Top my hero academia girls for 2022!

My hero academia girls are a fantastic bunch, each with their unique set of Quirks and perspectives on what it means to be a hero in the real world. My Hero Academia has included some fantastic female characters, and now is the moment to recognize their achievements. Consistent with other shonen anime, the male cast members outnumber the feminine ones in this one.

Despite this, the episode features many inspiring and engaging women and girls from MHA. That’s a matter of personal preference. If you prefer shockingly scary villains, Himiko Toga is probably perfect. However, if you like heroic trainees who are good at heart but also adorable and nervous, you will probably appreciate Ochaco Uraraka. Here we will discuss more my hero academia girls.

Top my hero academia girls for 2022!

Best my hero academia girls:

Many of my hero academia girls are powerful role models, whether students or active heroes. All of the show’s content is made with male viewers in mind. Therefore The majority of the main cast is men to reflect this. Nevertheless, Kohei Horikoshi gives his my hero academia girls notable roles. Following are the best of my hero academia girls.

Waifus in the My Hero Academia anime:

The characters in My Hero Academia span many archetypes, from likeable U.A. students to cape-clad professional heroes to terrifying villains and everything in between. Fans of My Hero Academia may have various preferences regarding which heroes they root for, but there seems to be widespread agreement over which heroes have the best waifu. It is not your ordinary beauty pageant to decide who has the greatest waifus.

Toru Hagakure:

Toru Hagakure is an Invisible Girl from Class 1-A. Despite her limited attacking capabilities, she is instrumental in other ways. Toru is well-suited for the job of scout on a mission, as she can go undetected and has lots of practice honing her stealth skills. Also, she can temporarily blind her enemies with dazzling light blasts. Toru’s constant positivity and vivacity are unmistakable hallmarks of her personality. She also participated enthusiastically in the University of Arkansas athletics festival, where she found herself in the unforeseen role of a cheerleader.

Itsuka Kendo:

Class representative Itsuka Kendo of 1-B takes her role seriously, while 1-A’s representative, Neito Monona, does nothing but irritate his peers. Viewers of My Hero Academia are likelier to enjoy and respect Itsuka since she behaves more like a protective older sibling than a typical villain. As a person, Itsuka strikes a nice balance between strength and compassion, self-assurance and humility. She also has a strong sense of self-assurance. Itsuka is not simply a skilled fighter but also a capable leader, as shown during the plot arc revolving around their joint training.


Ryukyu enjoys widespread acclaim. Thanks to her peculiarity, she can change into a lizard-like creature that can glide through the air. As seen in the Shie Hassaikai story arc, she can defeat even the largest and most vicious of her foes in this form. Ryukyu’s interns Ochaco, Tsuyu, and Nejire Hado like her gentleness and kindness, and they consider her a mother figure. These are two characteristics with which Ryukyu is famous. She is an excellent leader for her interns and the rest of the Pro Heroes.

Camie Utsushimi:

Despite making her first appearance in My Hero Academia dressed as the villain Himiko Toga, Camie Utsushimi is a student at the Shiketsu heroic school. Later, during the make-up exam, Camie’s true self revealed herself, and she was pleased to meet Shoto Todoroki, whom she thought was pretty cute. While little is known about Camie, she has a humorous knack for using slang, rapidly making friends, and improving the spirits of those around her. Her quirks include the capacity to create convincing illusions with her breath, which comes in handy both in and out of combat.

Ms Joke:

Ms Joke embodies the ideal qualities of a partner, including a great sense of humour and the ability to make other people laugh, which are highly prized by all demographics, including anime waifus and husbandos. She reminds me of an eccentric superhero who can make anyone crack up with her zaniness. She reminds me of a good, virtuous take on the Joker from Batman comics. There, she charmed the show’s spectators with her naive antics and her obvious crush on Shota Aizawa, which delighted Mina giddy.

Mina Ashido:

Despite her lacklustre academic performance Mina Ashido more than makes up for it with her infectious enthusiasm and positive outlook on life mina is a fan favourite because of her upbeat personality and the fact that she is a talented dancer and boxer. Fans of My Hero Academia think more highly of Mina because she is a good person who would drop everything to help a friend in trouble. And Mina fully understands what it is to be a hero because of this.

Tsuyu Asui’s:

For several reasons, Tsuyu Asui, the frog girl, has been a favourite. Her charming frog quirk, beautiful hero name “Froppy,” and severe demeanour are just a few of these qualities. Tsuyu is a role model for her classmates because of her high levels of compassion and helpfulness. Tsuyu is a big sister at home, and she is also a voice of reason and a master at handling troublemakers like Minoru Mineta at U.A. She is a well-rounded student because she is a responsible and intelligent Pro Hero.

Nemuri Kayama:

Nemuri Kayama, better known as Midnight, the R-Rated Hero, is one of the series’ most striking features. Currently, Nemuri instructs art at U.A. Not only is she famous for her racy style, but also for her cheerful attitude. She finds inspiration in the youth she teaches and cares deeply about her students. Midnight’s attractiveness can’t be denied, especially considering that she is a cheerful and carefree teacher. She volunteered to participate in a bank heist simulation for a filler episode of My Hero Academia.

Momo Yaoyorozu:

Although Momo Yaoyorozu is undoubtedly the brightest student in Class 1-A, if not all of U.A., that has not made her smug or superior; Momo is a taciturn and shy teenager when in class. Although Momo had a short period of self-doubt in the My Hero Academia series, she has a great personality, thanks to her empathy, generosity, boundless enthusiasm for her work, and a deep sense of duty.

Ochaco Uraraka:

As one of Izuku’s first acquaintances at the University of Akihabara, Ochaco Uraraka was destined to be the show’s Best Girl and Izuku’s ultimate waifu. Ochaco is a modest and calm young woman from a modest family. The fact that she comes from a humble background gives her some similarities to Izuku. To name just a few, Ochaco is renowned for her wonderful sense of teamwork, her excellent hero suit, her loving crush on Izuku, and her pure and happy demeanour.


Like the great majority of other anime series, My Hero Academia contains a slew of strong female characters who have won over the hearts of fans. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 girls from the show’s history. Those unfamiliar with the My Hero Academia series will benefit from the following summary: The series, created in 2014 by Horikoshi Kohei and later translated by studio Bones in 2016, is widely regarded as one of the most successful works of Japanese popular culture.


How many young ladies are enrolled in My Hero Academia’s first-year class?

Six female and fourteen male characters are in My Hero Academia’s first year. Initially, the imbalance was much more significant, and Horikoshi saw its potential for tragedy.

How old is Eri MHA, if she is old?

Chapter 128, released in 2017, is Eri’s debut appearance in the manga and reveals her age as six.

Who at MHA has the most charming grin?

Eri has often won our hearts with her charming personality and deeds, and we have no choice but to adore her. She is undoubtedly the cutest character in the series, and there should be no debate about why she is in the top selection. She triumphs decisively.

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