Chorlton And The Wheelies – Complete Chorlton& The Wheelies Series 3:

Chorlton and the Wheelies are animated kids’ show on the British network ITV from September 26, 1976, to December 17, 1978. There are 40 total episodes. Chorlton, a cheerful dragon, was the show’s protagonist, which took place in the made-up world of Wheelie WorldApart from the wheelies, Fenella, the Kettle Witch, lives in Spout Hall, a large kettle, in Wheelie World. She is a terrible witch with a very noticeable Welsh accent. Fenella hates Happiness and often uses her powers to make life difficult for the wheelies.

ChorltonAnd The Wheelies Characters:

  • If Chorlton the Happy Dragon is in a place, Happiness will soon follow.
  • The Kettle Witch, Fenella Fellorick, does not appreciate it when others have fun.
  • Zoomer, the child, uses his wheels to go about and is famous for his speed.
  • Jenny, the blond-haired wheelie girl who has a thing for Chorlton.

ChorltonAnd The Wheelies Witch:

The first episode of the animated children’s show Chorlton and the Wheelies aired on 26… Fenella, the Kettle Witch, is a villain that the wheelies must overcome. To cast her spell over Wheelie World, the wicked witch Fenella, who resides in a massive kettle with her army of evil toadstools, has enlisted the help of the grumpy Claptrap Von. Fenella, in her usual Wicked Witch fashion, has a sinister schnoz. Before Chorlton can break Fenella’s enchantment, Wheelie World, Sugar Apocalypse style. Sugar Bowl: Wheelie World is an.

Get the Hello, tiny older woman! Ringtone by MadMattMan is on edge TM right now. Check edge TM for access to millions of high-quality, user-generated ringtones and wallpapers. Chorlton’s “Hello, Little Old Lady” T-Shirt is a wardrobe staple. Chris Johnson made and sold them. Chorlton and the Wheelies was a kid’s cartoon. A “little old lady” is referred to endearingly in the animated kids’ show Chorlton and the Wheelies, which aired on TV from 26 to. In the 1970s, British television aired an enthusiastic children’s show called Chorlton and the Wheelies.

Chorlton And The Wheelies Gif:

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Fenella The Witch Chorlton And The Wheelies:

Children of all ages will enjoy the cartoon sitcom Chorlton and the Wheelies, which aired on Cartoon Network from 26… Evil witch Fenella the Kettle Witch is at odds with the wheelies. Play School, Play Away, and Camber wick Green were only a few of the many BBC children’s shows that Brian Cant worked on between the 1960s and the 1980s. The terrible witch Fenella, who lives in a massive kettle with her army of bad toadstools, has cast a spell on Wheelie World through the grouchy Claptrap Von.

Chorlton And The Wheelies Episodes:

A Performance by Chorlton and the Wheelies (Full Episodes). There are 15 videos. Until May 21, 2022, there were 14,452 visitors to this page. 1. The Dragon of Happiness Hatches on September 27, 1976. The Lost Wheelie (October 4, 1976); Chorlton Says It with Flowers (October 11, 1976); 18 Oct. 1976. Here’s the complete list of episodes from Chorlton and the Wheelies. The pilot episode premiered in the UK on September 27. Fenella, the green kettle witch, is a terrible character.

Fenella The Kettle Witch:

Fenella, the Kettle Witch, is an evil witch with a heavy Welsh accent who lives in Wheelie World on her own and causes trouble for the wheelies. The PIRA Army Council and the idea that women can have penises are foreign concepts to Sinn Fein. There is a video included in the post. Kettle witch Fenella. The Loop at the House Where the Dragon Terrorizes. Additional Video Content. Chorlton had to keep the wicked kettle witch Fenella from destroying all the wheelies so she could bring her miserable, depressing world to life.

Chorlton And The Wheelies Credits:

·         Ringo Starr (in the UK version) or Joe Lynch (in the New Zealand version) narrates a film written by the reliable Brian Trueman.

·         Joe Griffiths Composes the Tune

·         Produced by Joe Dubinsky and Jackie Cockle (Animation)

·         Thanks a lot, Chris Walker!

·         Jo Kemp, who came up with the original plot

·         Jim Noble, Cameraman

·         Thanks to Dave Street for editing

·         John Hambley is the Executive Producer.

·         Production Credits: Brian Cosgrove & Mark Hall

·         Chris Taylor is the director.

·         Produced by Cosgrove-Hall MCMLXXVI-MCMLXXIX

·         Produced by Thames Color

Chorlton And The Wheelies Development:

Progress Revision. Extremely simplistic plots center Fenella and Chorlton’s respective efforts to make the wheelies miserable. The complete first season of adventures featuring Chorlton the dragon and his pals, the Wheelies. In ‘Happiness is hatched,’ Chorlton announces the arrival of a dragon named Happiness. Danger Mouse’s creators also made this timeless stop-motion cartoon for kids. After struggling to move numerous figures using stop-frame animation, the concept of “wheelies” was born. The legs of animated characters were much more challenging to operate than the wheels on their vehicles. Similarly, picking teleportation.


Wheelies and Chorlton. Jump in, and we’ll give you a tour of the Wheelie World. Please jump on board; a visit to Wheelie is always entertaining. From September 26, 1976, to December 17, 1978, Chorlton and the Wheelies aired on British television as an animated children’s series. It was Matt Drewry who found this Pin. Please make your Pins and save them on Pinterest. Joe Lynch did the voices and narration for the entire performance. Therefore Joe Griffiths sang and composed the show’s theme song.


Who was the witch in Chorlton and the Wheelies?

FenellaFellorick, often known as the Kettle Witch, does not appreciate it when others have fun.

Who said hello, little lady?

The Beatles’ rendition of the song, featuring John Lennon on lead vocals instead of Sutcliffe, can be found on Anthology 1.

What was the witch called in Chorlton and the Wheelies?

In Wheelie World, Fenella the Kettle Witch lives in Spout Hall, a giant kettle, and speaks with a thick Welsh accent.

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