LC Love is Blind has Become a Centre of Attraction.

LC Love is Blind: Despite its popularity, Love Is Blind is not returning with a brand new season and any fresh tracks on Netflix. Love Is Blind: After the Altar is a three-part reunion special that brings back the original cast and culminates in an anniversary party for the two couples who are still together. Although it would be reasonable to assume that everyone involved in this attempt to become an Instagram influencer has moved on from one another, this is not the case. Mark Cuevas and Lauren “LC” Chamblin dated after the show, and their relationship and subsequent breakup are central to After the Altar.

LC Love is Blind has Become a Centre of Attraction.

Mark and Jessica and LC Love is Blind:

And before we go any further: yes, that Mark. Mark planned to marry Jessica Batten but was rejected by her. He’s the Mark who made Jessica dinner, but they ate in separate rooms because she felt more comfortable with their relationship that way. As Jessica had insisted on saying, this Mark was only 24 years old.

Mark and LC:

Mark is the antagonist of After the Altar, and he doesn’t even appear on the show, whereas in the first season, Jessica was portrayed as the one driving the drama and made out to be the bad guy. Although Mark chooses not to attend the reunion, he still plays a significant role because LC appears on the show and talks at length about the breakdown of her relationship with Mark.

LC and Mark in 2020:

In 2020, LC and Mark dated briefly. In case you forgot, LC, Jessica, and Matt’s real-life wife Amber were all potential suitors on Love Is Blind. Since Barnett didn’t pick her, she could only appear in the pod episodes. In May of the year 2020, LC began dating Mark. During the end credits of the series finale of After the Altar, LC reveals that Mark asked her out on a date after seeing her review the movie version of Cats while drunk. LC says Mark cheated on her.

Airport Episode of Mark and Jessica:

After the ceremony, LC has lunch with Jessica, Diamond Jack, and Giannina Gibelli; all featured in After the Altar. LC explains that she and Mark broke up because she dropped him off at the airport on the pretext that he was going to spend his dad’s birthday with him but then claims to have seen a photo of Mark “all over” another girl on Reddit the following day.

According to her account, she told him she didn’t want to be in a non-exclusive relationship. She says Mark got defensive and defended himself by saying, “I’m not that kind of guy.” She claims she DM’d the woman to let her know she was unaware of their ‘open’ relationship but never heard back.

LC Admits:

LC admits, “We were dating,” in her diary. We talked daily. He was sitting there and gaslighting me, telling me that all of a sudden, we weren’t dating. And he didn’t even offer an apology. Whenever I got an apology, it seemed followed by, “I’m sorry, LC, but you weren’t my girlfriend.” LC remarked on Mark’s Reddit photo.

LC Love is Blind:

While the thread to which LC links remains online at, the photo of Mark and the woman has been removed. (They’re still together and raising a kid, by the way. One day we’ll discuss that.) Only one comment from LC in response to the news survives, and the subreddit’s moderators have verified it. According to LC, she just broke up with Mark due to his cheating, so you saving me the time and effort of dating another liar is much appreciated.

Mark’s View:

Mark offered his opinion to the media. Although Mark did not appear on After the Altar, he shared his thoughts on the matter. Celebrity news outlets widely reported on the split between Mark and LC. Mark told Us Weekly that he had “enjoyed spending time with LC for a few weeks, but at no point were we in an exclusive relationship, as LC confirmed herself” in response to the breakup and the cheating allegations.

LC Love is Blind Theory:

According to Love Is Blind: After the Altar, LC truly believed that she and Mark were an exclusive item. Mark wasn’t present at the show’s big anniversary party, but that didn’t stop people from talking about him. Amber and LC have a heated argument because Amber is still friends with Mark, supports him, and says she loves that he was supportive of his new girlfriend by skipping the party. Amber feels strongly that no one should assume they are in a committed relationship with another person.

LC Love is Blind Disclosure:

Following LC’s disclosure that she was apprehensive about being in a casual relationship during a pandemic due to her asthma, their conversation went as follows:

Amber: As an adult, I’ve learned not to assume that anyone is only interested in me.

To cite an example: LC: During a pandemic?

Amber: That doesn’t matter.

Yes, it does matter, LC. In other words, I contracted COVID. For this reason, it is pertinent.

Yikes. I’m afraid I have to disagree with that.

2021 Status of Mark:

In recent years, Mark has become a father and a husband. Mark eventually gets engaged to the woman LC suspects he cheated with, and they end up having a child together. In April of 2021, Mark and his then-fiancée Aubrey Rainey became parents to a son named Ace.  After the Altar. After considering the timing of LC’s breakup with him, they probably found out they were expecting in July 2020. Mark’s love life appears to be flourishing at the moment, so he likely made the correct choice in passing up After the Altar.


Q1. Has Barnett betrayed Amber?

Barnett was allowed to turn down three women, and Mark got together. Additionally, when they were dating, he had an affair with his current baby mother. After this, in a public gathering, She strangely becomes very defensive of Mark, but it appears that this is only a pretext to make L.C, a type of ex of her life partner, feel awful.

Q2. How much do you earn as a cast member of Love Is Blind?

They are actually in it to find love, a source connected to the show claimed to a popular media channel, adding that “The participants get paid little to nothing” It appears that the stars of the show are willing to put their entire lives and careers on hold to find true love, in case if nothing is working out.

Q3. On Love Is Blind, who does LC wed?

In her current location, followers of the show discovered proof that Lauren and Cameron at that time were in love and were dating when the show was airing, and it appears that they were correct.  On the last episode of Love Is Blind, the pair got hitched. Both love birds made their final public appearance in the infamous altar scene from the Love Is Blind episode.

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