How tall is Russ, Weight, Age, Family, Facts, Biography, and more!

How tall is Russ in meters, and how tall is Russ in feet? Russ is 1.65 m and 5.4 feet. A hip-hop artist who performs writes, and produces music more than that, Russ is a member of the legendary American rap group Demon Crew. All of the pseudonyms above have been used by Russ for his musical releases. Even though Russ’s family moved about a bit due to his father’s job, New Jersey is where Russ was born and raised. Consequently, Russ and his family spent a significant portion of his formative years moving throughout the United States before settling in Atlanta. Here we will discuss how tall is Russ.

How tall is Russ, Weight, Age, Family, Facts, Biography, and more!

Biography of Russ:

It was in a middle-class family that Russell Vitale grew up. Secaucus, New Jersey, is the place of his birth on September 26th, 1992. He was born with a disease known as heterochromia, which caused him to have eyes that were different hues from birth. The pupil we are looking into is noticeably lighter in tone than the other one of his. Because his father could never hold down a steady job, his family was obliged to travel much.

Family of Russ:

Before settling in Atlanta, Georgia, the family had spent time in various locations, including Kentucky, North Carolina, and New York, amongst others, before moving. Russ was only 12 years old, but the culture of Georgia, which is greatly inspired by country music, had a significant effect on him. It was especially true of the state’s music scene. Even though rap was at the height of its popularity during that era, Russ’s parents favored country music.

Grandfather of Russ:

When Russ was young, his guitarist grandfather taught him how to play.  It depends on how it interacts with the user’s state of mind and the environment to determine whether it will work as a shield, a sword, or a trap. It may function as all three. If a piece of rare wood were to leave an impression on the entry to a person’s soul, then the mental condition of that individual would unquestionably be affected in some kind as a result of the experience.  

Interests of Russ:

His lifelong love of both genres drove his early interest in music and rapping; he wrote his first rap when he was just seven. His love of music and rapping since childhood has been a lifelong pursuit. He has since become a famous rap artist. After graduating from high school at 18, he began recording his songs, for which he had been making beats since he was 14. Since he was a kid, he’s always been in the studio making music.

Presence on socialmedia:

Before anything else, he built a solid following by engaging with his listeners on social media sites like SoundCloud and YouTube, including those controlled by Google and Facebook. He also created his website, where he posted demos of songs including “Goodbye,” “Psycho,” and “Too Many.” The album was a huge success, earning Russ a platinum certification from the RIAA and launching his career.

Is Russ noteworthy and controversial?

Russ is noteworthy and controversial in the realm of contemporary music. There are just roughly 300 artists with more listeners on Spotify. He has heterochromia, which manifests in one eye being rich amber brown. In contrast, the iris of the other eye fades out more gradually than is typical, ending in a flinty black that belies the raging passions within. The Great Alexander had heterochromia. David Bowie did as well.

Age of Russ:

As he matured, he realized that he closely related to the more contemporary music of artists like Eminem and Dr. Dre. He began writing poetry when he was just seven years old. Eventually, he rewrote the poems as raps. It sparked a renewed enthusiasm for music creation on the part of Russ. In his bedroom studio, he started making beats when he was only 14 years old. His songs made him famous in Atlanta as a middle schooler. First, he had trouble finding musical collaborators.


In 2011, when Russ turned 19, he felt the compulsion to start making music, and as a result, he and several friends established the rap group Diemon. Friends like Bogus, Darlin, and Paulo, as well as acquaintances like DJ Adam Golden, Musa, and John Anthony, rounded out the remainder of the team. John Anthony, a participant in this activity, was involved.  Everyone else rapped, wrote, or did both, but Russ composed rap tunes.

Name of house producer:

The in-house producer was named Russ. Even though the local hip-hop music market was becoming increasingly saturated with new artists recording songs influenced by trap culture, Russ decided to take a different approach with his music and release a mixtape. Most communities routinely created mix tapes sold on the streets and in bars and clubs. Despite this, Russ and the rest of his staff opted to take a different, more cutting-edge approach. They wasted no time getting their music up for free on those sites.

Career as a singer:

Their first mixtape, Velvet, was met with such acclaim that the trio wasted no time in releasing others. By the time 2012 ended, the music group Diemon had become well-known in their immediate vicinity. Several other rappers’ collaborative efforts contributed significantly to this. With the release of “Corleone” in May of 2012 on the official YouTube channel run by Diemon, Russ made his debut as a rap artist. The mix tapes “Velvet” and “Apollo 13” helped Russ gain a solid fan base before the single’s release.

To Enjoy Your Time Alone at Home:

Russ enjoys his family’s legacy and Italian background as an Italian American patriot. it was abundantly evident both in the lyrics of his song “Corleone” and in the music video for the song, in which he appeared dressed as the Italian Don Vito Corleone from “The Godfather.” Russ can play a wide variety of instruments thanks to his self-taught skills, except the guitar, which he learned to play from his grandfather.


It allowed him to stand out from the competition. He had an advantage over the numerous young musicians that have emerged in the past few years due to his capacity to do this. Russ quickly became a household name despite his unconventional method of producing music. His primary musical inspiration was still hip hop, but to differentiate himself from other artists, he occasionally included soft R&B and soul components in his songs.


How tall is Russ in a meter?

1.65 m.

How tall is Russ in feet?

Russ is 5.4 feet.

How much does Russ usually make per performance?

Two weeks’ worth of the rapper’s financial data was made public, and it looks like he’s getting close to making $100,000 each week on average. Russ told musicians that owning their music is the first step to profiting from streaming platforms.