Countries that start with w- the world’s nations whose names begin with “w”!

Countries that start with w list begin with the letter W. The United Nations has officially recognized 195 independent states. There are 193 full members and two observers. But Wales, one of the United Kingdom’s constituent countries, begins with a W. Western Sahara’s phosphate reserves and fishing waters make it a lucrative economic zone.

Moreover, the area is not particularly rich in natural resources. Hot, dry weather dominates most Western Sahara, and rainfall is scarce. A sandy desert dominates such a large region. Among the most notable places that begin with the letter W, Locations That Begin with the Letter W:

Countries that start with w-Wales:

Wales is located on the western coast of Great Britain and is a constituent country of the United Kingdom. The government recognizes both English and Welsh as official languages. The state is surrounded by water on three sides to the west. When the Romans left Britain in the fifth century, Celtic Britons adapted to what would become the Welsh nation. Wales is a constituent country of the United Kingdom for all political purposes. There are forty representatives from Wales in the House of Commons. Within the last 250 years, Wales has undergone a dramatic transition from an agricultural economy to one that is heavily reliant on the manufacturing sector.

Countries that start with w-Sahara de Occident:

Western Sahara is still a contentious territory in Africa. The occupying Moroccans have some control, but the self-proclaimed Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic also has some influence. The Atlantic Ocean bounds Mauritania to the west, Moroccan government and the separatist Front are both vying for political control of the area. The legitimacy of Western Sahara is still up in the air. Sahrawi, speakers of the Has Saniya dialect of Arabic, are the dominant ethnic group in the area.

Countries that start with the Western Region of Samoa:

Western Samoa is a sovereign nation with eleven separate administrative districts and a unitary parliamentary democracy. It consists of two islands: Upolu and Savaii. Samoan and English are both recognized as official languages. About 3,500 years ago, a people called the LA pita stumbled upon the Samoan Islands. Among the Commonwealth of Nations is Samoa. At 58.4% of GDP, the industrial sector is by far the most productive. The services industry comes in second at 30.2%. Next, at 11.4%, is the agricultural sector. The weather in Western Samoa is consistently tropical all year long.

Countries that start with w “WA Self”:

The geographical region of Myanmar is known as “WA Self,” which functions independently from the central government (Burma). The southern half and the northern half make up the whole. With a population of over 200 thousand, the southern region shares a border with Thailand. The 20th of August 2010 saw the passing of a decree formally naming WA Self.

The WA state government acknowledges the central government of Myanmar as the ultimate sovereign. WA Self has been designated as a self-governing territory by the government. The “de facto independent WA State” currently runs the show there.

Washington designates Special Region 2:

The state of Washington designates this area as Special Region 2. Two of the local languages are Mandarin-Chinese and WA. WA Self’s economy was once highly dependent on the opium trade. These days, with help from the Chinese, WA Self focuses on tea and rubber production. Rubber is now grown on an area of 220,000 acres in WA Self. People have moved down from the mountains to the valleys, where they have helped cultivate corn, vegetables, and wet rice. China aids WA Self economically, militarily, and with civilian advisers.

Nations Have a Capital “W”:

Wales, a constituent country of the United Kingdom, is a separate nation in its own right. Bristol Channel to the south, English territory to the southeast, and the Irish Sea on three sides. Located on a total area of 20,779 km2, it is home to a population of 3,136 million as of 2019. Wales has more than 1,680 miles of coastline, and most of the country is covered in mountains, the tallest of which is Snow don. The country has a temperate maritime climate in the north.

Wales Great Britain:

Wales has a distinct cultural identity despite its close ties to Great Britain regarding political and social history and the fact that the Welsh speakers make up most of the population. Due mainly to the eisteddfod tradition, Wales became known as the “land of song” beginning in the late 19th century. Wales fields national teams at major international competitions as part of that country’s Olympic team. In Wales, rugby union serves as a representation of national pride.

Disputed nations beginning with the letter W:

Wales will be counted as part of the letter “U,” which represents the United Kingdom since it is a constituent country of that country—officially made up of two small island groups in Polynesia, not too far from Fiji and Samoa. Five hundred fifty-eight people live on Wallis and Futuna’s 142.42 square lands. English and French names are on the list. When you click on a country name, you’ll be taken to that nation’s information and online resource page at One World – Nations Online. Each profile includes relevant links to the countries and territories official websites and a wealth of additional information, such as the country’s location and maps.

The world’s nations whose names begin with “W” Population:

Readers with a global perspective prepare to ponder. In other words, can you name a country whose name begins with each letter of the English alphabet? Countries like Australia, Brazil, and Canada may spring to mind immediately. Some, like Kenya or Luxembourg, might be more difficult to navigate. You could keep doing this until you’ve covered all 195 countries, but you won’t get through the alphabet. No matter how hard you try to solve this perplexing problem, there are two letters that no countries in the world use as their initials. Attempt to identify which ones they are.


Countries that start with w the fact that Wales is a country may be the first thing people think of. However, Wales is not a member of the UN because it is part of a more significant “sovereign state,” the United Kingdom (UN). For this reason, it is frequently left out of national statistics. You were almost right if you guessed Y. Still, you probably forgot about Yemen, the only country in the world whose name begins with Y.

Oman, meanwhile, is the only nation whose name begins with the letter O. The only other countries that start with the letter Z are Zambia and Zimbabwe. The only country that starts with the letter Q is Qatar. You may have mispronounced these places your whole life, so think twice before bringing this interesting tidbit up at the next cocktail party.


Countries that start with w?

Only two letters (and a dash) don’t appear at the start of any country’s name in the entire alphabet. There are no nations in the world whose names begin with W or X. Since Wales is not officially its own country, it counts as one of the two letters.

In which Countries start with w?

No nation-states are recognized. Countries that start with w. The only letters in the alphabet without any countries beginning with that letter are W and X.

Who’s ready for the solution?

Listen closely for the official announcement: It turns out that there are no countries in the world whose names begin with the letters W or X. (These four items are used in the naming of nearly all nations.)


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