Tcl Roku Tv Black Screen – TCL Roku TV screen is black, but the sound works.

Tcl Roku Tv Black Screen streaming sticks report that their screens have gone black. In rare cases, consumers can turn on their TVs with no problems, but after 5 or 10 minutes of streaming, they get a dark screen with some sound. Certain Roku TV and streaming stick users have observed a blank, flickering screen, including those with TCL sets. Try streaming something now; you won’t get a blank screen on your TCL Roku TV. Verify that your television’s cords and wires are attached securely. The Roku device’s blank screen was due to a disconnected cable. It isn’t enjoyable when the TV turns black on you. Some of the causes, though, are trivial and easily remedied by a do-it-yourselfer.

Reboot Your Tcl Roku Tv Black Screen:

Whenever there is an issue with a device, the first suggestion is to reboot it. It is especially true for routers and phones. And even though you might not believe it, it can also be used with a television. The hardware and software on your device will be reset by performing a reboot. So, any hiccups that might have been creating the black screen are now history, and you can return to enjoying high-quality images. Your TCL Roku TV can be reset by unplugging it from the wall.

Factory Reset Your Tcl Roku Tv Black Screen:

Did restarting fail to fix it? The problem may be slightly more severe, such as corrupted settings on your TV. If this happens, resetting the device to factory settings usually helps.

You Can Factory Reset Your TV In Two Ways:

  • With the help of the configuration panel
  • Using a power cycle
  • A soft reset won’t work without the images, so a hard reset is your next best bet.
  • You should press and hold the button for around 12 seconds before letting go (your TV will power off).
  • Activate the TV and follow the on-screen prompts to set it up.

Check The Cable Connections:

Are you hooking up your TCL television with a Roku streaming media player? Possible cause: a loose cable connection. In particular, broken or malfunctioning HDMI cables might cause serious issues. Your screen may be experiencing a glitch due to a loose or faulty power cord. If you’re having problems with your HDMI connection, you might want to try the iVanky high-speed braided cable. Its braided construction reduces the likelihood of breakage while streaming high-definition material without sacrificing performance. The cord can be purchased on the online retail giant.

Power Cycle The TV Using An Alternate Method:

If the first power cycling method of the TV doesn’t work, another option exists. You’ll need a paperclip or something comparable to begin. Then: Disconnect the television from the wall and ensure it is off. The TV’s reset button should be located on its side. It resembles a tiny hole, just big enough to fit a paperclip. A minimum of 30 seconds must be spent pressing and holding this reset button. Activate the TV once more. Test that the problem still exists by recreating the same conditions.

Restart The Tcl Roku Tv Black Screen Using The Remote:

In other words, only TCL Roku TVs will be able to use this way. The TV can be reset by hitting a specific button on the remote. The steps to achieving this synergy are simple and are laid out in full below. Initiate a five-click home press. Perform one repetition of a press-up. Please press the Rewind button twice.

Check The Cable Connections:

Earlier, I said that a blank screen could be caused by a few things, including weak connections or damaged cords. Verify the TV’s rear connections to see if it’s working correctly. I recommend replacing your old HDMI cable. You should return the TV’s standard HDMI cable with a new one from a reputable manufacturer, such as Belkin, even if you are currently using the cable that came with the TV.

Tweak Fast Start Option:

Forum posts have indicated that adjusting the TCL TV’s Fast Start setting enabled or disabled the black screen problem. Below, I will walk you through the steps necessary to turn it back on if you had it turned off or turn it off if you never used it. Here’s how to set up Roku on a TCL television: To access the Home menu, use the Roku remote’s Home button. Select Preferences > System from the menu.A Quick TV Launch Option. Switch Fast TV Start on or off.

How To Fix Tcl Roku Tv Black Screen?

You may occasionally get a black screen on your TCL Roku TV due to a technical issue. Restarting your Roku TV is the quickest way to resolve this problem. You may verify that your television is on by pressing the volume control to the highest. At this time, please disconnect your TCL Roku television from the wall. Please turn off the power and let it sit for 30 to 60 seconds. Connect the power cord to the wall outlet and turn on your TCL Roku TV.


Tcl Roku Tv Black Screen affordable televisions don’t skimp on quality. If you want a 4K TV but can’t afford a high-end model like a Sony or LG, but you also don’t want to sacrifice functionality, this is a fantastic option. The TV isn’t the only electronic device that can break down from time to time. The Roku control can sometimes be demanding, but it’s simple to fix when it breaks. The TCL Android TVs and the newer TCL Roku TVs are excellent options for a first-generation smart TV when the TV is booting up and updating over USB.


Why Is My Tcl Roku Tv Black Screen, But I Can Hear It?

Users have reported that disconnecting the Roku TV for 5-10 minutes and then plugging it back in fixes the issue where the screen goes black, but the audio continues to play.

How Do You Fix A Tcl Roku Tv Black Screen?

Your Roku TV’s black screen is a significant problem, but it’s easy to fix. If your TV is acting up, restart it and give it around 5 minutes to stabilise.

Why Is My TV Screen Black But I Can Hear It?

Ensure that the energy-saving settings (Power Saver/Energy Saving Mode) are turned off. It is possible to use a screen-off feature on some televisions while still listening to the audio.