Everything you need to know about Rex guinea pigs!

Rex guinea pigs are one of the most popular types of these little rodents. Because of its short, wavy coat, it looks like a hedgehog. Rex guinea pigs are gentle creatures who like being petted and stroked. For this reason, responsible children should have one of these as a pet. This protects them from the rain and makes them seem like they have the tufty coat of a hedgehog. Coat length and wave pattern will vary from guinea to guinea, with some Rex guineas having longer and Waverly coats. They are a low-maintenance guinea breed that does not need frequent grooming or bathing because of their lack of body hair. Here we will discuss more rex guinea pigs.

Would you like a Rex guinea pig?

The short and wavy coat of a Rex guinea pig is a telltale sign of this common breed. Its curly hair sets it apart and adds to its endearing character. They are a low-maintenance breed since they naturally shed less hair. However, the coat length may vary from pig to pig, and some pigs may have longer coats than others. Before acquiring a guinea pig as a pet, you must learn everything you can about the care they need.


Rex guinea pigs originated in South America, and their domestication dated around 4,500 years ago. They were both cherished pets and useful livestock animals for the locals. This will give you a good idea of whether or not you have the time and energy to care for the animal properly. The time to become a pig parent is as soon as you learn how to do it.


They may live up to seven years and grow to 20–40 cm. Their woolly hair cascades down over their wide, floppy ears, giving them an appealing and friendly appearance. Their coats are woolly and thick. They are a great first pet for a child or someone who has never had a pet because they are easy to care for and how little particular attention they need.

Rex Guinea Pigs share some physical traits:

Adult male Rex guinea pigs may grow 8-15 inches long and weigh 1-3 pounds. They come in a wide array of brown and white patterns and solid colours on their coats. Their coats are short and wavy most of the time, but sometimes you’ll see one with a longer version of that coat. Their large, floppy ears are another cute feature that sets this species apart.


These piglets are known for being friendly and social and especially like being petted. Commonly kept in groups, guinea pigs enjoy each other’s company and do their best in a social environment. Additionally, this helps kids stay active and engaged cognitively by reducing their loneliness risk.


In addition to the basics like hay and water, pellets, and around a cup’s worth of fruits and vegetables, guinea pigs need a continuous supply of important nutrients, including vitamin C, calcium, and other minerals. Although calcium is more important for younger guinea pigs, vitamin C is more important for elderly pigs. Feeding your guinea pig a balanced diet that doesn’t focus too much on any one meal or component is crucial.

Cleaning and Trimming a Rex Guinea Pig:

There isn’t much difference between grooming a Rex guinea pig and any other long-haired guinea pig. Matting, knots, and tangles are more likely due to the lengthier hair. Therefore, people should brush their hair daily to lessen the possibility of these problems. It would help if you took great care not to injure the pigs when you brush their hair. Many long-haired guinea pigs like having their hair brushed, and you can use this to your advantage for a special bonding experience with your pet.

Common Rex Guinea Pig conditions include:


Your Rex guinea pig needs its nails trimmed at least once a month. However, the rate at which a guinea pig’s nails grow back varies from animal to animal. It’s been observed, for instance, that guinea pigs’ nails develop noticeably faster in the early stages of their lives than they do later in life. Their diet impacts how soon their nails heal. Remember that active guinea pigs shed their nails faster. Senior guinea pigs may require haircuts more regularly than their younger counterparts.

Pedicure implements:

Nail clippers made for smaller animals can be used successfully! Keep your guinea pig’s nails from being too short when you clip them. Because of this, you may have bleeding, which may be stopped using styptic powder or mild pressure with a paper towel.

The health of the Teeth:

If your guinea pig’s food is rich in vitamin C, you should know that your pet’s teeth are constantly erupting. Conversely, the items they eat will gradually wear down their teeth to the proper lengths over time. Their teeth will only wear down properly if they receive enough hay and fresh produce. Having your piggies suffer from impaction is never fun for anybody. Teeth will only wear down correctly if they eat enough hay and produce.


Since guinea pigs’ digestive systems are so delicate, they are very sensitive to any problems that arise. An imbalance in their regular digestive process, brought on by an overabundance of water or fibre in their diet, might result in diarrhoea. This causes a lack of appetite, which may contribute to dehydration, weight loss, and a low core temperature.


Like humans, guinea pigs can’t make their own vitamin C, so they need it from food or supplements, especially as they age. If they don’t receive enough vitamin C in their diet, they may be more likely to become sick, which might have a detrimental effect on their health in the long run. Dry hair, lack of appetite, diarrhoea, reduced movement, and swelling in the feet or joints are classic signs of vitamin C insufficiency.

Problems with the Urinary System:

Stones may form in the ureters, the tubes that drain the kidneys, the kidneys themselves, or the bladder. Bladder stones are common in guinea pigs. If the urethra or ureter gets obstructed due to stones, the person’s life may be in danger. Surgical removal of the stones is a common treatment option, but it is best to prevent such an emergency by scheduling frequent examinations with your veterinarian.


Excessive extra weight is a common cause of this condition, which manifests as ulcers at the bottom of the foot due to pressure. The discomfort from the sores may hinder daily activities. However, take your guinea pig to the doctor and do everything they say, including using surgery, bandages, and antibiotics. You should be able to make your pet feel better.


Guinea pigs of the Rex kind are outgoing, easy to tame, and like being petted. Because they are friendly and curious, they make excellent pets for children. Because they are highly energetic, they need a spacious cage where they can run about and play. In addition, they like connecting with people. Due to the little care required for them, Rex Guineas are an excellent choice for those who have never had guineas before.


Is the Rex type the best option when looking for a guinea pig?

Rex guinea pigs are one of the most popular types of these little rodents. Because of its short, wavy coat, it looks like a hedgehog. Rex guinea pigs are gentle creatures who like being petted and stroked. For this reason, responsible children should have one of these as a pet.

How are Rex Boar’s guinea pigs different from other guinea pigs?

Rex guinea pigs are distinguished by their short, coarse coats. It is nicknamed a “potato” breed because its coat stands out from its body, like a potato.

Which guinea pig stands out for its gregarious nature?

The Sheltie, or Silkie, the guinea pig, has long hair that grows oppositely. Its reputation for being quiet and calm is quite well. Silkies are great pets, but their lengthy hair needs frequent grooming.




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