Interesting facts to know about my hero academia Deku!

My hero academia Deku as Izuku Midoriya is so much more than that. He’s matured greatly since the beginning of the series, making him a great model for a well-developed Shonen protagonist. It’s not enough to say that Deku is the enemy of All-student, Ochako Uraraka’s love interest, or Tomura’s most dangerous enemy in the future. He’s a living work of fiction with many different sides. Therefore, He is all of these things and more. He’s all this and more. In this part, you’ll learn about My Hero Academia’s best hero, one of the world’s best Pro-Heroes. Unlikely, but we’ll tell you anyway. Here we will discuss my hero academia Deku.

Interesting facts to know about my hero academia Deku!

Superior IQ and my hero academia Deku:

Deku is considered exceptionally bright in the My Hero Academia universe. While he lacked any special abilities at birth, he did possess an exceptionally keen intellect. Before training with Heroes, he had catalogued and studied most of their abilities and limitations. It was done long before he enrolled in the Hero Academy. He also proved his immense prowess as a Hero by turning even the direst of circumstances to his advantage through the use of his incredible inventiveness.


Like the protagonists of the great majority of shonen literature, Deku possesses an amazing amount of willpower. It has been demonstrated numerous times throughout the narrative, such as when he attempted to become a great Hero even though he did not have a Quirk. A man of incredible will, Izuku has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds and emerged victorious from the darkest of times. He’s beaten Muscular, Chisaki, and Shigaraki Tomura, who he thought would be a battle.


As Deku is the main character in My Hero Academia, it should not be surprising that his ability to lead others is one of his most impressive superpowers. He’s the type of person who, when faced with adversity, will take charge and eventually lead his classmates into battle. Izuku’s strategic mind is well-known, as he is always the one to come up with ideas and make sure they are followed. Because of this quality of his, everyone around Izuku respects and trusts him, including formidable figures like Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki.


A former user of One for All named En was the sixth person to possess the Quirk known as Smokescreen, an emitter type of Quirk. Subsequently, Izuku Midoriya also developed this ability, which has only strengthened because of Quirk Singularity. Midoriya’s smokescreen talent allows him to conceal himself from his enemies and catch them off guard. Smoke may blanket a large area and usually affects everyone. My hero academia deku may have trouble moving amid the smoke.

Alarming Sensitivity of my hero academia deku:

Hikage Shinomori, the fourth person to use one for all, possessed the extraordinary ability of Danger Sense. As the name of the talent implies, this skill grants the user the capacity to detect threats in their immediate environment. A sixth sense is granted to the user, allowing them to be alerted to danger in the area before it presents itself. When activated, it does, however, result in a slight degree of discomfort for the user. Deku says it’s doable with enough training.

Polls show his declining popularity:

According to several polls, Deku quickly rose to the top of fan favourites when the show first premiered. Nevertheless, the order of things has usually changed in some fashion as time has passed. Recent polls have shown that Deku is in third place amongst Shonen protagonists, but we don’t necessarily agree that this means he isn’t a fantastic one. Deku isn’t featured often because the show has a wide ensemble of complex and interesting characters. Recent polls place Deku third.

His nickname wasn’t a compliment:

While Izuku Midoriya didn’t always go by “Deku,” he took tremendous pride in the name once he adopted it. When first given to Deku, the name was meant as a form of insult because he lacked any peculiarity. It was first conferred upon him by Bakugo. Bakugo called him “Deku” and compared him to a wooden training puppet, meaning he was only suitable for fighting. Ochako Uraraka eventually answered his questions. She calmed him by stating the name reminded her of “to do” in Japanese, and she could see why he found strength in it.

His real name contains background humour:

Character names in anime often include puns, but this trope isn’t usually preserved in translated versions of the series. It is a form of generalization that isn’t always reflected in translated versions of a work. Although the name Izuku Midoriya is sometimes misconstrued due to translation issues, it encompasses the protagonist’s development from beginning to end. Furthermore, he possesses the character Izu, which can be rendered as “It is one’s turn to move on.”

His oddities were expected to disappear:

In the beginning stages of making MHA, Deku was not supposed to have any peculiarities. The fact that Deku started the show without a quirk and was later given what is widely regarded as one of the best quirks in the show, One-For-All, demonstrates that this idea was still run for a while, even though it may not make sense in the context of the show given that almost all of the characters have quirks.

Why did he never win much?

Deku’s academic achievement is proven to be less than stellar on multiple occasions throughout the series. His scores for how well he knew his Quirk were exceedingly low, and there are still five facets of his Quirk that haven’t been presented to the audience. Deku is one of the best four students in his class, but he hasn’t won any awards despite this. It may appear strange at first, but there’s probably a reason. Like Deku, he presumably sought to blend in as much as possible.

First encountered in a single comic:

Popular protagonists from the Shonen manga genre include Bleach’s Ichigo Kurosaki. At first, Ichigo was nothing special; he was merely a typical high school sophomore. Similarly, when Deku was originally presented, he had no peculiar habits. As his life progressed, he honed his skills and became a fearsome Hollow-slayer. Even though Deku’s birthdate could have been the product of a mistake, we assumed that Horikoshi did this on purpose because it makes perfect sense for Deku to have this birthday.

First encountered in a single comic:

Social retail salesman Jack Midoriya, who specializes in Hero memorabilia, secretly hopes to become a hero like his idols one day. After his transformation into Deku, Jack is now a very promising young man who still dreams of becoming a hero. All his hard work over the years has paid off, and now he can reflect on how his education and experience have moulded him into the man he is. All right, here’s the program that everyone watches and loves.


Izuku Midoriya, best known by his nickname, my hero academia Deku, is the main character of the My Hero Academia manga and anime series. As Deku settles into university life at UA, he meets other people with their perspectives on heroes and motivations for wanting to be one. Deku’s closest classmates, Ochaco Uraraka and Tenya Iida are easier to relate to because they were both encouraged to pursue heroic careers by loved ones at home.


Where does Deku come from, and what happened to him?

Izuku Midoriya was one of the few people in a universe where most people are born with abilities. Izuku wanted to be the vigilante “Quirk” like his hero, All Might.

How do you shorten the name “Deku”?

“DEKU” is an acronym for “Dekunobou and Dekiru” in the phrase “Boku no Hero Academia.” “DEKU” does not stand for anything by itself in Japanese; nonetheless, it is an abbreviation for these two words.