Everything to know about the flash season 8!

The flash season 8: “Negative, Part Two,” the last episode of The Flash’s first season, was a big one. In this episode, fans saw Barry Allen get back together with Iris, fight Eobard Thawne’s Reverse Flash with his future children, and survive what could have been his last fight with the bad guy by choosing not to fight.

In an interview with Den of Geek, Eric Wallace, who is in charge of The Flash, said, “This last graphic novel was all about closure.” Oliver said that it was about tying up loose ends in the story. Iris’s time travel sickness got the most attention, but the main plot of the eighth season was Barry’s progress through increasingly difficult levels. Here we will discuss more the flash season 8.

Everything to know about the flash season 8!

What is the flash season 8?

The Flash returned to The CW in the middle of November for its eighth season. It began with an action-packed arc called Armageddon, a five-part crossover that changed the show’s status quo and had some of its most emotional episodes ever. The show has finally come back after being off the air for almost the eighth season, or nearly five months. Even though not much is known about the rest of the season, showrunner Eric Wallace has promised fans a season full of surprises and a new villain who will be scarier than any other villain they’ve seen on the show.

Episodes of the flash season 8:

After four successful seasons, each of which had 23 episodes, The Flash started making its seasons shorter because of budget and scheduling issues. From a high point of 22 episodes in season five, the number of episodes steadily went down to 19, then 18 in season seven. Even though shorter seasons can be hard because there isn’t as much time to make each story, Eric Wallace has said in the past that their main goal would always be to make a good season for the viewers.

It all started with the Armageddon Crossover:

The new story arc, “Armageddon,” starts with the first five episodes of the eighth season. Mark Pedowitz said that the episodes have a “crossover-like atmosphere” that fans will like, even though the event itself is not a crossover. He told Barry that he would be the one to bring about the end of the world. Barry turns to his fellow Arrowverse heroes for help when he’s at his wits’ end, but their efforts are almost certain to fail.

Armageddon Crossover:

Even though several Arrowverse characters were in Armageddon, the show’s creators know that it wasn’t a crossover in the same way that Elseworlds and Crisis on Infinite Earths were. Not in the same way, to put it mildly. It was because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which put a lot of restrictions on the cast and crew. On the other hand, Eric Wallace has said that Armageddon will give fans “that sense, and he has teased them by calling it “the most dramatic Flash episodes” with “epic moments and huge surprises.

There will be a break in the middle of the season:

After the Armageddon arc, which has five episodes, all the shows will take a break until March, so fans won’t be able to see their favourite characters again until then. Since The Flash airs on Wednesday nights, the next episode will air on March 9, 2022. There is no new information about the next episodes, which is a shame. So far, fans know that the first part of the season will be called “Armageddon.”

The season will continue in graphic novels:

Long-time Many people who watch the Arrowverse may have noticed that the tone of The Flash changed in its seventh season. Each of the first five seasons introduced a new bad guy. Seasons six and seven, on the other hand, were split into two different stories. Eric Wallace is said to have thought about laying out the graphic novel so as not to tire the audience. The eighth season will also be drawn like a graphic novel.

The anti-flash is now working again:

Tom Cavanagh has said he won’t be back to play Harrison Wells, but in the movie Armageddon, he played Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash. As part of the crossover event, he plays a future Thawne who marries Iris and becomes the story’s main villain in 2031. Interestingly, Tom Cavanagh was chosen to play Reverse-Flash this time instead of Matt Letscher. Since Barry finally got rid of the rest of the Wells, seeing Wells in his role as a bad mastermind is likely making him feel worse than it ever has before.

It will feature many famous actors and actresses:

Even though history has changed, it seems likely that Team Flash will continue to exist in its current form, even though we don’t know much about the cast for the season that will come after the Armageddon story arc. Even so, it’s been confirmed that former cast members like Robbie Amell and Rick Cosnett will make cameos. The first five episodes will feature Arrowverse heroes. These episodes will feature their characters. Jefferson Pierce, Alex Danvers, and Oliver Queen’s daughter Mia are examples.

Flash’s New and Better Costume:

During the 2021 DC Fandom event, Grant Gustin and Candice Patton made this news public. Fans say this is a key piece that should have been part of the character’s wardrobe from the start. Grant was excited about his new boots and thought about how his Flash costume had changed over time. He decided that the boots were the “final touch.” Grant was also very happy about his new shoes. After only eight seasons, Barry Allen’s super suit seems to have been true to the comics in every way.

It’s not likely that this will be the last season:

The CW show The Flash has not yet been cancelled or renewed for a ninth season, and there is no other information about the show’s future. It may be too soon to know for sure, though. The producer of the show has also been quiet. Since the eighth season has only been on for a total of five weeks, it’s hard to say if there will be a ninth season or not. But given how popular the show is right now and how many unexplored comic arcs there are, it seems very unlikely that “The Flash” will be cancelled.

Eddie Thawne in season 8:

In the last episode of the season, “Negative, Part Two,” Barry Allen was able to beat his most dangerous enemy. It put an end to the Reverse-reign Flash’s terror. On the other hand, the last scene of the episode made it clear that the Negative Forces weren’t going anywhere soon and that they would probably choose a new avatar at some point. It was made clear that the scene was shown after the show was over. Finally, as we discussed different times, the scene changed to 2049.

Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thawne:

One reason for this is that Rick Cosnett is likely to show up in the ninth season of The Flash, which is coming up soon. During the eighth season, he was in three episodes. It has been said that he may play the same role in more episodes during the ninth season. Deathstorm’s plot finished long ago, and the flashback episode was its own thing. Thus, his prospective comeback in season 9 wouldn’t be related.


According to The Flash season 8, Barry Allen and Team Flash had a terrible time on The Flash’s eighth season. Starting with “Armageddon,” a five-part story in which the alien Despero takes over Central City, which is a crossover with another show. Despero believed that the Scarlet Speedster would bring about the world’s end. He was wrong, though, because Reverse-Flash was the real mastermind behind the whole thing. The Flash has already aired more seasons than Arrow.


What episode was the last one of the flash season 8?

Barry triumphed because he did nothing and let Thawne wear himself out, but their fight is one of the show’s most meaningful.

What did the most surprising parts of the Flash’s eighth season finale mean for the ninth?

Eric Wallace, who is in charge of “The Flash,” talks about the end of season 8 and what viewers could expect when the show returns in 2023.