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Madridbased Jobandtalent 290m 80k Lomastechcrunch: A recruitment platform based in Madrid has raised an additional $108 million in Series C funding, bringing its total capital to $290 million. This company dominates the temporary workforce sector, with over 80,000 satisfied clients. Some major corporations that have benefited from the platform include Hawaii and Santander.

Madrid based Jobandtalent 290m 80k lomastechcrunch user base has tripled in the past year, directly contributing to the company’s €500 million in profits, thanks to the rising need for temporary labour. To expand and meet consumer demand, the company raised €100 million from Softbank Vision Fund 2 and another €500 million. Let’s continue our discussion on Madridbased Jobandtalent 290m 80k lomastechcrunch.

Jobandtalent and Softbank the U.S. market:

SoftBank’s Vision Fund 2 has invested €100 million ($120M) in Jobandtalent, a Spanish online temporary staffing service. The company facilitates a network between businesses needing temporary labour and those who can provide it. There is a high demand for these professionals in numerous sectors, including retail, logistics, manufacturing, and more. It has received funding from several renowned IT investors. Jobandtalent, which previously secured $108m in January to supplement its Series C investment, has announced.


$1.3 billion was raised through 18 investment rounds and 34 investors (including 13 lead investors). Juan, one of the company’s co-founders, has said that the company’s ultimate goal is to expand even further. The platform has a mobile app and an algorithm called the “Worker Quality Score” to improve the benefits for temporary workers, such as health insurance, educational opportunities, and timely paychecks. The long-term goal is to provide workers with a steady income by giving them temporary jobs.

At several companies:

Madridbased Jobandtalent 290m 80k lomastechcrunch was started to help small businesses and the freelancing economy, so it has stopped focusing on corporate recruitment. The company aims to provide contract workers with a rewarding professional experience and consistent employment through various assignments with various companies, and all managed via a single mobile app. Using JobandTalent, “workforce as a service” can become a practical concept, with headquarters in Madrid and a digital temp staffing service contributing to the Series.

Logistics industries:

Jobandtalent is a two-way platform for people looking for jobs and wanting to hire people, including in the transportation and logistics industries. The firm has amassed €166 million (about $188 million) in funding from its Series C round earlier in the year. With operations starting and more than $290 million in funding, the company is confident that it is just at the “beginning of a journey” to make a dent in the huge and growing market for temporary work.

Operates in Europe:

More than 80,000 people in the seven markets where Jobandtalent operates in Europe and Latin America (Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden, Mexico, and Colombia) used its platform to find temporary jobs in the last year. More than 750 companies have signed up to “recurrently manage a large part of their workforce,” as Jobandtalent puts it. Adecco and Ramstad, which have been around for a while, are its main rivals, but new temporary staffing agencies are continually cropping up.

Jobandtalent has recorded:

It and the ridesharing industry major Umber have been conducting tests with shift-finder programs such as Works to capitalise on the market. The number of people who use Jobandtalent to find temporary work increases yearly, resulting in increased revenue for the company, reaching sales of €500 million. According to the release made by the company, the Series C money will be utilized to assist the company in expanding its operations worldwide.

Maintaining its strongholds:

In addition to having strongholds in Spain and the UK, the company is built on four pillars: logistics, “the last mile,” warehousing, and transportation. The French private equity firm led the expansion tranche of its C round by investing €30 million. It did this with money from its Growth Tech Fund, which it set up last year to invest in fast-growing European business-to-business digital companies. Existing Jobandtalent investors include Atomic, Seek, DN Capital, and Kibosh Ventures.

For temporary workers:

Urinals have said that the company has raised new money. It is because the ongoing outbreak has increased the need for temporary workers.  As a result, we are working to boost sales. The pandemic has been a boon for businesses and their staff “based on the average number of visits per user. Certain industries have benefited more quickly from the implementation of new practices.


New technologies have been adopted faster during the past nine months than they were over the preceding five. According to Urinals, “the staffing industry is undergoing a huge upheaval that will expand over the next several years,” with firms moving away from “brick and mortar traditional structures” and toward “data-driven platforms” that are beneficial to both employees and employers. He responded to an email inquiry on the possibility of an IPO by writing, “This market is tremendously big.”

Automate the time-consuming tasks:

Despite having been in the market for several years, we are still at the beginning of our journey. We can delay going public if we continue to expand with the help of private investors at the current rate. Several shifts have occurred at Jobandtalent since its inception over a decade ago. The organisation’s original goal was to automate the time-consuming and labour-intensive hiring of new staff fully. It experimented with a few approaches before landing.

Algorithm to evaluate:

A linguistics program that examines job postings and sends reminder emails to individuals who have yet to seek work actively. The company shifted its focus from corporate recruitment to mobilization hiring for small and medium-sized businesses as the demand for temporary workers increased. Mobile apps enabled more people to work in the gig economy. During that time, items were produced to fulfil the requirements of corporations that placed a significant emphasis on the use of contract workers.

The company believes:

It was announced today that Blackrock provided loan funding. Raising capital through loan and equity offers can expedite market expansion and product development. Its platform utilizes machine learning algorithms to match contractors with full-time gigs successfully. Business clients can benefit from the company’s customer relationship management system because it gives real-time data on employee satisfaction, turnover, absences and presenters. Co-founder Juan informed us that the company wants to expand to the United States.


The SoftBank Vision Fund is in charge of Work Market, a platform that helps people find temporary employment. Provided the firm with €83 million in loan funding at the end of, Jobandtalent had successfully closed a fundraising round that had seen it raise €88 million. With this funding, Jobandtalent can rapidly expand into new markets, such as the United States, while consolidating its market leadership position within its current reach. Jobandtalent’s underlying technology allows us to make tailored placements across many sectors.


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Madridbased Jobandtalent 290m 80k lomastechcrunch, a Madrid-based staffing company, has raised $240,000,000. The sum comprised $108 million from a Series C funding round.

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