Logan Paul vs Mike Tyson is a Debatable Discussion

Logan Paul vs Mike Tyson is a debatable discussion. The bout is set to go down in early 2022. Boxing legend Mike Tyson has announced that he will return to the ring in early 2022 to face off against Logan Paul, a popular YouTuber who has taken to boxing. heavyweight champion reportedly told The Sun regarding his upcoming clash with Paul in the boxing arena in February 2022. What we know about the battle thus far is detailed below.

If Logan Paul vs Mike Tyson fights ever, when is it happening?

Fighting legend Mike Tyson has finally spoken out about his upcoming bout with comedian Jake Paul. After news spread that they had settled on a multimillion-pound contract. An enormous age and experience discrepancy doesn’t seem to matter, as the former heavyweight king explained in a social media post: “I had no idea. Jake never brought it up when I visited him in St. Barths “. Jake Paul proclaimed the legendary boxer “the best of all time” after he and Iron Mike spent time together on the Hotboxin podcast. Jake had this to say about Mike Tyson in December: “When I sat with Mike Tyson on his podcast, bro, he’s so educated and intelligent, and he was sitting

An alleged February 2022 bout between Logan Paul vs Mike Tyson:

While Logan Paul is the more famous of the two Paul brothers, Jake Paul is also a social media sensation turned fighter. Tyson has stated that he would be glad to fight either of the Paul brothers. “That’s where the battle for cash comes in. Those bouts are the most lucrative since 35 million viewers tuned in to witness “Previous year, Tyson stated. “Yes. I’d go to war with them. In other words, they would try to kill me. That’s a lucrative idea. With a hundred million dollars in their pockets, they don’t care if they get beaten up.”

Location of Mike Tyson vs Logan Paul fight:

The combat site has not yet been decided upon. Tyson fought Roy Jones Jr. in the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, in November 2020. Meanwhile, in June of 2021, Logan Paul vs Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather squared off at Miami, Florida’s Hard Rock Stadium.

Is Mike Tyson facing up Logan Paul vs Mike Tyson’s sibling?

The announcement that Logan Paul vs Mike Tyson had verbally agreed to fight in an exhibition this year excited many people. Tyson disputed the allegations but acknowledged that it could occur during their 2020 exhibition bout against Roy Jones Jr. Tyson remarked, “It was all word of mouth and stuff, I don’t know, an arrangement for me to fight Jake Paul.” “On one episode, Tyson declared.

A fight between Logan Paul vs Mike Tyson or Jake Paul is doubtful to take place:

After suffering his first defeat at the hands of Kevin McBride in 2005, Mike Tyson decided to call it quits as a professional boxer. He returned to the sport two years ago at a Triller pay-per-view to meet fellow Hall of Famer Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition match. Since then, Tyson has been approached with numerous offers to fight again, but nothing has been confirmed. Exhibition bouts versus Logan and Jake Paul, two brothers who also became YouTubers and boxers, were a hot topic of conversation. The latter recently affirmed that he would fight Tyson but that no deal had been reached and that, according to Tyson, none of the fights might even go ahead.

Current Interview with Mike:

Mike Tyson mentioned this during a recent interview on the Full Send Podcast: “I doubt that I would ever act impulsively again. I thought I’d try it out for the first time just for kicks. However, the game lost its appeal when some participants turned it into a money-making venture.” “The boom occurs every 12–13 months, on average. There’s a glaring omission, “Says Tyson. “Boom! Muscle mass is wasting away. Each time it’s a new experience. Therefore, I’m not sure. Two gents have offered me $100 million to fight.

Not Considering a Comeback to the Ring

Iron Mike didn’t want anything to do with boxing again, not even exhibitions. The success of Tyson’s cannabis business has piqued his curiosity in other endeavors. For as long as he can remember, cannabis has piqued Tyson’s attention, and now he’s committed to helping make it both a legal and profitable business.  I don’t play with them, but from a spiritual point of view, “The former fighter explained.


As early as October 2021, rumors of a boxing match between Logan Paul vs. Mike Tyson or Jake Paul were circulating online. The buildup to and the actual game between “Iron” Mike and the YouTuber will be enormous box office for all concerned, given the combination of Tyson’s fame and the notoriety and spectacle of the Paul Brothers.

The fight between the Heavyweight champion and the YouTuber-turned-boxer would attract much attention when finalized. There is a fair likelihood that we will hear a definitive revelation for the battle by the end of 2021 since Paul vs. Tyson would be the biggest box office attraction of either of the Paul Brother’s competitions since they both entered into pro boxing a few years ago. Get the details here on when Tyson will fight Paul.

When is the fight of Logan Paul vs. Mike Tyson?

Logan Paul vs. Mike Tyson is slated to take place in February 2022. Even though the contest’s date and location have not been announced just yet, Logan Paul vs. Mike Tyson is expected to be finalized in the following weeks and months before the year 2021 comes to a close. Tyson confirmed in October 2021 that he had a contest planned for early 2022, saying, “I am going to have a return fight in February, and we are pretty skeptical about the opponent, but it will be a stimulating opponent.”

Tyson also admitted that the opportunity to fight either of the Paul brothers, Jake or Logan, would be a dream come true for the former Heavyweight Champion of the World because of the enormous financial reward. Tyson used the phrase “Hell yeah” on an edition of his Hot Boxin’ podcast. I mean, that’s a lot of cash. For $100 million bucks, they’d do anything. They don’t care about getting beat up.” It is rumored that the contest will be taking place in Las Vegas, with the spiritual home of boxing expected to host arguably the most prominent spectacle of 2022 just two months into the year.


Q1. Did Tyson fight Logan Paul?

Exhibition bouts versus Logan and Jake Paul, two brothers who also became YouTubers and boxers, were a hot topic of conversation. The latter recently affirmed that he would fight Tyson but that no deal had been reached and that, according to Tyson, none of the fights might even go ahead.

Q2. Why did Mike Tyson not fight Logan Paul?

He said, “I don’t think I’d ever do stuff like that anymore. I thought I’d try it out for the first time just for kicks. Then some people took it to another level and made it financial, and the fun went out of it.” So, as of now, there is no probability of a fight between Logan Paul and Mike Tyson.

Q3. Will Mike Tyson fight the Paul brothers?

But Tyson denied he had any interest in fighting the younger Paul brother, just months after it was suggested he would fight Jake’s brother Logan. And Paul has now confirmed no negotiations have taken place. “It’s not real.

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