Everything that you need to know about Chill Soda.

Chill Soda was a soft drink promoted as a replacement for conventional soda. Even though it was marketed as having less sugar and calories, consumers discovered that it was both delicious and healthy to consume. Flavors included the original (Chiller), four new (Chiller), and one old (Chiller) favorite: Chiller. In addition, it asserts that its products are all-natural and free of preservatives. Soda was conceived by Dan Mackey, and may potentially have been invented by his sister, according to rumors circulating at the time.

Before starting his own business, Dan was a marketing professional. Customers are unsure if its soda is still on sale. In this post, we’ll find out how Soda Chill fared following its appearance on Shark Tank in the 2022 update.

What Happened To Chill Soda After Shark Tank?

A sugar-free soda called “Chill Soda” aims to be the most crucial sugar-free soda alternative. Simple sugars and high fructose corn syrup are omitted from these agave nectar-sweetened beverages. The product’s company claims it has the same flavor profile as regular sodas. However, when the product was introduced, agave nectar and stevia were popular substitute sweeteners. Even though sugar-free carbonated beverages like La Croix have mostly replaced the business, they are increasing shelf space in supermarkets.

Who Was The Founder Of Soda?

Chill Soda was invented by Dan Mackey, who founded the company and may have been inspired by Dan’s sister, according to rumors. Before starting his own business, Dan was a marketer. We are unable to confirm whether Chill Soda is still available. Second Trade, which Dan began in 2019, is unquestionably run by Dan.

Chill Soda Before Shark Tank:

Dan Mackey conceptualized Chill Soda; the people of California have created a more nutritious substitute for the food that Americans consume in vast quantities. He discovered that the soda replacements in California schools aren’t any better for students’ health. Sports drinks and juices meant to replace sodas had just as many calories, if not more, than the sodas they were meant to substitute. Dan Mackey recognized an opportunity to help children and adults by inventing a healthier alternative beverage.

Founder Story:

The company was created in Sausalito, California, by Dan Mackey. While he acknowledges being a newbie entrepreneur, he calls himself a marketer. Growing up on a trout farm, his problem-solving skills and work ethic were evident. Since soda had been outlawed in California schools due to its negative impact on students’ health, Mackey’s sister, who taught there, was the inspiration. Dan Mackey identified an opportunity to develop something beneficial for children and adults.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch?

Before going into the Shark Tank Show for a 10% share in exchange for $50,000, he sold 250,000 cans in California through various distributors and made a total of $175,000 in profit. Once he made a significant blunder, four sharks (investors) were first interested in Mackey. He is a marketing expert to justify his lack of expertise in the beverage industry.

What Is The Valuation Of Chill Soda?

There is a market worth $250,000. Chill Soda, despite Barbara Corcoran’s investment, never materialized. You can email the company for more information about Cold Soda, which is currently unavailable in public outlets in California. A recent interview with Barbara revealed that she lost money on a business endeavor with the Chill Soda Company, but she didn’t go into further detail about the operation. Even though Chill Soda no longer exists, Mackey has left his LinkedIn profile blank.

Who Were The Investors In Chill Soda?

Barbara Corcoran, an angel investor, contributed $50,000 to Chill Soda and received a 20% stake in the company. After acquiring funding from Shark Tank, Chill Soda was valued at $250,000 before going out of business. The American businesswoman is thought to be worth $80 million. The Corcoran Group, which she founded and later sold to NRT for $66 million, was her first business venture. Barbara appeared in all five seasons of ABC’s Shark Tank and invested in over 50 businesses/startups as a shark.

Who Are The Competitors Of Chill Soda?

To compete with other beverage producers, the company is now incapable. Chill Soda’s main competitors include PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Nestle, and Parle. PepsiCo is the world’s largest beverage corporation and has been around since 1965. New York City-based Frito-Lay merged with PepsiCo in 2005.

What Happened To Chill Soda After Shark Tank?

Even though Chill Soda was introduced in 2009, no solid business model has been established. This product isn’t listed in any online store or on the company’s official website. In an interview, Barbara Corcoran, the cold-soda investor, admitted that she had lost money. If there was no commercial strategy, then chill soda failed to succeed in the market and could not be found for sale on online marketplaces. Chill Soda failed to gain traction following its appearance on Shark Tank in 2009.

  • Chill Soda Facts and Figures
  • He was a marketing expert who had no prior business expertise.
  • After seeing her students consume dangerous beverages, Den Mackey’s sister came up with the concept for Chill Soda.
  • The $50,000 Dan Mackey invested remains a secret at this time.
  • In 2019, Dan Mackey established Second Trades, a new company.

Chill Soda Shark Tank Update:

Chill Soda’s bottle now looks like it did before. How much of it is filled to the brim? It’s impossible to tell how the company is doing because no recent notable statement or report exists. A good summary of Chill Soda’s goods is provided on the company’s website, which illustrates the advantages and effectiveness. As of this writing, Mackey’s contract with a distributor from his time with the Sharks appears to no longer exist.


In Shark Tank episode 109, Chill Soda inventor Dan Mackey seeks investment capital in exchange for company shares. Mr. Mackey had made it his personal goal to inform soda drinkers that his new line of beverages was a better choice because they tasted just as good, had half the calories, and were nutritionally superior to soda. Mackey was inspired to make Chill Soda when he saw that his local public schools were banning soda and substituting it with alternatives that were nutritionally equivalent to or worse than the “unhealthy” beverages.


Does chill soda still exist?

The company has effectively gone out of business. According to the website, the soda will be available “soon” as of July 2021.

Is Luma soda still in business?

Luma Soda will cease to exist on October 1, 2021, even though Luma Soda failed to land a transaction on the Shark Tank show.

What is Barbara on shark tank worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, she’s worth $100 million thanks to her real estate company, investments, speaking engagements, and a stint on “Shark Tank.”

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