How To Eat Out A Girl, Way Down There, Clitoris, Lick Around, Using Accessories, Involved, Method, Switch It Up, and more!

How To Eat Out A Girl? There are several slang terms for oral sex, such as “eating pussy,” “licking out,” “getting down on,” and “eating someone out.” A rose by any other name would smell as good, as Shakespeare once remarked, and getting licked out may be an absolute joy for women and other persons with vulvas, regardless of the terminology used.

When performed correctly, clitoris stimulation, the emphasis of cunnilingus, can be more pleasurable than penetration for many individuals. If you’re interested in learning the finer points of licking someone out, the sex site How To Make Me Come has a detailed lesson on how to eat someone’s pussy. Want to take your oral sex skills to the next level? Read on for expert advice on the Kevin technique.

How To Eat Out A Girl Kiss Your Way Down There:

Get down south of the river. Add some heat by leaving a trail of little kisses from their neck to their pelvis. You have reached the vagina/vulva! In other words, you succeeded! Seriously, it was one incredible adventure. A direct look is delicate. It’s a powerful manoeuvre that may be creepy or sexy, depending on the person you’re bringing down. You get a sense of how they make you feel and think about if this is a one-night stand with a stranger.

How To Eat Out A Girl Find The Clitoris:

Quit hesitating and go straight for the clitoris. For those unfamiliar, the bean-shaped structure perched above the vaginal labia (the fleshy “lips” of the vagina). The clitoris has more nerve endings than the penis, so be careful before you start. It’s fantastic and gives most women and people with vulvae the need to orgasm. Get to know the clitoris if you know what you’re doing (and after reading this, you should), stimulating that little bundle of nerves.

How To Eat Out A Girl Lick Around The Clitoris:

Instead of going in straight for the clitoris at first, lick the area around it. Those feelings need to be worked up to a fever pitch! After you’ve gotten them good and worked up, lick their clitoris with your tongue. Regardless of how you choose to lick it, keep your attention and awareness on the clitoris. If their body language and sounds indicate yes, start slow and work up to full intensity. Alternately, you might try changing how your tongue rests on the clitoris.

How To Eat Out A Girl Ask If They Like It:

In all seriousness, you should inquire as to their satisfaction. Not only does this provide a great lead-in to the dirty discussion (crucial! ), but it also highlights the fact that not all vulvas are created equal. Vulvas come in various sizes, colours, and sensitivities, so your experience may vary significantly based on your current mate’s preferences. Someone may respond better to more pressure or a specific tonguing style than it would to less. They could want it slower, harder, in a circle.

Try Using Accessories:

A sex toy can be a fast track to an orgasmic experience when used with a partner. If they agree (you should check with them first), you can use a bullet, wand, or clit vibrator on their clitoris while licking or fingering them. Oh, and we can’t stress this enough: flavour your lubricant with some of your favourite spices to add an extra layer of excitement to the whole thing. You may also give the Kevin Method a go if you’re bold.

Get Other Areas Involved:

During a blow job, you may wish to stimulate your partner’s vulva or body in the same manner that some men and persons with penises like having their balls toyed with. If they want to be touched in certain places, you may run your fingers down their legs, hold their hips, and even rub their chest if you wish. There is a plethora of choices. If they’ve given their enthusiastic approval, you can use your fingers. Gently place a finger inside their vagina and watch for their reaction.

Try The Kevin Method:

As mentioned, the Kevin method is a type of oral sex frequently referred to as a “cunnilingus trick” that supposedly aids women and those with vulva to achieve orgasm in as little as three minutes. We know it sounds pretty doubtful, and it’s not a good idea to start timing your partner’s orgasms or enforcing “one size fits all” guidelines when it comes to sexual activity. Because of these individual differences, the Kevin approach cannot be universally applicable.

Switch It Up:

Keep changing things up (unless they seem to be loving the same thing over and over again). Playing too roughly or too long with the clitoris may be excessively stimulating, leading to discomfort or agony. Don’t be afraid to play about with pressure and dot some light kisses on that clitoris. You approach it from an angle. That’s right, move to the side instead of squishing in between your partner’s legs. Pop your index and thumb on either side of their clit.

*If* They Orgasm:

While not everyone needs to orgasm, it’s OK if they do. It’s essential to keep going even if they’re coming near. They’ll either tell you directly they’re coming or give you subtle hints, like a quickening of their respiration or a pull for your hair. But don’t stop until they’ve successfully ridden that wave. Don’t take it personally if they don’t orgasm; that’s not how the experience is measured for pleasure or enjoyment in sex. Then, lick the clit or clitoral hood laterally instead of vertically.


The “oral sex gap,” as it’s sometimes called, refers to the fact that women are less likely to experience oral sex than men for two reasons: men are less likely to offer, and women are less likely to ask for it. It’s not unexpected that some women have trouble with oral because they find it dull, and it’s also true that some women have difficulty getting out of their brains because of how they’ve been socialised. Even while it’s OK to drop oral sex from your “menu” once you’ve given it a fair go, sex expert Dr Megan Fleming encourages people to give it a shot.


How To Eat Out A Girl On A Dinner Date?

Avoid asking open-ended questions such as, “Want to hang?” When making a romantic inquiry, be explicit “I quote what she has to say.”

Is Going Out To Eat Considered A Date?

If you’re unsure whether or not the time you spent with someone qualifies as a date, consider the following indicators.

How To Eat Out A Girl A Gentleman Ask?

To begin, you should inquire about their availability and propose, “Perfect, X night, let’s grab a drink and go to this fun place/my favourite bar.”