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Gaspard Ulliel Moon Knight: The third episode of Moon Knight features a variety of topics, from religious gatherings to magic that can move stars. One of the most moving parts of the show is when Anton Mogart, played by the late Gaspard Ulliel, is first introduced. The French actor, who died in January from injuries sustained in a ski accident, makes his posthumous Moon Knight debut in the role of Mogart, a wealthy and dangerous collector of ancient treasures.

The episode follows the protagonist as he meets him and investigates a mysterious sarcophagus in his possession, resulting in a verbal and physical altercation. He is portrayed in the series by Ulliel with a mischievous flair, making a spectacular entrance and coming shirtless on horseback. During the closing credits, a title card was displayed paying honor to Ulliel as part of Marvel’s dedication of the episode to him.

News about Gaspard Ulliel Moon Knight Death:

Calamawy has previously spoken about working with Ulliel, describing the actor’s death as “such a shock.”When he thinks about Gaspard, he thinks of “the genuine essence of a tragedy, he told media. “He was approachable and kind. The week we spent filming this scene together was the only time I spoke to him, and he was pretty reserved the whole time. But when you got to know him, he was hilarious and gave his best to every interaction. Because he provided so much, bouncing ideas off of him was a lot of fun. He talked a lot about his son and family. Thus, I send my best wishes and affection their way.

Personal Life:

Lambs prequel Hannibal Rising (2007). His death at age 37 came after he was injured in a ski accident in the Savoie region.

1st Appearance:

The late French actor Gaspard Ulliel was honored with a touching tribute in Moon Knight. Ulliel, who passed away at age 37 after a skiing accident in France, made his first Appearance in the Disney third episode, which debuted on April 13. The actor is to appear in three more episodes. In the episode, he rides into a meeting with Layla and Marc. Eventually, they plan to start exchanging hands with him after confronting him about a tomb he has in his possession. Calamawy recently reflected on the actual Ulliel, who was not like the one shown on Television and remembered him as kind and hardworking.

Gloomy Vibe:

There’s a gloomy vibe around this week’s release of the latest episode of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight. A significant reason for this is the untimely passing of French actor Gaspard Ulliel. He played the ‘collector’ and Moon Knight adversary Anton Mogart opposite Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector in the third installment. Ulliel filmed his scenes for Moon Knight 3 in 2021, but his untimely death in an accident in January 2022 shocked the international film community. Ulliel may be gone, but his legacy as a filmmaker will live on for generations.

What is the deal with this Gaspard Ulliel character?

Gaspard Ulliel was a model and actor who won a César for his work in France and internationally. Gaspard had just finished filming his role as Anton Mogart in Disney Plus’ Moon Knight a few times before his death, and he also worked for the famous perfume brand for many years. In 2005, he bagged awards and distinctions for his excellent acting skills.

In Moon Knight, who does Gaspard Ulliel portray?

Episode three of Moon Knight features Gaspard Ulliel as Anton Mogart, a robber and collector who appreciates beautiful art, shady connections, and a flair for the dramatic. Character design was inspired by the Moon Knight comic book villain of the same name. Regular antagonist Midnight Man debuted in Moon Knight Volume 1 and shares certain similarities with his cinematic namesake: both are skilled art thieves who can hold their own against Moon Knight, and both wear masks on the page. To honor the late actor Gaspard Ulliel and his work on the show, a title card will say “In Memory of Gaspard Ulliel” when the episode’s credits roll.

How did Gaspard Ulliel meet his end?

Gaspard Ulliel, a French actor, was tragically killed in a skiing accident in January 2022 at 37. During a ski trip to the Savoie region of the French Alps, Ulliel was involved in a catastrophic head trauma accident with another skier. His 6-year-old son, Orso, and singer/model partner Gaelle Petri survive him.

Hommages a Gaspard Ulliel Moon Knight

The passing of Ulliel prompted numerous film industry heavyweights, such as Hannibal Rising director Peter Webber, to pay respect to the late actor. He expressed his shock and sadness on social media after learning of Gaspard Ulliel’s untimely death in a skiing accident. I’ll never forget the time we spent together on Hannibal Rising. Put your worries to rest, dear friend.

Director’s Message about Gaspard Ulliel Moon Knight:

The film’s director posted the following message on a French social networking app: “It’s unbelievable, absurd, and so difficult to even think about writing these words. The way you smile and giggle quietly and look at each other with such tenderness—this scar you have. You have a lot of talent. How well you can hear things. You comfort me with your soft words and gentle demeanor. All of these positive characteristics of character shone forth from an underlying gentleness.

Your very being changed my life; you are a loving, beautiful soul I will always cherish. There’s nothing else I can add. Having experienced the shock of your (death), I feel depleted and unsettled. Marvel Studios said, “We are very saddened to learn of the unfortunate demise of our friend and colleague Gaspard Ulliel.” As a community, we are keeping his loved ones in our prayers. The show has memorialized the actor with a note in the closing credits.


Q1. Who tragically lost their lives while filming Moon Knight?

Gaspard Ulliel was killed in a skiing accident earlier this year, tragically ending his life. In commemorating the late actor, Marvel included a homage to him at the end of the Moon Knight’s 3rd episode.

Q2. Were there other characters that Gaspard Ulliel moon knight was meant to portray?

When did Anton Mogart, The Midnight Man, appear, and who is he? As Anton Mogart, in “The Midnight Man,” Gaspard portrays a comic book character in the film Moon Knight. On the other hand, we never see that particular outfit on film. Or at least not in the third installment.

Q3. When can we expect to see Gaspard Ulliel Moon Knight?

The episode’s introduction, performed by the late Gaspard Ulliel, is one of its most moving parts. The French actor tragically lost his life in a ski accident in January.


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