Everything you need to know about UK VS the World in 2022

UK Vs the World will premiere its first season in 2021, according to World of Wonder. The UK vs the World would be the first host nation for the season, which would feature nine queens competing. On January 17, 2022, the cast—which included 9 participants from across the Drag Race franchise with the Glamazon Warrior theme—became known. There are various nations represented in the first season.

Drag Jewels and a trip to Hollywood with every penny given among them and prizes given to the first Blu by Fierce, along with a crown and scepter. After the American Revolution, the following image from the UK Vs the World finale would show all over the World in their second-largest-ever war for domination.

UK Vs the World in 2022:

Such is life in 2022, the six-episode season that genuinely felt as though it had begun its war for independence in the year 1775 due to the incomprehensible mayhem on But in the end, just one winner was selected by Mama Ru and her royal jury. The international battle, which matched nine queens chosen from different Drag Race franchises throughout the World against one another in a most entertaining all-star competition, came to an end on Tuesday afternoon.

Season 1:

The four remaining queens—U.S. women Jujubee and Mo Heart, as well as Drag Race UK season 1 huns Blu Hydrangea and Baga Chipz—reentered the Werk Room after last week’s elimination of Janey Jacké, the runner-up on Drag Race Holland, at the hands of challenge winner (and 845-time Drag Race competitor) Juju. Soon after, RuPaul shows up to give them their final task: perform their Finest Eleganza Extravaganza on the runway before battling it out for the title in a lip-sync competition. Additionally, the expelled queens make a brief appearance in UK vs the World for one last round of foul tongues.

Season’s Performances:

The top four received criticism for their season-long performances in UK Vs the World, Michelle Visage and Graham Norton. Ru then questioned each queen on why she thought drag was essential on a global scale. To justify her desire to be an inspiration to the entire community or even just “one individual that’s watching this show on their TV without their parents knowing,” Blu cited her own experience as a closeted child. Baga said she wants to make the World happy despite the bad times.

Jujubee’s Role:

However, Jujubee and Mo extensively explored their pasts throughout their comments. Jujubee explained why it could have taken her a few episodes to perform to the standard that her fanbase has grown to expect from her. She added that right before filming UK vs the World, the singer was confused when she spotted a photo of her mother, who abandoned her when she was barely 15 years old, appearing “happy.”

Everything that she could imagine without the assistance of any close one. On one occasion, she was standing with them; she finally felt better. As a result, she urged her to come back last week, saying, “Bitch, you need to.”

Drag Race:

They were curious about everything they came to know, whether it was tried-and-true materials to stay away from or strategies for getting beyond emotional obstacles. Here are the answers given by all nine potential world champions when asked about returning to competition (or again, or again). Judge for Drag Race Thailand’s first two seasons; after serving as a judge on Drag Race Thailand, Pagina Heals. As a result, I had no advantages due to my position as a judge.

The one thing Janey and I never had Ru or Michelle analyze us was something I thought would work in my favor. Therefore, we must be able to offer some excitement or novelty, but what I find appealing could not be what she finds appealing.

A Review by The Star:

Janey Jacké, Drag Race Holland’s inaugural season: This season was the first time I had worked with the queens. In my season, Holland is a relatively minor player. The girls knew each other well. Because of this, entering [the UK vs the World] was a very different experience. I also wanted to improve it for myself. It would be best if you kept getting better at everything you do. The third time around, I was going to make sure that, you know?

When chatting to people on camera, I suggest being more forthright and honest about my feelings. I am used to dealing with my issues alone, processing them, and determining whether I “can trust you and I can open up for a little bit” because I am the only child.

A Successful Series:

Those three strangers imagine you and your drag during those exact times. But ultimately, what counts most is what your story and art form can contribute to society and what the audience learns from it—after US’s series and criticisms, feeling more self-assured when others may not share my viewpoint is tremendously exhilarating. It only helped me feel more confident.

(Canada’s Drag Race, Season 1) Since denim doesn’t photograph well, I’ve learned to avoid wearing it. Yeah. I think the primary thing I took away from this was never wearing denim again.

Jujubee is in the Sky:

Jujubee claims that engaging in a life free of anticipation, except for UK vs the World, I always know I’ll have a blast when I take part in Drag Race. I’ll have a great time. Because I adore so many queens, I get a childlike sense of wonder when I’m in the Werk Room. It’s your drag family, and it was specifically chosen for you. I have a lot of drag sisters as well. It gives me happiness.

Popularity All Over the World:

The new series gives the popular All-Stars concept a global spin by pairing legends from the US, Thailand, the UK, Canada, Holland, and other countries against one another. There is much more sparkle (and probably the same amount of shade?) than at a United Nations summit. These queens are not only there to represent their countries; they also want to make up for previous transgressions and put on a show unlike any other. These contestants are all now acquainted with the result, the scenario, and the edit. Will they benefit from this, or will they be hindered by their desire to outperform themselves?


Q1. Who won the UK vs world competition?

Blu Hydrangea was crowned “RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Vs the World” champion. Blu Hydrangea, holding her wand. Recurring entertainment Thank you for your success! How was your night’s entertainment? Purple Hydra: When the program began at nine, my mother and boyfriend and I sat next to each other and watched the entire thing.

Q2. Who wins the RPDR UK vs the world battle?

The inaugural Queen Of The World and the victor of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Vs Blue incredibly wins the World. She became the 1st ever queen to compete in this series when she entered this line 3 years back.

Q3. Is untucked used in the United Kingdom?

Drag Race Thailand, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, Canada’s Drag Race, Holland, Drag Race Spain, RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under, Drag Race Italia, Drag Race vs The World, and Drag Race France all feature Untucked in their main episodes.

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