Things to know about below deck season 8!

Below deck season 8 is a very different show from the Real Housewives series because the show focuses on the crew and not on their ostentatious mansions. The water and the boat are the most valuable assets in Below Deck. Having stated that, do you agree that we should go on? To begin, in contrast to the star of other Bravo shows, you do not need to worry that they will be leaving Below Deck because of this certainty. There will be an all-new season of Below Deck beginning in early November. Below is a summary of some additional details about the below deck season 8.

Below deck season 8 reviews:

Previously, Captain Lee had been stationed on the Honor, but in Season 8, he will return to the ship My Seanna, which he had once commanded in Season 6. This yacht becomes only the second in Below Deck’s eight-season history to win back-to-back seasons. The boat may be back in friendlier waters, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the trip will go smoothly. Captain Lee Rosbach will be back for Season 8 despite the death of his kid the previous year.

Premiere of below deck season 8:

Below Deck, viewers are “dropping their anchors” or settling into their seats for the next episode. On Monday, November 2 at 9 p.m. Eastern, Bravo will debut the first brand-new episode of Season 8. The news that Below Deck and other shows will be returning after being delayed because of the coronavirus is fantastic.

Below Deck will film season 8 in the Caribbean:

In addition to Margot Robbie, several others are making travel plans for the Caribbean. Like the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean film starring Margot Robbie, Below Deck has its Caribbean vacation planned and ready to go. You can look forward to another occasion to take in the breathtaking vistas of the Caribbean. Veteran viewers of the reality series Below Deck may recall that two of the five seasons took place on a Caribbean charter.

When Eddie Lucas Comes Back:

After several seasons away, Eddie Lucas will return to Below Deck. Lucas retired after Season 3. He’s ready to resume after five years. Paying attention is required to keep up. In the promotional video, Eddie Lucas, now a bosun, engages in several hilarious shenanigans. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he won’t make the same errors as other competitors in The Bachelorette. After five seasons, Eddie ought to have gained more insight than he did in Season 3.

A cast of below deck season 8:

As Captain Lee hinted in the teaser, Francesca Rubi will be the new chief flight attendant. Both Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters and Elizabeth Frankini have been chosen to be stewardesses. The way things are looking, Izzy will have a blast chatting up one of the other crew members.

The upcoming eighth season is packed with thrilling stories:

On the dining room table, a solitary woman may be found face down, with nothing but a few leaves and a plate of sushi to hide her. There may have been a disagreement over wet spots on the dishes, and Captain Lee may have been upset that one passenger didn’t bother to dress for the weather. The romantic atmosphere on board may cause swaying. Trailer viewers know there’s drama in the hot tub, and word will spread.

The crew of below deck season 8:

However, they are currently on a boat, which places them in a safer environment than before, provided nobody else on board is sick with the coronavirus. The Below Deck crew finds out that the basics, such as hand sanitizer, are running low, which will have a detrimental influence on the passengers on board the ship. When asked about the upcoming eighth season, Captain Lee retorts that things are “going to hell.” Always be looking for him as he gets closer to the dock.

Inevitably, Captain Lee will have to leave:

Even if you watched the timeless TV show Gilligan’s Island and thought being captain must be tough, you should consider another. This captain avoided the unpleasantness of having to order shirtless passengers back aboard after they went nude swimming. Below Deck’s forthcoming eighth season will have Captain Lee tasked with doing just that. Gilligan’s Island’s skipper had no choice but to carry him with the utmost decorum whenever they interacted with mainlanders. Since Captain Lee does not engage in such behavior, you need not be alarmed.

Possibilities of Dismissal Exist:

Captain Lee is heard announcing the impending start of layoffs in the season eight teaser. When it’s all over, people react emotionally in different ways. The workplace is unlike an episode of The View, where an employee can be fired and subsequently have no consequences in their real-world existence. Season 8 will debut on Bravo on November 2 at 9 p.m. ET. Several new reality series, including the one at issue, will premiere this fall.

Who will be able to sail if CoVD19 spreads on land?

As a result of these possible dismissals, Below Deck is bound to encounter some rough seas; the series’ final resolution will be revealed in season 8. This season will include returning specific fan favorites while adding new aspects to the show. They’re making final preparations Below Deck before setting sail.

Trailer of below deck season 8:

Bravo’s new teaser for the upcoming eighth season of Below Deck promises high-quality boating action. Someone overheard Captain Lee lamenting how much he missed the Caribbean. The trailer shows how the coronavirus will affect the charter season and gives a taste of the regular drama that occurs aboard boats, such as romances and injuries. Capt. Lee tells the Bravo cameras one last time before the footage cuts off: “There is no sobbing in sailing.


The production of “My Seanna” got underway in February 2020, months before the global pandemic broke out in March. Some of the crew were getting information about the latest developments in the pandemic. Ashling Logger’s mother suggested that her daughter wear a mask for the return trip. Moreover, Lucas kept an anxious eye on things and provided updates.


Who exactly got fired from below deck season 8?

The below deck season 8 star was fired in the eighth season’s February 2021 episode. Francesca Rubi’s criticism of Elizabeth’s lack of work ethic led to her dismissal from her employment at the charter.

Is there going to be a Below Deck season 8?

Below Deck is a popular reality TV series that takes viewers behind the scenes of the life of crew members working aboard various types of luxury yachts. The eighth season focused on the My Seanna crew and began airing in November 2020.