emotional support and questioning him why he was even there. He had harbored nothing but hatred for his father ever since. He sought to confide in Natsuo when he was just 8 years old, raving about their father while attempting to sleep. Natsuoyelled at Toya, telling him at natsuotodoroki death.


The natsuotodorokigf in college was just one of her many talents. Natsuo completely rejects Endeavor’s efforts to rekindle the family, even while Fuyumi appears more open to the idea.Natsuo and Fuyomi lacked notable eccentricities, and as a result, their father paid them little attention. Endeavor has made a concerted effort to rely on his two neglected children and earn Shoto’s trust as the story progresses.


Even though Natsuo doesn’t believe Endeavor, he hears him say that he still came out for the sake of Fuyumi and Rei and that he wanted to show respect for Fuyumi’s feelings because she is working so hard to mend the family that Endeavor tore apart.While the others were cleaning up, Katsuki revealed to Izuku that he had been listening to the conversation between Shoto and Izuko when they were at the United States Sports Festival and that he had learned about it Shoto’s history.


Is Todoroki older than Natsuo?

As the younger brother to Toya, Fuyumi Todoroki, and older brother to Shoto, he is the second son of Enji and ReiTodoroki.

What is the natsuotodoroki age?

According to natsuotodoroki age, Toya is the Todoroki family’s oldest child. In terms of age, he was the oldest of Endeavor and Rei’s four children.

What Is It About Natsuo Todoroki That Makes Him So Unique?

NatsuoTodoroki’s idiosyncrasy is yet to be discovered. When Endeavor ignored him, he was presumed to have an ice quirk due to his white hair.

Who is yumitodoroki quirk?

The yumitodoroki quirk is probably ice. Like her mother, she has white hair, a symbol of the ice-cold side of the family. Although she hasn’t been shown to use it, it’s safe to assume it’s ice.

Who Is The Oldest Todoroki Brother or Sister?

Toya is the Todoroki family’s oldest child. Before Natsuo and Shoto, he was Endeavor and Rei’s first-born kid.

Were Natsuo and Fuyumi born with peculiar habits or personalities?

Yes, but they’re probably ineffective. Although Endeavor was never interested in them, their white hair indicates the ice-quirk part of their family.

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