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Chainsaw man volume 1: The first chapter of Fujimoto Tatsuki’s original Chainsaw Man story is titled “Dog & Chainsaw.” Poche, Denji’s devil hound, will go anywhere and do anything for money, and the young guy known as Denji will even track down devils with the help of Pochita.

He is just an average Joe who has racked up more debt than he can handle, but he does have a few attainable objectives in life. But when he discovers that someone he trusted has lied to him, his life, which was already difficult, is flipped entirely upside down. Chainsaw Man is entirely different than before Denji absorbed the Devil’s power and transformed himself inside and out. Let’s discuss more chainsaw man volume 1.

Illustration for Cover and Volume:

The title logo and author’s name are yellow with a blood-spattered texture, while the cover’s orange background suggests blood. Red highlights the English version of the book’s title and author’s name. Denji, in his Chainsaw Man form, is shown slicing through and standing atop a horde of Zombie Devil’s minions as massive volumes of green blood spray upwards from their severed bodies on the cover art.

What is chainsaw man volume 1?

However, Chainsaw Man is not your typical Shonen Jump series. This series is indeed bloodier and grittier than the majority of the others in the imprint, but that’s not all it has going for it. From 2018 until 2020, Chainsaw Man ran as a serial in Weekly Shonen Jump. Up to this point, eleven Tankbon volumes have been released to house the series’ accumulated content. Over 15 million copies of the manga have been printed; in 2021, it was the seventh best-selling manga by volume.

Here are the chainsaw man volumes:

There isn’t a Chainsaw Man cover that isn’t amazing, yet some are more popular than others with the audience. Tatsuki Fujimoto, the mangaka in question, is a highly skilled visual artist. Chainsaw Man, an extremely anticipated shounen anime, will premiere in late 2022. Fans have been anticipating the new series for months, thanks to the show’s buzz on social media. Following is detail about chainsaw man volume 1 and other volumes like chainsaw man volume 1.

Chainsaw man volume 3:

A copy of Public Safety Devil Hinter Himeno is featured in Volume 3. She’s a wacky, complicated figure whose flaws are part of what makes her so appealing. This volume is the simplest of the set. This cover may be the least engaging of the bunch, but even so, it’s still attractive. Rather than concentrating on the plot, it highlights the nuances of the characters. It’s spotless, so readers can take in the distinctive watercolour technique used in Chainsaw Man covers without distraction.

Vol. 7 Is a Mess, but a Compelling One:

The cover of volume 7 is jam-packed. Denji, the main character, is seen being bound by what appear to be organs as four additional characters watch on. The mysterious characters on this cover help up for the cover’s lack of visual appeal. Similarly, the paler teal background provides a nice contrast to the bright pinks used to paint Denji. Vol. 7, despite having a unique cover, doesn’t quite measure up to the rest of the volumes in terms of excitement.

Exciting New Events in Volume 8:

The colourful cover of Volume 8 helps it rank at No. 8. The cover art captures the reader’s attention by depicting a metamorphosed Denji battling a half-naked demon. Purple, teal, and yellow make a stunning colour palette that jumps out. One thing about Chainsaw Man is that Tatsuki Fujimoto has a good eye for colour and lighting. Detailing in blue paint splatters that suggest blood and gore without being too graphic is also noteworthy.

Exhibits, Vol. 2 I Have a Favorite Character Who:

Volume 2’s cover features fan-favourite character Power, so even if it’s not as striking as the others, it still sticks out. Power, a former demon turned Devil hunter, is a strange and eccentric young woman. Her erratic nature may throw her and those around her into trouble, but it’s also what draws in so many admirers. A book with a cover featuring such a well-known and formidable woman can’t help but be excellent.

You’ll feel Uneasy after Reading Volume 10:

The newest edition of Chainsaw Man, due on April 5, 2022, features the series’ most terrifying cover design. Maxima, with her blank expression, steals the show in this volume. Cover almost makes it look like she’s pointing directly at you. One feels that Makima could spring out at any time and claim the reader as her pet, as with Denji, making it difficult to resist the urge to chuck this volume across the room.

Readers of Volume 6 Will Have Many Concerns:

To recap, volume 6 is riveting. Fans will be anxious to continue following the story of the newly introduced character Reze, who is featured prominently on the cover of this issue. Readers will be drawn in by the mystery of her origin, her relationship with the Devil, and her lack of clothing. In addition to the intrigue it provokes, this piece is stunning to look at. As a result of the contrast between the tranquil colour scheme and the dramatic images, the composition is visually beautiful.

The fifth volume bursts with vivid colour:

It’s safe to say that Volume 5 has the most eye-catching cover art. Although the series depicts two demon guys slashing at each other, the bright colours nearly feel out of place. For fans of the manga, though, it’s a dead-on depiction of the character Chainsaw Man. While there is violence and sadness, the novel is also complete with quirky characters and humorous situations. Chainsaw Man’s cover art is as fitting as it gets.

The Fourth Volume Is a Hypnotic Experience:

Volume 4 makes a solid showing and comes in at number three. Aki is the only character from a given volume to crack the top five, and he certainly earns his spot there. With his icy blue eyes, Aki is one of the best Devil Hunters in the series, and he stuns in this volume. He has blood all over his face and clothes, yet this is the only volume that seems remotely realistic. Something is captivating about the way the circles cluster around Aki.

Readers’ Emotions Will Be Touched by Volume 9:

Book 9 is the saddest of the bunch. Manga fans may feel the pain even before they open the cover. The cover features the least vibrant colour scheme, opting to experiment with cool blue and red shades instead. In the background, Aki stands resolutely while The Angel Devil appears to lament the viewer. A small boy is shown smiling in the middle, leaving viewers questioning why he is essential to the plot.

Readers of Volume 1 Can Expect to Be Captivated:

As the first of its kind, volume 1 is the essential beginning. It’s impossible to ignore a book with a cover as eye-catching as this one. Imagining a man with chainsaws for a face and arms utterly destroying another person is a highly compelling thought. A bonus that will get fans pumped for whatever action they’re about to experience is the fluorescent green blood splatter that covers most of the cover. With such an impressive front cover, I had high hopes for Chainsaw Man and was not disappointed.


Chainsaw Man is a series from the Japanese manga medium that Fujimoto Tatsuki created. Chainsaw man volume 1 ended on December 14, 2020, and it was stated that the Jump+ web service would proceed with Part 2 in the following year. The animation studio known as MAPPA would be responsible for producing the anime adaptation. On July 13, 2022, the series’s second chapter premiere.


Where does chainsaw man volume 1pick up?

Denji was a low-level devil hunter. After dying on the job, Pochita brings him back as Chainsaw Man. Denji is so broke he’ll hunt devils with his devil hound, Pochita.

What is an essential point in chainsaw man volume 1?

A swarm of teleporting rats under Makima’s command. For a price, the Control Demon, in his devilish role, can make deals on humanity’s behalf. She commands the respect of those around her and can use that to coerce people into making a bargain with her.