Edward scissorhands costume – Easy Baby Edward Scissor hands Costume!

Edward scissorhands costume for your kids” has been asked repeatedly over the past year, so here it is! You can adjust the volume or add more if you like. Belts can be found in secondhand stores and collected. Our son, then age 4, now has ten belts. Larger sizes require more belts—the donations accumulated over several months whenever we happened to be in the vicinity of a Salvation Army. Look for various grommets, studs, large metal buckles, etc., on black belts of varying sizes. TFedFhere needs to be a lot of variety in the belts for the costume to look good.

Edward scissorhands costume – Easy Baby Edward Scissor hands Costume!

Construct a Shirt and Pants from the Most Forgiving Fabric on Earth:

Spend as little as possible on cheap, dark pleather from Find some pants and a shirt close to the correct measurements. Then, draw a simple pattern around them on the reverse side of the pleather, leaving about half an inch on all sides to sew. Leather’s leniency and ease of manipulation make it a wickedly versatile material.

Edward scissorhands costume male:

There are only two parts to these pants—the front and the back—and an extra inch has been added so that an elastic waistband can be stitched in. If you need this to be a one-time-only outfit, an electrical tape belt will do in place of a traditional waistband. Wrap them in the thread! These parts need to be uncomplicated and basic; think of them as a blank slate onto which you can superglue your belts. You will have a lot of extra grommets and studs once you’ve bucked everything together.

Edward scissorhands costume day:

Use the same method to fasten the buckles to the suit to fill the rest of the suit with the scraps. Congrats! The Edward scissor hands look complete with a black turtleneck and a belt worn around the neck as a choker. Six pieces of pleather will need to be cut for the shirt: two for each sleeve (if you’re brave or more experienced than I am, you can achieve the sleeve in a single piece of fabric; however, for this suit, the extra seam is irreverent), one for the front, and one for the back.

Adjust the belts until they look good:

The belt placement on your newly crafted pleather suit is the next step. Spread the belts and play around with the placement until you find a design you like. Make sure you decide where on the shirt and pants you want the belt to go before you start cutting it to size. Once the belts are cut to size, and you have decided where on the suit they will go (a “map” sketch of their locations might not be a bad idea), you can glue them to the jacket and pants with a hot glue gun.

Knife-Hands Made of Plastic; Edward:

A standard pair of black knit winter gloves are worn to protect the hands. Make the gloves look more robotic by cutting two identical pieces of cardboard from a toilet paper roll, spray painting them shiny black, and glueing them to the back of the gloves once they have dried. Filing the teeth of ten plastic knives in grey or silver with sandpaper will make them safer to use (this is for safety and to flatten out the curve of the butter knife).

Edward scissorhands costume Kim:

Then use electrical tape to secure knives to the tips of each glove’s pinky, ring, and middle fingers. First, stuff the glove with tissue paper to give it the shape it will have when worn (or have your child wear them); you’ll need to secure these firmly around each finger, or the knives will droop. After that, all the belts should be secured with black electrical tape to prevent undoing; hot glue and pleather only provide a temporary hold.

Edward scissorhands costume female:

You can use the butter knives to fashion a functional “scissor” for your index finger. It wasn’t crucial to the illusion, but we appreciated the aesthetic value of having a pair of scissors in each hand. Mark the midpoints to create this section of the glove. Attach a tiny screw and nut to the blades and bring them together. Put a dab of glue from the gun where the screw protrudes to be safe.

Beauty Routine Hair, Makeup:

A wig could work for this costume, but natural hair will look much better. When it comes to Halloween costumes, the hair can make or break the look, so it pays to put some thought into it ahead of time. We used Got2b glued spiking glue, but any max-strength styling agent would do to achieve the Edwardian look.

Edward scissorhands costume toddler:

Apply hairspray to the roots and the ends after you’ve achieved the desired level of stick-up ends. Then, we sprayed the hair black with temporary hair colour; we found that two cans of Fright Night brand’s “Black Fog” worked wonderfully. If at all possible, use the product outside. Prepare the other glove in the same way. A 2″ PVC pipe can be used to make the loop at the top of the “scissor,” and then that pipe can be divided into two “C”-shaped pieces.

Edward scissorhands costume designer:

Our Edward Scissor hands Deluxe Costume, which includes a full two-piece suit, Edward Scissor hands Makeup, and more, is perfect if you want to fool the party and make the movie come to life by looking just like the actual character. There is a wide selection of sizes and styles available, so pick one out and get ready to snip, snip, snip your way through the night. Get your Edward Scissor hands Halloween costume for a memorable dressing-up experience. It’s recommended to spray-paint the parts black and then uses a glue gun to attach them to the screwed-together knives’ handles. Note that the blades look more like traditional scissors when the knives’ tips face each other.


Inspired by Tim Burton’s dark and romantic fantasy film Edward Scissor hands, these outfits are both one-of-a-kind and fun to wear. With our high-quality and carefully crafted costumes, you can look like this 90s icon. In addition to the original Edwards Scissor hands costume, we also carry a female version based on his appearance. It will make for the best couples costume this Halloween! Wigs, black pleated skirt dresses with leather-look straps and a black choker for added Goth style, and those fascinating Edward Scissor hand gloves that give the illusion of scissors for hands are all part of the ensemble.


The symbolism of the Edward Scissor hands costume?

Edward is currently in the process of being fabricated; as such, his appendages are still separate from his torso. He keeps his hair neat and his skin unblemished. Edward’s outfit in this scene may represent his innocence and a fresh start in the world, despite his unattractive appearance.

Should a 13-year-old watch Edward Scissor’s hands?

Is It Suitable for Young Audiences? The PG-13 rating for the Tim Burton classic is spot on. The film’s themes will resonate with preteens, but younger viewers should be warned that there is some sexual content (when a woman tries to seduce Edward) and violence. 13-Sept-2021

Do you know if Edward Scissor hands used scissors?

Spec-effects legend Stan Winston decided to use actual scissors for Edward’s hands instead of fake blades. Dogs in the film got haircuts for their roles. 06

How were Edward Scissor’s hands outfit put together?

Caroline Thompson’s original scribble for Edward Scissor’s hands was passed on to Victoria Thomas, who used it as a map for the cast list, and then Atwood, the costume designer, received it. The now-famous costume Edward wore was based on that same sketch.

For what reason does Peggy put Edward in Bill’s old clothes?

So he can impersonate Bill, she has him put on Bill’s clothes. Why? Because she is bent on having him fit in. Then, nodding to a recurring theme, Peg applies makeup to him.

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