Witcher season 2 episode 3, cast, release date characters, and more!

Witcher season 2 episode 3 is nearing its end, and so far, we’ve seen Geralt’s gentler, kinder side as he mentors and guides Ciri on her path to becoming a Witcher. While we bid our final farewells to Eskel in a manner that is as befitting of The Witcher as is humanly possible, Ciri takes on a challenging test. The focus of this episode is, as is typical with Yennefer of Vengerberg, on her, even though the world around her is on fire. They will have to agree that not everything that goes missing will necessarily be found for this story to proceed. Here we will discuss more Witcher season 2 episode 3.

Who is Eskel?

Eskel is given a decent burial and is allowed to rest in peace amidst Ciri’s efforts to win over the Witchers. Even though she does not have any magical abilities, Yennefer of Vengerberg reveals that she is nonetheless able to watch the world burn. While he begins training with Ciri, he is concerned about her health. He wants to ensure that she is taking care of herself so that he may concentrate on his education and not be distracted by her well-being.

How could this have happened?

Through his research on Leshkel, Vesemir is trying to locate the solution to this puzzle. Geralt has demanded that the investigation be brought to a close so that Eskel might be allowed to rest in peace. The dead body of Eskel is taken to a cave and left there for the wolves to consume as a part of their nightly meal. It is a Wolf School custom. The wake was a nightmare for everyone involved.

Ciri is never relegated to a supporting role:

Lambert makes fun of Ciri’s training program, which includes a stuffed dummy. Lambert’s behaviour is natural. Ciri is determined to achieve perfection, and as part of this endeavour, she is adamant that she receives the most effective education available. To gratify Ciri’s demand, Lambert cheerfully takes the young witch to a challenging course reserved for the most skilled Witchers. Swinging pendulums, jagged spinning wheels, and shaky platforms are obstacles on this treacherous course.

Heavy snowfall has blanketed the area:

In addition, heavy snowfall has blanketed the area, effectively burying everything. Ciri is adamant about overcoming the challenges presented by the obstacle course to the best of her abilities and does not give up until she has accomplished her goal. However, she is unable to finish the last jump successfully. Geralt has realized that during this crucial phase of their relationship, they must exert more pressure on each other to get it back on track.

An Investigation of Ciri’s Abilities:

This chapter is where Geralt begins to have a more excellent knowledge of Ciri, ultimately leading to the first reveal of her strength. He reassures Ciri that the feeling she described as “pulling” her will direct them to the leshy that was responsible for Eskel’s murder. After Geralt’s first encounter with the one-handed leshy, a myriapod will show up not long after that. It will take place in a relatively short length of time.

The plot of Witcher season 2 episode 3:

When the myriapod severed the body of the leshy in half, it did so with such force that it destroyed the leshy’s skull, horns, and body in the same manner that a centipede would. Ciri can outrun the myriapod while keeping her poise and composure, paving the way for Geralt to end the conflict. It has been a successful week for vanquishing various creatures.

When we return to Aretuza:

At the last minute, Yennefer saves Tissaia from announcing that Yennefer has passed away. Due to some magical barrier in Cahir’s thoughts, Tissaia has been unable to progress in her interrogation or torture of him. As a result of his belief that Yennefer is a traitor, Stregebor has been torturing her to extract information. Vilgefortz aids Tissaia. Tissa’s promise to hold Stregebor accountable ends the anguish. Stregebor demands that Yennefer decapitate Cahir.

“Yennefer Watches the World Burn,” Part 2:

From what we can tell, the tone of Foltest’s comment shows that the Northern Kings are beginning to doubt the Brotherhood. The Witcher novels show that the sorcerer will soon be expelled from the court because she is viewed as too powerful and untrustworthy. It makes sense. However, despite the Brotherhood’s opposition to Nilfgaard and the elves, Istredd has shifted some of his attention to Nilfgaard to help them uncover mysteries.


Witcher season 2 episode 3 introduces our favourite witch to another significant twist in her storyline. We see Yennefer, recently discovered to have been robbed of her magic at Sodden Hill, reconnecting with the other mages. Even though she looks in no worse shape than before she meets with the elves, Yennefer is carefully disguising that she can no longer wield magic. No matter how hard she tried, a spontaneous mage bath party would be impossible.


Why Witcher season 2 episode 3 is famous?

Geralt’s advice to Ciri after lunch disturbed the other witchers. Lambert opposed Geralt killing Eskel. He thought they’d lost a sibling when he accompanied Ciri to Kaer Morhen. Geralt said the man he just killed wasn’t their brother.

The third episode of Witcher season 2 episode 3 included what kind of beast?

The Witcher season 2 episodes 3 feature a myriapod as the primary opponent. After a few more chapters, in episode 5, we learn the monster’s name: myriapod, which translates to “it has many legs” in English.

How did Eskel’s sexual orientation change?

Eskel dies tragically in the second episode of the new season. Geralt must kill his former ally Leshen after a mysterious sickness changes him. Eskel never dies or becomes a Leshen in the novels, confusing fans.


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