Can You Hide Your Snap Score – Strategies for Hiding Your Snapchat Ranking.

Can You Hide Your Snap Score, Open the Snapchat app and navigate to the “Profile” page to conceal your Snapchat rating. Select the ‘Avatar’ icon in the camera’s top right corner to access your profile.  The next step is to click the “Settings” icon in the top right corner of the profile page.  And then go ahead and pick > “My Friends” from the two choices.

Second, if you don’t want a particular friend or friend to see your Snap rating, you’ll have to remove or block them from your account. To do this, open the Friends section of your profile and click the “My Friends” button. The next step is locating that individual’s name on the list. Here we will discuss Can You Hide Your Snap Score?

How to Hide Your Snapchat Score:

Regarding user engagement, Snapchat is up there with the best social media apps. With Snapchat, you can have text-based conversations, send and receive multimedia (photos, videos), and share your location in real-time. Fun features abound in Snapchat, such as Streaks, Cameos, Snapchat Score, and more. Your Snapchat score is a numeric value that reflects the frequency you send and receive snaps. Keeping a streak going and reaching a high Snapchat score is now a measure of one’s social standing.

How To Hide Your Snapchat Score:

There is currently no way to keep your Snapchat score a secret from your friends. However, your snap rating can be concealed from a specific user.

  • Take away their access or block them.
  • You can modify your profile’s visibility settings here.
  • How to Hide Your Snapchat Score from Friends and Relatives
  • To use Snapchat, launch it on your mobile device.
  • Locate your Profile icon in the top left corner of the screen and tap it.

Can You Hide Your Snap Score Decrease:

An individual’s Snapchat score cannot be lowered. You won’t lose Snapchat points if you stop using the app altogether or if you stop sending and receiving snaps. There won’t be any activity. So long. It would be best if you now blocked or unfriended your friends so they cannot see your Snapchat score. Keep messaging your pals on Snapchat to raise your score. Use the comments area for additional feedback and inquiries. Unlike streaks, which can be picked up quickly (and ignored if you’re not interested)?

Can You Hide Your Snap Score From The Public?

There are two options: the first, > “Everyone,” allows anybody with a Snapchat account to view your Snap Score, send you Snaps and Messages, and contact you via Snapchat. What this implies is that anybody can view your Snapchat stories and snaps. The second is “My Friends,” which restricts your Snapchat activity to be viewed only by your Snapchat contacts. Your account information will be protected from anybody but your friends.

Score Is Now Hidden:

Your snap rating is no longer public knowledge. The only people who will see it are your Snapchat pals. You needn’t worry about your Snap rating being seen by anyone. To view your Snap Score, a user must first make you a friend request and then be accepted as a friend by you. Your Snapchat score is under wraps; several Snap sleuths have deduced the factors contributing to an increasing score.

Can You Hide Your Snap Score From Friends Or A Specific Friend?

The only way to keep your Snapchat score hidden from your friends or a specific individual is to either remove them as friends or block them from accessing your account. Besides this, there is no other option to keep your snap score and other actions secret from your linked friends and family. Here’s how you “Block” someone on Snapchat, also known as “Remove.” There will be a screen pop-up that serves as a warning or confirmation. Make your choice, and you’ll be finished.

Tap the search bar at the top of the “My Friends” page, then enter the name of the friend you wish to delete or block. He is also on the roster. However, the tedious task of working your way down the list from the top must be endured. You may discover the desired individual much quicker if you just input their name. Hold down the “tap” button on the person’s name in the search result or list.

Choose ‘Remove Friend’ Or ‘Block’:

A drop-down menu will appear when you tap and hold a contact’s name. To remove a friend or block someone, select “More” from the menu, and then the appropriate option under “Remove Friend” or “Block.” By selecting “Remove Friend,” you can prevent a user from seeing your Snapchat content in the future. If you choose “Block,” however, that individual will no longer have access to your Snapchat or be able to locate your account. Just pick someone and tap on them.

How Do I Find My Snapchat Score?

The camera interface will appear when you launch the Snapchat app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Select the user profile by clicking on the screen’s corresponding symbol in the top right corner. If you have a Bitmoji associated with your Snapchat account, its face will appear here; otherwise, a Snapchat silhouette will serve as your profile symbol. When you click this Snapchat icon, your profile page will open, where you may add friends, share your Snapcode, and view your Stories.

What Does The Score Mean?

Snapchat has never properly described its scoring system, so it might be tough to track precisely how these points are scored. Still, depending on how we operate, we can see a straightforward breakdown of these points by doing a few tests and following some basic math. Your Snapchat score is the sum of all the points you’ve earned during a given time frame. You may view your Snapchat sent and received scores side by side by tapping on the score, with the sent score on the left.


Options like streaks and the mysterious Snap score, which evaluates your usage of the programme to give you a numerical rating, make Snapchat the only social network that actively encourages its members to use the app more than any other social network. We haven’t seen gamification in an app used by most other social networking platforms; Facebook, for example, doesn’t track how many times you’ve liked a status update to assign you a score, and neither does Instagram, Snapchat’s main rival.


Can You Hide Your Snap Score 2022?

However, if you don’t want people to see your Snapchat score, your only option is to stop being friends with them.

What Does It Mean If You Can’t See Someone’s Score On Snapchat?

However, there is a valid explanation for why you might be unable to view a user’s Snapchat rating.

Can You Hide Your Snap Score Reset You To 0?

Thankfully, resetting Snapchat scores is only a graphical glitch. When a user’s Snap score drops to zero, don’t worry; it can be recovered.