Astolfo’s popularity is based on what?

Astolfo is a Black Faction soldier serving alongside CelenikeIcecolleYggdmillennia in the Great Holy Grail War of Outcome. He immediately gets into an agreement with Sieg after Celenike’s death.In the Fate/Grand Order conflicts, he is one of RitsukaFujimaru’s Servants in the Fate/Grand Order conflicts. Astolfo has spawned several legends in his various adventures, including one that he landed on the Moon. He’d acquired a slew of Mystic Codes along the way, including his flute, grimoire, and glistening golden lance. Legends about Astolfo’s exploits on horseback have been passed down through the ages.

Astolfo’s- What is Astolfo’s origin story?

He was one of Charlemagne’s twelve superheroes. As per the Charlemagne Legend, he was the son of an English monarch and Charlemagne’s most devoted Paladins. According to the tale, Astolfo, Charlemagne’s 12th paladin, is lovely, hopeful, and naïve.As legend has it, Astolfo was a sex-machine. While Astolfo is a relative of Roland, he has been said to as “weak” in stories.


Astolfo is a young man who appears to be androgynous and dresses extravagantly. Hair accessories like those worn by Princess Aurora are “irresistible evidence of affection” that he used to bring Roland back to the forefront of mental breakdown.Even though his appearance defies the tale that he was the most gorgeous of Charlemagne’s Twelve Peers, it’s understandable that legends sometimes get out of hand.

Astolfo’s Place in the Story:


CelenikeIcecolleYggdmillennia uses a stained glass bottle to catalyst this summoning.He is the only one to greet the Masters with a big smile when summoned. Archer’s real name was used instead of his class name when he introduced himself to the other Servants and was reprimanded for doing so without authorization.

Survivor’s other side:

Because his contract with Sieg was never terminated, Rider is still summoned to the earth even after the Third Holy Grail War has ended.Fiore Yggdmillennia’s new home in New York City is one of the first places he visits to catch up with the other battle survivors, such as himself. After speaking with other veterans of the War, he decides to travel to the Middle East to find out how AmakusaShirou gained his catalyst.


When Marie Antoinette responds to Astolfofog’s letter, he instructs her to shoot Santa Alter on Dragon. For Marie and Chevalier d’Eon, to defeat Santa Alter, his presence is too late in the game.Astolfo eagerly awaits the return of his gift when Marie and D’Eon have received theirs. When he hears that he didn’t help at Orleans, Santa Alter flies away, refusing to give him a present.


Mash is startled as Astolfo jumps out of a burning building to meet Ritsuka and Astolfo among the wreckage. To explain why he made the call, he begins by introducing himself. He tells them afterward that AmakusaShirou and Gilgamesh are actively fighting over the Holy Grail. After fighting several lamias, Astolfo brings Ritsuka and Mash to Gilgamesh and AmakusaShirou.

An Inheritance of Fame and Honor:

Darnick PrestoneYggdmillennia, still united with Vlad III, remained in the Greater Grail after the end. Replicas of Servants from the conflict fought eternally in a recreation of Trifas inside a recreation of the war. He still wished to gain the Grail.

Capabilities of Astolfo:

Charlemagne’s Twelve Paladins included Astolfo, but he has been depicted in folklore and history as a “weak” knight who lacks the other knights’ skills. Despite Astolfo’s obvious lack of strength, the several Noble Phantasms he gathered on his travels are highly potent. Astolfo would fall between second and third place for a Heroic Spirit if his Noble Phantasms were not taken into account.

Amount of magical resistance:

With Noble Phantasm, Astolfo has improved this skill’s rank significantly. All magecraft at rank A or lower get canceled due to this. There is no way that modern magic can harm Astolfo.


The ride is a skill that Astolfo has. As a result, he can handle even the most powerful beasts, including Phantasmal and Divine Beasts. There is one exception to this rule, however: dragons.

Reason evaporating:

The ability to reason is vanishing. He is unable to keep his mouth shut. Aside from being forgetful, he’ll ramble on about the shortcomings of his squad and the True Names they use. Censure in the severe.

Taking Action on Your Own:

Even if the Master’s magic energy supply is cut off, they can function independently for a time. After losing his Master at this tier, he can remain manifested for two days.

Argalia’s Fallout Shelter:

Argilia’s saber, if you will. Golden at the tip. Although the leg of the sanctifying grace is wounded, the risk of death is modest.A LUCK check is required to get back on your feet after falling. In a failure, the negative condition “falling” persists. It’s not difficult to achieve, though, because LUCK always adjusts upwards.

Astolfo anime gender:

The astolfo anime gender a colorful androgynous boy. To bring his depressedly insane boon partner, Roland, back to his senses, he argues that his princess-like hair embellishments are an “irresistible gesture of friendship.”

Astolfo saber:

For becoming one of Charlemagne’s Twelve Paladin, Astolfo is expected to wear a Saber.Many people appear to have shied away from using Astolfo even as a coveted Saber because he was considered one of the weakest knights in the group. Because of his knightliness as anastolfo saber, Astolfo can preserve his civility and sanity for an additional five seconds.


In his tale, Astolfo is described as “curiosity in human form” because of his unwavering optimism and complete lack of common sense. Because of this, when there isn’t an urgent issue between him and his Master, and he can leave without permission, he is one of those servants who are more concerned about the immediate potential of another existence than anything else.The presence of a Phantasmal Beast is virtually “impossible.”


Does Adolfo vanish without a trace?

Image of a cosplayer in an astolfo’s skirt costume posting his privates on social media. Several jokes made fun of Astolfo and his love of Monster energy drinks.

Astolfo’s popularity is based on what?

Compared to the original Fate character, they were viewed as more popular.

What disguise does Astolfo use to hide his identity?

Even though his appearance defies the myth that he was the most beautiful of Charlemagne’s Twelve Peers, it is only natural for legends to get distorted.

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