La La Land Records- Everything that you need to know.

La La Land Records, Tom Holkenborg’s original score for the sequel to Jeff Fowler’s Sonic the Hedgehog, which is currently in theatres, is published by La La Land Records and Paramount Pictures. Composer Holkenborg. An infectiously upbeat, exhilarating soundtrack propels the latest instalment in the sonic the hedgehog film series. A sequel based on sega’s iconic platform, sonic the hedgehog, is a fictional video game character. By the composer’s hand by dan goldwasser, with art direction from Robert vision, this limited edition cd soundtrack is only available in 2000 copies.

 Marilyn Manson Clarifies Involvement In Controversial:

Marilyn Manson has finally spoken out about the divisive released a video clip under his name that featured a falsely accused rape of Lana Del Rey and claimed “it wasn’t a Marilyn” to gain sympathy “Manson video.” Manson claimed that despite his presence at the crime scene, various points in the video’s production were widely criticized when it first appeared on the internet last month. The rape scene in Marilyn was never supposed to be in the movie in the first place. A video of Manson’s performance.

La La Land Records Film Review:

Everything about it is so meticulous regarding keeping track of La Land Records. Adorable to the point where it would be impossible to live without it. Keep oneself from squeezing it too hard. If you could bottle it, you’d fill a bath and slosh around in it. Cynicism’s pinprick could have shattered its fantasy, but everyone stood by and watched. Joyful and giddy as ever if you look at it with open eyes and an open heart as cinematic as it can be.

The album with music from La La Land is currently the most popular in America. Among the many causes of the 2017 Oscars fiasco was the vinyl release of the critically acclaimed musical in the United States. In February, an original musical composition was showcased. Their name is Justin Hurwitz, and he’s a composer. One of the songs features John Legend. The film’s main character, played by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, is also included in several songs from the film’s recently announced 15-song tracklist.

Green Room:

John Ridley wrote and directed Green Room, an American horror thriller that premiered in 2015. Jeremy Saulnier is the director of the film. Anton plays the lead role in the film. Patrick Stewart and Anton Yelchin. The movie Punk rock band, The Ain’t is the subject of this film. Rights. End up performing in a small venue owned and operated solely by white supremacists. They witness a murder in the green and are compelled to fight for their lives in the small neo-Nazi gang trying to cover their tracks.

Oscars 2017 Nominations:

The 2017 Academy Award nominees have been the Best of this morning, there were some apparent omissions—the category for original music. A list of the best OSTs is needed. Is it possible that you ran, only to be snubbed? Contributions from FACT contributors. Jackie’s eccentric score by Mica Levi was the Only FACT favourite that will be nominated for a Best Score award; no matter how much we appreciate the nods to Moonlight and La La Land is an undeniably charming film.

Elton John Named First Record Store Day Legend, Owns The Life Of Pablo On Viny:

The first ever Record Store Day beneficiary is none other than Elton John. Legend is a brand-new honour to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the holiday. In a new interview, the pop icon reveals that the anniversary of his death is coming. Discuss a few of his earliest vinyl-related memories, including His first two albums, purchased everywhere by his mother. Records on 45s (Danny & The Julians, “At the Hop,” and Jackie) the most recent history, Wilson’s ‘Reet Petite,’ in the last week, he purchased Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo.

La La Land Soundtrack Is The Best-Selling US Vinyl Record Of 2017 So Far:

Also included are such diverse acts as The Killers, Run the Jewels and Bob Marley. Vinyl records that have sold the most in the year. New data shows how far the La La Land soundtrack has travelled. Revealed. In its first week of sale, the musical’s soundtrack sold 25,000 copies.

Consequently, it is 2017’s top-selling record on vinyl. Following Nielsen Music, Justin Hurwitz created and orchestrated the score for the picture, which includes a total of 15 individual tracks. The song features the vocals of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

Limited Edition Of 2000 Units:

With the help of La La Land Records and Paramount Pictures, Proudly announcing a two-CD set from JAY Entertainment. in addition to the acclaimed composer Maurice Ravel’s newly remastered album, composer Jean-Michel Jarre’s music for the 1984 cult comedy classic film It’s a closely guarded secret! Jim Abrahams, who wrote and directed the film, wrote and ran it. In addition to Val Kilmer, the film was written and directed by Zucker and Jerry Zucker. AIRPLANE’s creative team! In the words of Jim Abrahams.


In collaboration with sparks and shadows, La La Land Records is proud to present exclusive CDs signed by the band’s members bearing McCreary’s original score for the second volume of masters of the universe revelation, the smash Netflix series! La La Land Records and paramount pictures have announced the album’s release. Brand-new music composed by the legendary Hans Zimmer.


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