How Old is Ashtray and Curious Ashtray Fans about his Character.

Ashtray is one of the most endearing and heartbreaking figures in Euphoria. Season 2 of Euphoria has already exceeded our wildest expectations regarding sexual content, drug use, and physical violence. Still, Ashtray is a fan favorite, even though he looks much older than he did in Season 1. Initially a preteen, he now acts like a mature teenager. Given his early exposure to and involvement with the drug culture, Ashtray is also a divisive protagonist. In that case, how old is the actor that plays Ashtray?

How old is Ashtray himself?

Ashtray is one of the movie’s younger protagonists. Ashtray’s grandma, armed with a gun, left him behind when he was a newborn. His aunt mainly reared him after the death of his grandma and his primary caregiver. Ash and Fez had to mature rapidly; Ash got his moniker because he used to nibble on cigarette butts while soaking in the tub.

As a result, we are completely taken aback by Ash’s extreme youth. Since the events of Season 2 take place roughly one year after Season 1, Ashtray will be at most 13 years old. We hope Ash finds a fruitful route soon because he uses a hammer in the second season premiere to strike Mouse.

In “Euphoria,” Javon portrays a juvenile version of Ashtray.

Actor Javon Walton, who plays a 13-year boy in the film Euphoria, is 15, making him almost synchronizing the character’s age because of several film’s primary roles. While Javon has been playing Ashtray in Euphoria since he was just a young boy, he turned 12 in 2016. However, as time passed between seasons and COVID-19 was delayed, Javon’s age gap with his character widened. We still think Javon is a great actor, and we can’t wait to see where his career goes. In addition to his role in Euphoria, the lead has also portrayed the best character in this series and his other fantastic work.

Javon- A Promising Actor:

Javon is the most popular and dynamic actor in his state due to his skills and successful acting career. Javon was the first person to ever win the state championship in both boxing and gymnastics by the time he was synchronizing with the character’s age(how old is ashtray) as his age. He also holds the record for being the youngest boxer to be sponsored by Under Armour. While Ashtray’s history is disjointed and tumultuous, his looks promising. Every Sunday night, the Television premieres a brand new episode of Euphoria you can watch.

Where does Ashtray come from?

According to Esquire’s episode synopsis, Grandma took him as “collateral” in a drug deal and left him in the hospital as a baby. Fez essentially raised Ashtray like a brother. In contrast, Ashtray and Fezco are not related by blood. Instead, he has said in a 2019 interview that he is his Lil bro or sidekick. Because of how they lived and the conditions they couldn’t have avoided, they had to mature rapidly. Fez’s grandma passes away on the way to the hospital, earning how old Ashtray labels young siblings and leaving him and his young siblings to fend for themselves.

More Information how Old is Ashtray or Real-life Javon Walton?

Euphoria’s Ashtray Javon Walton has also appeared in the two famous and incredible movies Utopia and the Addams Family season two. When he was young, Javon Walton was already a boxing superstar. At the tender age of 10, he became the youngest athlete to be sponsored by Under Armour.

Curious Ashtray Fans about his Character:

Perhaps just a few shows in recent memory have been able to rival Euphoria‘s level of popularity and cultural significance. Sam Levinson created and wrote the show for HBO, which exposed viewers to the world of high school teenagers coming of age and functioned as a loose replica of the Israeli miniseries of the same name. The show’s success can be attributed partly to its deals with various topical issues, including sex, addiction, and identity. As viewers continue to process it, new questions have arisen.

How Old is Ashtray, AKA Javon, According to the Fans:

Javon Walton, who plays Ashtray, is just 15, but the character is only 14. The US actor was born in 2006 and has appeared in numerous films and TV shows beyond Euphoria. TV’s Utopia (as Grant Bishop) and last year’s The Addams Family 2 animated comedy picture are two examples. To look forward to, in 2022, he will co-star with Sylvester Stallone in the superhero film Samaritan.

Social Media Following:

The actor from Euphoria can be found on social media, where he has amassed an astounding 3 million followers. He reveals that he is a boxer in his bio, and there are enough posts about Euphoria for the super fans to peruse. Say it with me: “I’m a normal child.” In a recent interview, Javon discussed his role in Euphoria and upcoming projects, saying, “since people think that since I play Ashtray, I’m just a cruel person in general… As a kid, I’m just like any other.

All of the actors were amazing to collaborate with. People aren’t going to be ready for my character, though. There’s a chance that if I join the “other academy,” people will mistake me for a member of that group. However, it’s not what most would have predicted.


Famous Digest calls the season 2 debut of Euphoria “an orgy of teen sex, bad vibes, and bloodshed,” so clearly, the show is off to a great start. But how old is Fez’s “younger brother,” Ashtray, in the show, and how old is Ashtray, or the man who is Javon? In addition, thanks to this post, how old is ashtray has a simple answer to this question. Two and a half years is a long time for a teen, so, understandably, Ashtray seems to have changed a lot between seasons 1 and 2 of Euphoria Actor playing Ashtray was only 12 years old when the first season of Euphoria premiered in June 2019. He was born in 2006.


Can I ask, has Ashtray aged?

Ashtray is still a favourite, but he has changed physically since Season 1. Initially a preteen, he now acts like a mature teenager. Considering how deeply and early Ashtray is involved in Euphoria’s drug culture, he is also a divisive figure.

How old is the actor who plays Ashtray?

Javon, who is only 15, plays Ashtray. Throughout season 1, we saw Ashtray, and after only two episodes of season 2, we know he means business.

What does ashtrays’ actual name mean?

Their real name is Javon Walton. He first had an appearance on Euphoria as Ashtray and then landed the lead part in the Amazon Prime Video original series Utopia. Last year, he voiced Pugsley Addams in the animated comedic horror film The Addams Family 2.



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