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Indonesiabased halodoc 80m series temasekasia enjoys the halodoc books and thinks the setting of Indonesia is perfect. Astral Temasekasia is dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare via innovative information technology as an organisation providing digital health services. Drs started this business. Jonathan Josef and Andrew Lin. Haledon is a made-up word that combines the words “halo” and “doctor,” although it has no real-world significance.

The company’s website and mobile app allow customers to schedule doctor’s visits, look at their medical histories, and acquire medication refills. Users can submit inquiries to doctors and wait for responses within the software. This article will go into greater detail about indonesiabased halodoc 80m series temasekasia.

The island terrain of Indonesia is extremely:

Because Indonesia has so many islands, it is hard for many people, especially those living in rural areas, to get good medical care. The secondary problem is insufficient medical professionals. World Health Organization data shows that for every 10,000 Indonesians, only 4.65 are medical doctors. Comparatively, adjacent countries like Thailand have a substantially higher rate of this (9.19 to 10,000). Halodoc’s main competitors include Doctor Anywhere in Singapore and Alodokter, backed by venture capital.


Received over $1,000,000 in seed funding from investors East Ventures and Sequoia Capital since its beginning. The company successfully closed its Series A funding round, raising $3 million. Among the many investors who contributed to this project’s funding were Astra International and indonesiabased halodoc 80m series temasekasia. The year saw the first time Halodoc expanded beyond the United States, with new locations in Singapore and Indonesia opened. The company may have started in Malaysia but now has branches around Southeast Asia.

Developing and goals:

As this is a problem, one of Halodoc’s main objectives is to reduce the cost of premium medical services. As a company, we put a lot of value on developing new ways to use technology to improve how healthcare is delivered. Southeast Asia is just two of the many accolades Halodoc has received since its start. According to Forbes, Halodoc is one of the exciting Asian companies. Halodoc, in its initial iteration, was the most health app in Indonesia.

Licensed medical practitioners:

A company that offers virtual consultations with licensed medical practitioners. For instance, Halodoc saw the COVID-19 epidemic as a chance for their company to expand their market share. According to a DealStreet Asia report, Halodoc’s sales in the third quarter decreased by “more than 50%” due to the company being compelled to shut down one of its subsidiaries in early April. It resulted from the corporation being unable to maintain operations at that.

The venture capital arm:

If you’re looking for a hospital, you’ll find the most options in Indonesia. Halodoc, a startup in the field of health information technology, revealed new investors on Wednesday. These include the Indonesian conglomerate Astra International and the Singaporean government-owned investment firm Temasekasia. The venture capital arm of Astra, Astra Digital International, was instrumental in Halodoc’s Series C fundraising round. When Astra and Temasekasia made this investment, it was their first. Also, Astra said that it has invested.

Company asserts:

Around $35 million in Halodoc during the first quarter as a first-time investor, Bangkok Bank joined Telkomsel Mitra Inovasi, the venture capital arm of Telkomsel, the state-owned mobile provider of Indonesia, and Open Space Ventures Venture Management, two of the company’s existing investors, who played critical roles in raising the capital. Medicine delivery The COVID-19 testing and hospital visit booking portal has been available to the public since the beginning of the outbreak. The company asserts that it has more than 20,000 doctors.


Arm of a Japanese company These organizations receive funding from Healthcare, a huge healthcare corporation based in Malaysia. Astra’s rapid growth in recent years may be directly attributed to the company’s dedication to digital and technological expansion. In addition to its widespread recognition in the automotive industry, the name “Astra” is also widely recognized in the agricultural sector. When asked about the company’s concentration on digital investment, Astra President Director Djony Bunarto Tjondro told Nikkei Asia that Astra is also “exploring various other enterprises.

New foundations for Astra:

Tjondro said Astra’s presence showed they “believe in Halodoc’s purpose and commitment to removing barriers to health care access in Indonesia.”Nikkei Asia said that in its quarterly press release, Astra noted that it had invested in Sayurbox, a startup that lets people buy and have food delivered online. In the $5,000,000, the company anticipates that since the indonesiabased halodoc 80m series temasekasia debut, more than 10 million people have taken it. More than 30,000 of those are in the medical profession.

We Secured Financing:

An Indonesian company that makes health IT got $80 million from a Series C financing deal that a subsidiary of PT Astra International led. Novo Holdings of Denmark and Bangkok Bank of Thailand also gave money as part of the funding round. With these funds, Halodoc can create new services and use new technologies to improve Indonesia’s healthcare system, which still needs improvement. Halodoc is the best digital solution if you need to talk to a doctor remotely.

Laboratory testing:

Customers can get drugs and laboratory testing through the network of more than 4,000 pharmacies nationwide. At the end of the year, it helped connect patients with doctors in 180 cities all over Indonesia. The timing of customer COVID-19 testing and vaccination schedules is flexible. Indonesia’s health ministry has been using the startup’s services to increase coronavirus vaccination distribution, and recently the company initiated a fundraising round that would ultimately bring in US$180 million.

Healthcare system:

Prudential was one of the initial investors. About 27 million people use Alodokter, a funded healthcare mega app, another significant rival every month. The delay in Halodoc’s response to the media’s demands for comment was notable. Even with the country’s disjointed healthcare system, investors such as Indonesia’s largest firm, Astra, and Singapore’s sovereign fund, Temasek, have shown faith in Indonesia’s health technology sector. In addition, Halodoc has received backing from the likes of the William and Melinda Gates Foundation and Gojek.

Successful in rising:

We successfully raised $41 million in capital from several investors, some of whom include Astra International, Temasek Holdings, East Ventures, and Sequoia Capital. The company’s long-term goal is to improve the quality of medical care in Southeast Asia. One way to do this is to bring Halodoc to more regional countries. It is one of the most important parts of the company’s plan to become Indonesia’s most valuable software startup.


CEO Jonathan Suharto started Halodoc to use a single mobile app to manage how medicines are distributed and how patients are cared for in 30 clinics in Indonesia. At its inception, Halodoc was formed when two separate entities merged. Some of the most rural residents of Indonesia have the hardest time accessing quality medical treatment at a reasonable price. Getting to and from the hospital in a congested metropolis like Jakarta could be time-consuming.


What does “indonesiabased halodoc 80m series temasekasia” mean too many people?

Indonesiabased halodoc 80m series temasekasia is a medical technology company that offers digital health services. Drs. Jonathan Josef and Andrew Lin started this company.

How does indonesiabased halodoc 80m series temasekasia in Indonesia work does it offer?

The company’s mobile app allows customers to schedule doctor’s visits, look at their medical histories, and acquire medication refills. Users can submit inquiries to doctors and wait for responses within the software.


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