Facts to know about Enmu demon slayer!

Enmu demon slayer was a formidable foe who played a significant role as the primary antagonist of the Mugen Train Arc in the video game Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He was the lowest ranking member of the demon group known as the Twelve Kizuki. Even though he wasn’t the show’s primary antagonist, Enmu received significant screen time in Kimetsu no Yaiba and now has his guide. Regardless, Enmu is introduced to us for the first time during the Recovery Saga. A significant celestial entity, he is one of the six minor moons. In this article, we will discuss more enmu demon slayer.

The appearance of enmu demon slayer:

Age-wise, Enmu could have been no older than their mid-twenties. Simply put, he was too thin. A medium in stature and build, he looked around that size. Both of his blue eyes were framed by thin black rims that slanted sharply outward from the sides of his face. His right eye had a horizontal slit for a pupil instead of an iris, and the kanji for “Lower One” was carved into the iris of his left eye. One could notice a distinct downward slope in each eye.

The face of enmu demon slayer:

Each of his cheeks was covered with three squares, and smaller squares were placed between each of the larger squares. The hue of these squares went from green to yellow as they faded. His jet-black, straight hair was brushed to the right and tucked behind his right ear, giving him an imposing appearance. Yellow replaced the green colour of the marks on his cheekbones. Even in terms of his physical appearance, he stood out. There were three squares, evenly spaced, on each of his cheeks.

The personality of enmu demon slayer:

It was well-known that Enmu took pleasure in other people’s anguish because his temperament allowed him a merciless outlook. He enjoyed torturing his prey by lulling them to sleep with a lovely dream before waking them up to a horrible nightmare. When he tortured his victims, he enjoyed watching their faces contort in pain. His enjoyment of killing demons from the Lower Ranks was evidence of his general wicked nature, which he enjoyed displaying even among his fellow demons.

History of enmu demon slayer:

Muzan’s demonization wasn’t supposed to involve his eating Enmu’s guts, but he did it anyway because of his insatiable hunger. He claimed, however, that he was in no discomfort due to the wound. The dying guy expressed his gratitude to Muzan and his jealousy of Muzan. Muzan halted his brain and heart during those final words, changing him into a demon. Enmu was cursed to live in Muzan’s First Low Moon due to his constant concerns about being changed into a demon against his will.

Functional Recovery Training:

The group was then carried away to the Fortress of Infinity, where they were given orders to contact the Six Lesser Moons. A moment later, they found themselves staring down Kibutsuji Muzan, who was posing as a stunning woman. Once Enmu submitted their surrender demands. However, they were quickly accepted. While Muzan described how he met his end at the hands of the fifth Inferior moon, he remained silent as their captain admonished the men for being cowards.

The temple of the demon train:

Enmu remained silent while Muzan ended The Sixth Inferior Moon‘s sinful life. Fourth Inferior Moon was also put to death for making a similar comment, and it didn’t take long for a similar verdict to be reached in his case. Enmu was confused when his friend, the Third Inferior Moon, expressed fear of the leader and attempted to flee. The moon may have attempted to escape, but it was ultimately unsuccessful. Enmu was the one who killed the chief.

Abilities of enmu demon slayer:

Talents for EVIL:

When activated, the Demonic Blood Art could put the victim to sleep for good if the artist employs a remote method. It could be a result of using this method.

Assembling the Pieces:

Whenever two individuals share a bed in a dream, Enmu spins a special rope that allows both people to experience the other’s dream fully. The individual who wants to enter the victim’s dream must first bind both ends of the rope to themselves before going to sleep and beginning to count in reverse.


Moreover, Enmu demonstrated his ability to metamorphose into huge inanimate objects and become inextricably intertwined with them. As he took control of the entire train, it became his new primary body. After that, he ate lunch and helped over 250 passengers board his train’s newly refurbished car.

The Human Body:

It was demonstrated that Enmu could use his blood and flesh to create flesh units. He cut off his arm and let it wander free. Then, utilizing Muzan and his relatives’ blood, he constructed a whole team that passed as him by assuming the human form—allowing him to remain undetected by his would-be assassins.

Who is Muzan?

Enmu approached Muzan with an expression of adoration while the other Lower Moons begged for their lives or tried to avoid being killed. Muzan had not anticipated leaving at this time. Muzan spared Enmu’s life because he takes pleasure in seeing himself as superior to others, giving Enmu more blood and another chance to prove his worth. Throughout the entirety of the Mugen Train Arc, Tanjiro’s strength is tested by this elemental power.

The capacity of Enmu?

Enmu used the opening and his increased authority to plot something evil. He became close to the Mugen Train to use its passengers as human shields. Emma’s capacity to influence both the dream and waking worlds is the source of many of his abilities. With his soothing voice, he can lull anyone to sleep, and once there, he can show them either beautiful, idealistic dreams or the darkest nightmares they’ve ever experienced.

The role of Enmu lured Tanjiro and his comrades:

After the group had boarded the train to investigate a pattern of disappearances, Enmu tricked Tanjiro and his companions into entering a dreamlike condition so that he could kill them while they were asleep in their compartments. Cases of people going missing for unexplained reasons were what Tanjiro and his associates were looking into. However, he would not have been successful without assisting four defenceless youngsters lying on their deathbeds.


Enmu demon slayer convinced them that their dreams of an eternal paradise were possible. Upon his arrival, Tanjiro discovered a tranquil environment where his loved ones were all healthy and well. There went the chance to make a dream come true at last. Tanjiro, with Nezuko’s help, brought himself back to reality after being lost in the romantic but fake world he had made for himself. The line perfectly captures the spirit of Enmu’s nefarious nature. To influence others, he appeals to their worst fears and secret impulses.


What does Enmu say while playing “Demon Slayer”?

To do this, Enmu mutters a chant or rhyme in a low, monotone voice as he rides the rails. This chant or rhyme goes as follows: “Have a nice snooze, forget how to breathe so that the devils will reap your bellies from underneath.

Why, then, did Muzan decide to prolong Enmu’s life?

Muzan challenged Enmu to kill Tanjiro or the Hashira in exchange for more of his blood. Muzan decided to keep Enmu alive so he could attack demon slayers. Enmu struggled to adapt to the increasing force and nearly fainted.