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Movies Like The Call, Netflix periodically sees older movies rise to the top of its most-watched films list after being found by a large number of people at the same time. Netflix movies that have just been added (movies like The Call on April 10) may be misinterpreted as freshly released films due to the quantity of content in this period. No one knows precisely how this happens. The Call, a Halle Berry-starring 2013 thriller, was Netflix’s most-watched movie last week, nine years after its debut. To save an abducted small girl (Abigail Breslin), this 9-1-1 dispatcher thriller was WWE Studios’ most profitable picture commercially.

The Frozen Ground:

2013’s The Frozen Ground debuted at number one on the week’s most streamed movies list, despite only playing in a few theatres (primarily on VOD). The Frozen Ground, which has been a Redbox DVD staple for years but recently won big according to FlixPatrol, may have something to do with the film’s leading stars, Nicolas Cage and John Cusack, who still have some name value, or it may be due to Movies Like The Call “based on a true story” serial killer story.


Forgotten is a 2017 mystery thriller film in the vein of kidnapping and the call. Like The Call, Forgotten deals with the protagonist’s memories. The film tells the narrative of Jin Seok, a man who sees his brother’s kidnapping but has no recollection. To make matters even more complicated, he’s kidnapped and thrust into the murder plan because he has no memory of what happened that night.

Lucid Dream:

Fans of Movies Like The Call, which take place in an alternate universe, may want to add them to their watch list. Regarding thrillers and time travel, Lucid Dream is one of the most popular South Korean films this year. It follows the exploits of investigative journalist Dae-ho, who is on a quest to save the life of his stolen child.

Thriller Movies That Will Blow Your Mind:

There was a lot of discussion on social media about the finale of the Call 2020 Korean thriller movie, and it’s safe to say that it was a big hit. The movie’s ending left a lot of people scratching their heads. According to Indian time, The Call was released on November 27 at 1:30 p.m. local time. Lee Chung-Hyun is the writer and director of the thriller film. Among the cast of The Call were Park Shin Hye, Jeon Jong Seo, Kim Sung Ryung and Uhm Chae Young.

Best Movies Like The Call:

A call that goes wrong for veteran 911 operator Jordan Turner leaves her shaken and worried about her ability to continue.

Kazuya’s Revenge:

Without knowing his identity or how he arrived at the hotel where he is staying, Kazuya Mishima wakes up in a strange hotel room. He is haunted by memories of his past and a spooky stranger’s face. The next thing he knows, Kazuya has been kidnapped and transformed into a brutal assassin by an underground crime organisation. Kazuya discovers that his assassination target, Brian Fury, has hidden clues to his true identity.


In this tense film directed by David Fincher, a mother and her daughter (played by Kristen Stewart) hide in a high-tech panic room while intruders break into their New York brownstone. What follows is a dangerous game of survival for both Foster’s heroine and the intruders as she attempts to turn the tables on them from within the haven that is sturdy and wired for observation.


Rooney Mara plays a vigilante hacker who punishes abusive men in David Fincher’s harsh American remake of the 2009 Swedish film. During her investigation into a (possibly) 40-year-old murder, she starts a strange romance with a journalist (Daniel Craig). The film is an American remake of the Swedish original. It becomes abundantly evident as the investigation into the cold case continues that there is a depraved dormant serial killer who is still at loose. It is an excellent sequel to the first film in the series.

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When many people discover a movie on Netflix simultaneously, an older film rises to the top of the streaming service’s most-watched films list. Because of this era’s oversupply of content, it’s not clear exactly how this works; Netflix movies like The Call, which debuted on April 10, may be misconstrued for new releases. The Call, a 2013 film starring Halle Berry, became Netflix’s most-watched movie last week, nine years after its premiere.


As a fan of films such as Movies like the Call “Kidnap and the Call,” you’re probably interested in crime/thriller/horror/crime dramas with a strong sense of suspense and thriller elements set in the United States. Discover new movies you’ll love and comparable ones in just two easy actions. Identify all of the film’s subplots that interest you. You’ll find them in the list that’s been provided. Listed here are films that are conceptually similar to each other.


Is the call based on a true story in 2013?

Kidnap and the call, among other films, are not based on actual events. D’Ovidio, his wife, Nicole D’Ovidio, and Jon Bokenkamp reworked the project from a television series to a feature film released in 2012.

Are there any shows similar to yours?

The wait for season four of Netflix’s “You” continues, and many fans are looking for other shows to watch while they wait.

What does the ending of The Call mean?

It turns out that her mother made it through the fall from that floor unscathed. In good health, Seo-mother Leon is a welcome sight to Seo-Yeon.