Youtube TV Vs Directv Stream – YouTube TV vs Hulu Live vs DirecTV Stream.

Youtube TV Vs Directv Stream, Comparatively, DirecTV TV has 31 more channels than DirecTV Stream. In comparison to DirecTV Stream’s 70 tracks, YouTube TV offers 101. If you compare DirecTV Stream with YouTube TV, the former only has 31 more channels available to subscribers. Having that many channels are incredible. YouTube offers more channels and a more extensive base bundle than DIRECTV, which does not contain any sports networks. In our epic battle to decide the most acceptable provider, we go up against Sling, DirecTV Stream, Hulu Live, and YouTube TV.

Youtube TV Vs Directv Stream Channel Comparison:

YouTube TV has an expansive channel library, but DIRECTV STREAM is still the best option for sports networks and oversized packages. Even though YouTube TV is more expensive than Sling TV, it still provides the best value. Supported. For example, YouTube TV includes unlimited cloud DVR storage for $64.9 per month. Hulu + Live TV, on the other hand, provides more than just live TV and, when factoring in the extensive library of on-demand content available through Hulu, appears to be a more economical option than Directv stream.

Youtube TV Vs Directv Stream Picture Quality:

YouTube’s base package includes sports networks, whereas DIRECTV’s cheapest tier lacks those channels and several others. Due to this, we think YouTube TV is a better deal. YouTube TV supports resolutions as high as 1080p but varies by channel and program. For the most part, 720p was the standard for the material I consumed. For example, YouTube TV has the edge over competitors because it offers some channels in 1080p resolution. Hulu’s Live TV stations have only lately started to stream in 1080p.

Youtube TV Vs Directv Stream Reddit:

I’ve had YouTube TV for a year now. We love the DVR and the user interface, but we can’t justify the $100/month price tag. The DVR functionality of DirecTV Stream is slightly less impressive than that of YouTube TV Vs Directv Stream. On YouTube TV, users can save as many episodes of a show as they like. YT’s most vital selling factors are its DVR, sports, and decent user interface. DT’s video quality is superior to that of a regular cable company. Each service provides excellent pictures.

Youtube TV Vs Directv Stream Vs Hulu:

Households that wish to watch live TV from multiple devices at once can benefit more from YouTube TV than they would from Hulu + Live TV. Whereas Hulu + Live TV limits users to just two screens simultaneously, YouTube TV allows for three. Hulu Live and YouTube TV face off against Sling and DirecTV Stream in our epic showdown to discover the best service. Aside from living broadcasts, Hulu is the best TV streaming service. Hulu’s UI may look busy, but it does an excellent job of tying.

Is Youtube TV Better Than Directv?

Hulu and YouTube TV don’t put limits like that on their users. Hulu and YouTube TV are superior to other cloud DVR options because their recordings disappear after nine months. A DirecTV stream will stop working after 90 days. YouTube TV also includes some On Demand content, though not for all shows. Of the top 35 cable channels, DIRECTV STREAM contains 34 of them in its most basic package, while YouTube TV only includes 11. YouTube TV’s single pricing is less than DIRECTV STREAM’s cheapest plan and includes twenty more channels.

Best Streaming TV Service:

Several streaming providers offer packages, including Sling Orange + Blue, Philo (live TV + on-demand content), Disney+ (bundled with Hulu and ESPN+), Paramount+ (CBS live TV + on-demand content), Hulu with Live TV (live TV + on-demand content), and others. You can avoid the cost and hassle of cable and satellite TV specialist equipment and installation by doing without them altogether. Many online TV streaming services will let you watch a few shows for free before committing to their service.

Directv Stream Vs Youtube TV Quality:

YouTube TV has 31 more channels than DirecTV Stream. Comparatively, YouTube TV has 101 channels, whereas DirecTV Stream only has 70. YouTube TV subscribers get access to 31 more channels than DirecTV Stream customers. Seriously, that’s a lot of television stations to watch. Although both YouTube TV and DIRECTV STREAM are easy to use, we tested their usability in our reviews. YouTube TV and DIRECTV STREAM both provide precisely what their subscribers pay for. We offer both at no extra charge. YouTube TV does offer 4K resolution.

Directv Stream Vs Youtube TV Channel Lineup:

Compare the 101 channels on YouTube TV to the 70 channels on DirecTV Stream. YouTube TV is available to subscribers. While DIRECTV STREAM is the superior choice for sports networks and large bundles, YouTube TV has a far outstanding channel selection. On YouTube TV, you can watch cable news channels, including CNBC, CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. The basic DirecTV Stream packages offer everything you need to get started. If you don’t need RSNs, YouTube TV has the most channels and the best pricing.

Youtube TV Free Trial:

Subscribers can experience YouTube TV for free with a new account. More than 85 channels from the Base Plan are available to you throughout your trial period. You may sign up for a free trial of other media, such as HBO Max or Spanish Plus, before adding them to your YouTube TV package. The current YouTube TV free trial lasts for 14 days. Compared to the no-trial policies of competitors like Netflix and Disney+, this is a more generous offer.


Youtube TV Vs Directv Stream Sling TV is a great option. Still, DIRECTV STREAM is a better overall value and fit for families, cord-cutters, and sports and premium-channel aficionados. Sling TV’s packages cost between $35 and $50, significantly less than the $85 to $140 DIRECTV STREAM charges. YouTube also provides non-HD versions of all of its videos. Here, you may watch select films in high-definition (HD) or 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) (UHD). If a device is licensed, then it will be able to play HD or UHD material.


Who is DIRECTV biggest competitor?

American Movil, Dish Network, and 4INFO are some of DIRECTV’s rivals. When compared to its rivals, DIRECTV has the highest Gender Score on Comparably.


In our rankings of the best live TV streaming services, DirecTV Stream comes in at number six, and in our orders of the best sports streaming services, it comes in at number five.

Can I skip commercials on YouTube TV?

YouTube TV allows users to fast-forward through advertisements, right? With YouTube TV’s DVR, viewers can fast-forward through commercials on networks like NBC, FOX, and others.

Can I share my DIRECTV STREAM account?

May I use your DirecTV Stream account? Your DirecTV Stream subscription allows you to stream on up to three devices simultaneously, so sharing is encouraged.