Shield hero season 2 Plot, cast and character, release date and more!

Shield hero season 2 ended in 2019; viewers were left with more questions than answers. Many people wonder if and when a second anime season will ever be shown. They won’t have to wait too long before it shows up, which is good for them. The isekai dark fantasy anime came about because it was based on a series of light novels by Aneko Yusagi.

Naofumi Iwatami, who calls himself an “otaku,” is the story’s main character. He is recruited as one of the Cardinal Heroes and given the Legendary Shield as his main weapon in the parallel world where he now lives. He and the other Cardinal Heroes are fighting off waves of monsters. Here we will discuss more shield hero season 2.

Shield hero season 2 Plot, cast and character, release date and more!

What is Shield hero season 2?

The first few chapters of Rising of the Shield Hero read like an “isekai” or “alternate world” series, with few surprises. Naofumi Iwatani is a hermit who is the main character. He goes to the library one day, and when he opens a book about heroes, he finds himself on a different planet. There, he and three other warriors were told that this world needs help fighting “waves” of monsters that attack at regular times.

Facts to know about shield hero season 2:

Here are many things we hope to see and five things we hope not to see in Season 2 of Rising of the Shield Hero. Even after all these years, the isekai anime genre is still going strong, even though some shows have more unique themes than others. The Rising of the Shield Hero, which is more or less rated PG-13, is one of the best isekai series, along with new seasons of Sword Art Online.

Why shield hero season 2 is popular?

This series takes place in a new fantasy world and is a dark and tense adventure, different from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime or Konosuba. It has been decided that calling up four heroes from Earth is the best way to protect the magical realm from waves of monsters. So, these heroes have a sword, a shield, a bow, and a lance. There’s Naofumi, who is the Shield Hero. There’s also a Bow Hero, a Sword Hero, and a Spear Hero.

Looking for good animated content:

The backgrounds in this anime are beautifully painted, and it’s clear that professionals made the character models because each character looks unique and well-made. This group is made up of all the monsters and bad guys who live in the Waves. Remember that the unique effects of the fight are important. The computer-generated images show in stunning detail all of Naofumi’s shields, barriers, and the many magic spells he casts in all directions.

The lack of light is a reason not to want:

Even though Shield Hero has a sad tone, some people may like it, while others may be turned off. If you didn’t like Shield Hero, there are a lot of other isekai anime series that you might like better. You also have something to gain. At first, Naofumi and Raphtalia don’t get along very well. This anime also shows a lot of violence, emotional conflict, and slavery. Many of Myne and Naofumi’s fans were very upset by everything.

Not having the qualities people want:

The Hero of any good isekai series will be taken to a different world, usually a fantasy world. Melromarc has landscapes, towns, castles, and a royal family that is not too different from other countries. We want to know more about why this place is important and why Naofumi and the others have been told to protect it even if it means they will die.

Trying to get Naofumi to be accepted and known again:

Arguments for and against putting Naofumi back on the hero team complicate things. Now comes the hard part: On the bright side, we’re excited to see what Naofumi brings to the Cardinal Hero team. After all, Naofumi will finally play his role as the shield hero, which was always meant to help the other three heroes while they fought within the Waves. As a bonus, we think he will teach the rest of our heroes, who have been coasting so far, how to be smart and skilled.

I do not want Any more things to be done without permission.

What was said before is the exact opposite of what you just said. Now that Naofumi is part of the Cardinal Hero squad, we expect things to run more smoothly and for him to do his job as planned. The fact that Naofumi went in a different direction makes the first season less interesting in some ways. Seeing how Naofumi could go his own way and make the best of a bad situation was interesting.

Planning to Keep Reading:

During a Wave, you’ll face a powerful boss named Glass. She is a strange woman who wears kimonos and lives in another world. But Glass isn’t a normal bad guy. Like Joan of Arc and Therese, she’s a hero from another world. We can’t wait to find out what’s going on because these things could be important plot points in the future. From what we can tell, the real opponent plans something that will shake things up.

Need any more of the same old tropes in Isekai:

It’s possible that certain fans are more concerned about this than others are. A long time ago, popular isekai anime was largely due to the success of shows like Sword Art Online and other similar series. However, there are already far too many of them, and the fact that there will be even more of them in the future may be enough to deter some of the individuals who already watch them.

Are you looking for waves?

When the shield went up, Hero had some exciting fight scenes, especially during the battles with the Wave, that would keep people interested even if they were tired of isekai. Seeing the sky turn red and the number of computer-made “virtual gates of magic” increase is especially helpful. We also get the thrill of watching the Wave hourglasses run out, preparing us for another great battle scene. The best way to describe these skeleton warriors and goblins is as cannon fodder. Ghosts and goblins, get ready!

What’s the worst thing that could happen to your stock lead?

During his adventures in the world of Melromarc, Naofumi Iwatani has done a lot to set himself apart from others. He does this by using shields, being tough but fair, being creative and smart, or some combination of these things. Naofumi is no longer a unique action fantasy hero after rejoining the squad. Instead, he must deal with a familiar problem: dark inner strength. We’ve seen similar notions in prior editions of the series, including Naruto’s demon fox and Ichigo’s inner hollow.


At least among people who watch anime and manga from the West, the popularity of shield hero season 2 series seems to have reached a tipping point. People can only go from our world to a fantasy world so many times before it becomes normal for them. Even though The Rising of the Shield Hero was just another fantasy isekai story, it was one of the most popular anime on Crunchyroll in 2014. it was the end of a season that got a wide range of reviews.


Is season 2 of Shield Hero any good?

The second season was terrible and couldn’t be watched. What was once one of the best isekai and adventure series ever made has been lost to the world because of a bad plot, bad characters, a slow pace, and rushed production?

Is rising of the Shield Hero going to have a second season?

New ads for the season two finale, “The Rising of the Shield Hero,” hint at a fight that could decide the whole world’s fate.