Chicago pd season 9, plot, cast and characters, release date and more!

Chicago pd season 9 P.D. put the team’s intelligence to the test. They dealt with increasingly horrifying murders and personal difficulties that revealed who they were behind the gun and badge. This final episode of Chicago P.D. continued where the previous episode left off, keeping the tension high throughout.

It will soon be revealed whether or not Upton, portrayed by Tracy Spirdakos, will make a full recovery after being knocked down by a truck explosion at the end of last week’s episode. Sadly, that was the only respite for viewers as they watched Voight, who was determined to bring Escano and the Los Temidos gang down while simultaneously protecting Anna. In this article, we will discuss more Chicago pd med season 9.

Chicago pd season 9, plot, cast and characters, release date and more!

Why did Chicago PD’s Anna die?

When Escano realized that the police were following him, he decided to run away. Due to this, Anna was terrified for her life, despite Voight’s assurances that he would protect her and her child by putting them in witness protection. We soon learn that Anna, who had no faith in Escano, managed to avoid capture by the police and was responsible for Escano’s murder at his bakery. Voight’s inability to accomplish both goals led directly to Anna’s tragic demise at the episode‘s conclusion.

Find more about the stricken cartel:

The dying cartel leader confesses to Voight and Halstead that Anna stabbed him. Voight and Halstead expose the chief of the cartel. Voight, determined to protect Anna, goes “off the books” in his search for her, doing questionable and potentially illegal actions along the way. It hasn’t occurred to Anna that Voight would do something like that. He eventually finds her and witnesses the informant being in a car accident. He moves in to confront her, but she quickly draws a gun.

Anna said the following in her concluding remarks:

Anna is currently sleep-deprived, neurotic, and scared of the consequences of killing Escano. Voight tries to persuade her that he can assist and calm her down. A police siren, however, causes her to panic, and she shoots Voight in self-defence. Halstead and Upton fired at her simultaneously. Even when they are taken away in an ambulance, a distraught Voight does not leave Anna’s side.

Voight’s intense feelings for Anna began when?

If you’ve ever watched Chicago PD, you know that Voight will break the law to save the lives of the people he cares about. We also know that despite Voight’s best efforts, his closest allies often become incidental casualties. And over this season, he developed a strong bond with Anna. To paraphrase what Hawkins told E.W.: “I understand why lines have to be breached sometimes.”

As the crescendo reaches its peak:

Ruzek actor Patrick John Flueger told E.W. that his audience “hasn’t seen this side of the man in a long, if ever.” The way you’re used to seeing Voight, he’s not in complete charge, but “he feels tremendously fatherly and quite protective of Anna,” she explained.

What else happened in the season finale?

Although the Voight and Anna subplot dominated the show, it did have one redeeming feature. Although Anna was dying, the rest of the Intelligence Unit was busy following Voight’s orders and learning more about Los Temidos. During a raid conducted by Ruzek, Atwater, and Burgess, a stash of drugs weighing close to 400 kg was uncovered. According to Atwater, this is the most significant theft in Chicago’s history. Regardless of the result of this fight, Voight remains someone I have a tremendous deal of respect and admiration for.

How should we prepare for the series’s tenth and final year?

Even though specifics about the upcoming season of Chicago P.D. have not been disclosed, it is safe to assume that viewers will see Voight struggle with the fallout of Anna’s death and what it means for Voight in both his personal and professional life. Fans can look forward to seeing Voight deal with these issues. Voight has grown in front of my eyes, especially in how he handles difficult circumstances and approaches his physical fitness.

About Mr Roy’s inquiry:

Intelligence started looking for Burgess’ kidnappers and the ones who carried out the awful attack at the start of Season 9. To seek answers, Voight went against protocol and attacked their main suspect, a human trafficker named Roy. Unlike Halstead and Atwater, who chose to play by the book, Voight went against the grain. The situation deteriorated, however, when Upton fatally shot Roy while trying to protect Voight, and Voight forbade the victim’s sister to contact the police.

Companion emotional distress:

Halstead noticed his partner Voight’s agitation during the fourth episode and confronted him about it. The three of them worked together to keep things under control even as FBI agent North moved closer to learning the truth about Roy. Just as it seemed all three would be compelled to hand up their badges and face criminal charges, Halstead uncovered evidence that implicated North. Blackmailing the agent into dropping the investigation in Season 1, Episode 9 ended the Roy conundrum.

Upton and Halstead’s Extreme Measures:

The couple, engaged in chicago pd season 9 premiere, wasted no time picking up the pieces of their lives and continuing with their lives when the Roy investigation was wrapped up. That night, they eloped to the courtroom in their regular attire and made history as the first couple to get married while working in the Intelligence community. Showrunner Gwen Sigan told TVLine, “They’ve been through so much together, and this was an entirely emotional decision made in a moment.

Paying homage to the characters:

I don’t believe they are people who would feel the need to have a party or have in-depth discussions about marriage and weddings. Because those measures would accomplish nothing, I find it hard to believe they would be taken. Jesse Lee Soffer provided another explanation, stating they do not have any emotional or ceremonial value. The FBI, North, and Roy all wanted to put this turning point in their relationship behind them as quickly as possible.

What do Atwater and Celeste do?

In chicago pd season 9, titled “Burnside,” Atwater met Amanda Payton, who plays Celeste on Trial & Error, for the first time. After their naughty chat at the pub turned into a romantic night spent together, the prospect of them getting together appeared more likely than ever. Atwater kept his actual career from Celeste after learning she was a social activist and police critic. They developed close because of their shared experiences with prejudice.

An end was reached to the discussion:

What bothered Celeste was that he had lied to her for so long about his career as a police officer being unimportant because of how much she cared about him. The pair ultimately concluded that they could no longer maintain their relationship due to their ongoing emotional conflict. LaRoyce Hawkins has indicated that he is open to contemplating the possibility of a reunion shortly, although this could be the last straw in their relationship.

Fight to Save Makayla:

After Burgess’s biological father killed all of Burgess’s relatives, she and Ruzek adopted Makayla and raised her as their own. However, in Episode 10, they received shocking news: Makayla’s maternal uncle Theo had filed a petition for complete custody of the child. In the 14th episode, Burgess and Theo finally went to court to fight over who would get custody of their child. By looking into the girl’s medical records, Theo slammed on the brakes to prove Burgess couldn’t parent Makayla.


According to chicago pd season 9, Atwater’s struggle this season has been to find common ground with anyone as she deals with issues that are too close to home. The detective hadn’t had a romantic interest on-screen since Season 6’s “Black and Blue,” when he fell for Laila, who was later convicted of murder and imprisoned. Before this season, the detective had no romantic interest. He realized she was the only one who understood him. Upton and Halstead encouraged one another through their monotonous jobs.


Who dies in the Chicago med season 5?

chicago pd season 9: Despite Voight’s promises to put her and her kid under witness protection, Anna was afraid. Anna, who didn’t trust Escano, was responsible for his death at his bakery.

What is chicago pd season 9?

Chicago med season 5’s release date is September 25, 2019.