How to change airpod name on the Chromebook?

How to change airpod name on iPhone and how to change the airpod name on android? Customizing your AirPods may be done in various ways; the double-tap gesture is only one of them. In addition, you can bestow a unique appellation upon your AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max. It accomplishes two goals: first, it streamlines the process by which Bluetooth device listings may locate your headphones, and second, it endows them with an endearing quality that sets them apart from other products. When you buy a new pair of AirPods, Apple does you the favor of naming them and using that name in the future. I’ll show you how to change airpod name in this article.

How to change airpod name on the Chromebook?

Apple’s AirPods headphones:

The process is the same regardless of which model of Apple’s AirPods headphones you own the original AirPods, the AirPods Pro, or the AirPods Max. Each stage can be completed in about a minute, so act quickly and develop a catchy name for your product. Apple’s AirPods acquire the name associated with the device they are linked with when they are used for the first time. When you connect your AirPods, they will automatically refer to themselves as your iPhone X’s AirPods, for example.

Unsettling feature:

The most unsettling feature of the scenario is that your genuine name will be displayed on your AirPods if you cannot rename them. Sadly, not always using the term is helpful, especially if you have more than one pair of items in question. Although this might be useful, it frequently leads to frustrating situations. First, even if you don’t want the AirPods with your name, you will be forced to keep them if you wish to sell them.

Different ways to know how to change the airpod name.

Changing the name can add coziness and originality to the atmosphere. When you have so many Bluetooth-enabled devices to connect, such as your car stereo, headphones, and living room speaker, it’s easy to get confused. As a result, it could be advantageous to rename devices like your AirPods so that you never again confuse them with one another. Using System Preferences or Settings, rename your AirPods on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. You may rename AirPods using any app.

How to rename AirPods on an iOS device?

The entire process may be broken down into just five simple phases. You are free to come back at any time and rename your earphones as many times as you like if you come up with a name that you believe fits your headphones better in the future. Commit the following procedures to memory:

1: On your iOS device, open the Settings app and then go to the Bluetooth section.

2: You may change the pair’s name by clicking the blue Information icon next to the team of AirPods.

4: Choose the Name option to display your name.

5: Replace it with a name of your choice.

6: Press the Back arrow button twice to get back to the Bluetooth screen.

7: The task at hand has been accomplished as long as you can find your new name in the Bluetooth menu.

8: If the new name you supplied does not show, follow the instructions from the preceding section once more.

9: If you have an Android phone and want to alter the name of your earbuds, keep reading this post.

Renaming AirPods on Android:

Surprisingly, renaming AirPods on an Android phone is more straightforward than on an iOS device. You can use the app without even plugging in your headphones to change the name. Give each of these approaches a try, and you should be on the right track:

Step 1: On your device, open the Settings app, then go to the Connected devices section.

Step 2: Your AirPods can be listed among the prior connected devices on your device.

Step 3: Tap the gear icon on the right side of your screen to modify your settings.

Step 4: Click the pencil icon next to the header to edit the device details.

Step 5: Type in whatever name you like, then, when finished, click the Rename button.

How do you fix AirPods’ reverting name?

While switching between their AirPods, some users have reported experiencing an issue in which the name is reset to its default configuration.This issue typically arises after the AirPods have been stored in their carrying case or after being switched to a different electrical device. Even though we aren’t entirely sure what’s causing this issue, we put several other options for renaming the AirPods through their paces to see which turned out to be the most successful.

How to change airpod name in 2022?

How to change airpod name: It would help if you began by attempting to reset the AirPods. When you reset the device, all previously saved information is deleted, including any potential bugs that may have been the cause of the issue. In addition, performing a reset establishes a brand new connection between the AirPods and the device, likely to be free of any problems. The steps required to reset your AirPods are summarized as follows:

2: Click the I button.

3: Hold and press the button on your AirPods setup after choosing “Forget This Device” until the light next to it turns white.

4: AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max: How to Rename an AirPods Pair on a Mac

5: Additionally, you can rename your AirPods on your Mac. Carry out these actions to achieve this.

6: On your Mac, open the System Preferences program.

7: Click here to launch the Bluetooth pane.

8: You can rename your AirPods after you’ve connected them to your Mac by right-clicking on their entry in the Devices list and choosing Rename from the pop-up menu that appears.

9: In the appropriate box, type a new name for your AirPods.

10: Click the “Rename” option to confirm


How to change airpod name? Now that you know how to change the name of your AirPods, you are one step closer to having total control over these wireless earphones. This simple yet ground-breaking function may have initially felt intimidating and puzzling, but neither of those emotions should be present now. Now that you are more accustomed to using your AirPods, you can start learning about all the other fascinating features they offer. Before you begin, ensure your AirPods are connected to and have been connected to your iOS device.


Is it possible to give someone else’s AirPods a new name and How to change airpod name?

Apple’s AirPod users can always choose to rename their headphones anything they want, whenever they want. The name might already be set to a particular name or still be at the default setting.

Why can’t I change the name of my AirPods?

There is probably a bug in the device’s firmware that prevents users from remembering the name “AirPods,” which could be fixed in a later release of the software. You may work around the problem until Apple fixes it by adding a trailing space to the term “AirPods.”

Can the Apple AirPods be imitated?

Using the Find My app to locate your AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max is easy. Find My on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac can help you find your AirPods.