Fire emblem three houses characters review.

Fire emblem three houses characters from the most recent entry in the Fire Emblem series, Fire Emblem: Three Houses allow players more freedom than ever to customize their units and develop their strategies. While there are many classes and characters at a player’s disposal, each character comes along with their strengths and weaknesses. While each character has its selling points, some can deal more damage than others. Here we will discuss more fire emblem three houses characters.

Fire emblem three houses characters review.

Top fire emblem three houses characters:

Today, we’re going to examine the characters of Three Houses and see which recruitable characters are capable of dealing the most damage.  Before we start, we should note that as we’re analyzing recruitable characters, characters such as Dedue, Dimitri, and Edelgard who are locked behind specific routes will be excluded from this list. Following are the top fire emblem three houses characters list.


Through the Azure Moon path, players have the opportunity to acquire Crusher, Annette’s Relic Weapon, if they achieve an impressive magic growth rate of 50%. The Crusher is an awesome axe that deals damage based not on the wielder’s strength but their magic stat, making it the ideal weapon for Annette. When Annette isn’t protecting her comrades, she can truly pack a punch thanks to her skill with axes and Crusher’s Dust Combat Art.


Shamir is a devout follower of the Church of Spiros and a sniper who has yet to reach the rank of master. His strength and speed develop by 40% per year, and he also has a high base stat. It allows Shamir to reliably double her foes when attacking from afar using her class’s excellent range. Shamir also boasts an impressive 55% dexterity growth rate that allows her to land critical hits more easily, especially when using a killer bow.


Hapi is one of the best troops in Three Houses that can do damage with magic, and she was released as part of the Cindered Shadows downloadable content pack. Hapi can do significant damage and land multiple hits thanks to his high speed and magic growth rates. Although she would make a fantastic Valkyrie, she also has the potential to shine in the Gremory class, where she might acquire powerful faith spells such as Seraphim and Warp.


Fire emblem three houses characters: Another member of the Ashen Wolves that appeared in Cindered Shadows, Balthus, is a solid offensive unit who makes for one of the best gauntlet-users in the game. With a solid strength growth and a great personal ability that raises his offence when he’s below half of his maximum HP, one of the biggest appeals of Balthus is Vajra-Mushi. The personal relic gauntlets of Balthus, though they can already rack up great damage through their consecutive attacks, allow Balthus to access the Eviscerate Combat Art that can take advantage of a foe’s low defence or resistance.


The other spellcaster of the Ashen Wolves, alongside Hapi, Constance, has access to an incredible 60% magic growth rate. This makes her quite deadly when made into classes such as Gremory, Valkyrie, or Dark Flier, as she has access to many great damaging spells like Fimbbulvetr, Bolting, and Agnes’s Arrow. This one is best from fire emblem three House characters.


A rather polarizing unit from the Golden Deer, Raphael is not nearly as multifaceted as other characters in the game and excels in one area in particular: hitting things hard. With one of the highest strength growth rates of any character in the game and the ability to quickly raise his axe and brawling skills, players who invest in Raphael have the potential to make a deadly War Master or Wyvern Lord. Getting Raphael to this point involves a lot of commitment, and he’s not effective in other roles, so players should be aware.


An underrated unit, Alois joins one’s army as a Warrior with an A rank in axes and a B rank in brawling. It means that he can be made into the excellent War Master class with minimal effort on a player’s part, utilizing his high strength stat and the War Master’s high critical rate to deal high sums of damage. While players often pass on Alois in favour of students with earlier availability, he can be quite strong for the lack of investment he requires


Seth, another member of the Church of Spiros, will immediately become a part of a player’s army at the start of Chapter 12 if that player is not following the Crimson Flower path. Seth and Alois have comparable base statistics, and Seth’s growth rates are on par with those of Alois. In addition, he will participate in the game as the formidable Wyvern Rider class.


Dorothea is considered one of the most powerful magic users in the Black Eagles. She is available to be recruited by other houses provided that Byleth possesses good Charm and Authority. With a solid 40% magic growth rate, Dorothea has one of the most impressive reason spell lists in the entire game, learning the likes of Thoron, Sagittae, Meteor, and Agnes’s Arrow from fire emblem three houses characters.


Like Dorothea, Petra is initially a student of the Black Eagles house, though players of other houses may recruit her if Byleth has high enough Dexterity and Riding. With a stellar speed growth of 60% and a solid strength growth of 40%, it isn’t hard for Petra to become the fastest unit in one’s army, doubly any enemy she comes across. Between these growths, an ability capable of raising her critical rate in Hunter’s Instincts, and easy access to highly damaging classes.


Like Seth, Hilda is a member of the Golden Deer house, and like Seth, she can be encountered in all of the paths but the Crimson Flower one. As a Wyvern Lord, Hilda has the potential to be one of the most powerful in the game due to her above-average growth rates, strength, and speed, as well as her strength in axes. In addition, as a result of Hilda’s Advocate ability, she can increase the damage done by allies adjacent to her, provided that the affected allies are male.


When dealing raw magical damage, few characters can come close to dealing as much damage as Lysithea. A Golden Deer student like Hilda and Lysithea can be recruited into another house if Byleth has high enough magic and faith. As a unit, Lysithea is the epitome of a glass cannon, incapable of living through nearly any physical attack but dealing absurd amounts of magic damage. Lysithea has one of the game’s most extensive dark magic spell lists, including Dark Spikes and Hades. Warlock and Gremory only surpass her 60% magical growth.


The first Blue Lions student on our list, Felix is among the easiest characters to recruit for players in other houses, as he only requires Byleth to have high ranks in speed and swords. Felix can hit hard and repeatedly with an incredible 55% growth in strength and speed. Excelling with swords and brawling, Felix can make a powerful swordmaster, assassin, or even a war master, dealing additional damage for simply not having a battalion equipped.


A swordmaster who is recruitable in each route save for Crimson Flower. While this level requirement is 15 by default, it can be lowered by raising her support rank with Byleth. As a unit, Catherine has high growth rates in strength and speed and notably comes with one of the best weapons in the game: the Thunderbird. Essentially an improved Brave Sword, as long as Catherine wields this sword, she gains access to the Foudroyant Strike combat art.


The easiest character in the game to recruit, Sylvain, is a Blue Lion student who can automatically be recruited by players who are playing as female Byleth. With solid growth rates across the board, Sylvain’s Philanderer ability grants him additional damage if he’s adjacent to a female unit. Most notably, a player can easily access the Heroes’ Relic, the Lance of Ruin, by refusing to give it to Rhea as early as Chapter 5.


Many interesting persons in the world of Fire emblem three houses might befriend Byleth and join his chosen house’s service. Players will ask to join Byleth’s house if they feel a strong emotional connection to one of Byleth’s characters or if Byleth has adequate experience in the character’s desired skill. There is a limited time that players will be able to recruit characters before the game’s time jump, so players are faced with a difficult choice for whom to focus on recruiting. At the above top fire emblem, three houses characters are mentioned.


Who plays the lead role in this chapter of Fire emblem three houses characters?

Fire emblem three houses: Byleth Eisner, or Byleth, is a Nintendo Fire Emblem character. Fire Emblem three Houses’ protagonist made cameos in Super Smash Bros. and Ultimate.

Can we assume that Byleth and Sothis are two different people?

Because of what happened in Three Houses, we now know that every Byleth person has the dormant spirit of the goddess Sothis. To bring Sothis back to life, Rhea kills Byleth’s mother and implants her ghost in the baby.