Interesting facts to know about Chip and dale rescue rangers!

Chip and dale rescue rangers gave fans a new look at the famous chipmunk combo, and the film was full of in-jokes and references that gave the film a fresh feel. Since its release on May 16, 2022, Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers has received widespread appreciation from fans and critics alike, who have praised the game’s abundance of hilarious cameos and other brief cameos from the Chip ‘n Dale cast.

Many viewers found the film’s tone and sense of comedy unexpected and praised its effort to alter their perceptions of well-known animated characters. It features a dual performance, allusions to other movies, and even a nod to the show from which this one was adapted. Here we will discuss more Chip and dale rescue rangers.

Multiple actors played multiple parts:

Similar to the first Chip and dale rescue rangers film, some actors in this sequel played multiple roles. Jim Cummings is well-known for his voice work on numerous Disney films, including those starring Winnie the Pooh, Tiger, Fat Cat, Pete, and Darkwing Duck. In addition to his role as Frog Coworker, Keegan Michael-Key is also acknowledged as Bjornson, the Cheesemonger. Rachel Bloom, married to the film’s co-writer Dan Gregor, played no less than eight different roles.

Director Akiva Schaffer made several cameo appearances:

It’s worth noting that Akiva Schaffer has been credited with playing eleven different characters in his career. Schaffer should be commended for acquiring so many different personas and voices for this film, even if most of the actors are in supporting roles. Considering how tricky it was to figure out who he was pretending to be, you can see why this is the case. As an actress, she has been recognized for her parts in such films.

Chip ‘n Dale voice performers:

Tress MacNeille gave Chip and Gadget Hacker’s voices in the original 1989 series, and she returned to both parts in the 2022 series Chip and dale rescue rangers. Even though John Mulaney had taken over the voice of Chip and offered a deeper version of the chipmunk’s tone, Jodi MacNeille was able to reprise her part as squeaky-voiced Chip for a brief scene in the film. In addition, Corey Burton returned to voice both the higher-pitched version of Dale and the original Zipper.

Multiple landmarks:

Although many of the film‘s characters were created by companies like Dreamworks and Hasbro, Disney’s intellectual property was the primary focus of the film’s plot. One of these things happens right at the film’s beginning, at the Disney Castle’s memorable introduction. The castle has been seen to morph into several Disney palaces from films like Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Frozen, and The Incredibles 2, all of which are thought to be the result of Sweet Pete’s bootlegging machine.

Who is Andy Samberg?

In the series, Andy Samberg provides Dale with a more serious tone. The film is the first time MacNeille and Burton have reprised their roles as Gadget and Zipper since the cancellation of the original television series. Dale was recast in not one but two Chip ‘n’ Dale remakes. All of this was done to keep the project from collapsing. However, the concept was revised to save their project until it became Darkwing Duck, a popular and well-liked anti-crime hero.

Double-0-Dale is a Disney reference:

Very early on in Chip and dale rescue rangers, Dale briefly alludes to his new television show, Double-0 Dale, in which he plays the role of a secret spy. It was a nod to a cancelled Disney show from the early 1990s that was to be called Double-0-Duck. The vast majority of viewers probably don’t know this. Disney ultimately opted against developing the concept further after discovering that the title “double-0” was already owned by James Bond novelist Ian Fleming.

The Simpsons and Disney are mentioned:

Towards the film’s conclusion, Chip and Dale are shown inside Sweet Pete’s bootlegging machine. They can be altered in inexplicable ways by using this device. After being scanned, they are displayed in various artistic mediums, including Rick and Morty, anime, and The Simpsons. Chip’s hair is fashioned into the letter W in a nod to Walt Disney, the Simpsons-style. Homer Simpson’s M-shaped hair is a tribute to founder Matt Groening.

The poem mentions Peter Pan several times:

His dismissal for showing signs of maturity is reminiscent of the experience of Bobby Driscoll, the actor who played Peter Pan in the 1953 film. Bobby Driscoll lost his job because he matured. Nonetheless, that’s not the only link between the two movies. Background music in a moment where Sweet Pete, Chip, and Dale are chasing villains features the song “You Can Fly,” which was included in the first Peter Pan film.

Several of Seth Rogen’s Previously Appearing Characters:

During the lengthy chase through the convention hall, Seth Rogen also provides the voice of a character named Bob the Warrior Viking. Short-attention-span viewers may have missed the joke’s original intent to highlight that Seth Rogen has previously delivered the voices for each of these characters because the scene lasts only approximately 10 seconds. Possible references to other episodes from the show’s past are also there, but these are neither confirmed nor fully explored.

Several canon Chip ‘n Dale episodes are referenced:

While some of the episodes in the movie were made up to further the plot, the pilot for the whole series featured at least two episodes from the actual series, in “Double O Chipmunk,” which can be found in Season 2, Episode 32, Dale alludes to his eventual TV series, Double-0-Dale. It is the pilot episode. Thus it will be shown first. Ellie, a detective who appears in the film, cites the 42nd episode of Season 2, “When You Fish upon a Star”, as her favourite.


Chip and dale rescue rangers, a Disney Afternoon staple from the ’90s that is getting a new life as a feature film on Disney+, is, at first glance, a pleasant action-adventure romp about a band of anthropomorphic animals that is more fascinating than TaleSpin but less enjoyable than DuckTales. The trailer makes it abundantly apparent that this is not even remotely what we can expect from this new Power Rangers flick. It’s more of a modern meta-mystery in which the titular chipmunks are washed-up actors embroiled in a plot involving pirated cartoons.


Who portrays Chip, and who plays Dale on Rescue Rangers?

Tress MacNeille’s Chip and Corey Burton’s Dale are more communicative in the Rescue Rangers than in their earlier roles as non-speaking chipmunks in Disney cartoons.

What led to Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers being cancelled?

Until “Chip and dale rescue rangers,” it had been 33 years since they had a major role in an animated series. It was the highest-rated syndicated animation of the 1989–1990 TV seasons.