Everything that you need to know about Dart Zone.

Dart zone and no other kinds of ammo are available. The Sureshot Dart, a waffle-tip dart, is its primary dart type. Many goods, such as the previously exclusive Adventure Force from Walmart and the Air Zone line from Toys “R” Us, have been re-released under the labels of competing businesses. The game’s title was changed to Dart Zone: Covert Ops during a further rebranding effort.

Micro Darts were the standard ammunition until 2014, when the first version of the Super Dart was released, at which point the Super Dart replaced them. It is anticipated that in 2019, the “Sureshot Series Super Dart” will take its place; nevertheless, in the years to come, this dart will be rebranded as the Sureshot Dart.

The Dart Zone Pro Mk-3:

Earlier this year, we introduced you to a new breed of Nerf blasters, far more advanced than anything you might have played with as a kid. These blasters were created by an independent community with no ties to Nerf. Aside from professional foam-throwing enthusiasts and makers, Dart Zone, a toymaker, has also been instrumental in propelling the foam-throwing sport forward with its $50 Nexus Pro and $25 Aeon PRO blasters, available exclusively at Walmart in 2020.


  • A Pro MK-2 Dart Blaster
  • Darts that can travel up to 120 feet in length are included.
  • Loaders with six-dart speeds
  • Holster for the Speed Loader (holds two-speed loaders)
  • One holstered pistol for the belt
  • Break of the Mouth


  • 4 7/8 Inches (H) by 15 Inches (W) by 8 5/8 Inches (D) (D)
  • Suitable for ages 14 and up
  • Loading is simple thanks to the following features:
  • 110-foot shooting distance
  • Polyethene, TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), and Plastic
  • There was no need to use a battery.
  • it is the TCIN number: 81627460
  • Number of the UPC barcode: 729747610807
  • 087-11-0112’s DPCI number
  • Imported is the country of origin.

Dart Zone Super Commando Scorpion Blaster:

A full-auto scorpion Blaster, together with three foam targets and two belts of 18 rounds of ammunition. In just 18 seconds, a motorized blaster can launch 18 Super Darts, each of which can go up to 80 feet! You’ll need 6 AA batteries (not included). Universal Super Darts may be used in blasters made by Dart Zone and most other major manufacturers. The best target audience for this game is people aged 8 to 16.

The item’s dimensions:

Height 2.5

Width 6.25

Length 18.5

Weight 3

2017-06-16T00:00:01Z is the release date.

XShot Excel Crusher Foam Dart Zone Blaster:

The 35-dart crusher is one such machine. X-SHOT blasters have won the dart zone award three times because of their incredible shooting range of up to 90 feet/ 27 meters. You can slam-fire by keeping your finger on the trigger and pumping. Watch your opponents flee as you fire up to four darts per second. Enjoy the autorotating belt as you blast away, ensuring you have more time to shoot. The integrated belt has a 35-dart capacity.

The item’s dimensions:

Height 9.84

Width 3.35

Length 23.43

Released on August 25, 2020 at 00:00:01 a.m.

NERF MicroShots 6-Blaster Bundle Dart Zone:

Popular Nerf Blasters in Miniature Form Nerf blasters in a fun micro-size are included in this bundle pack, which is excellent for battles and collecting! Six Nerf Elite darts and six Nerf Elite blasters are included. In addition to the standard Nerf colors, two blasters in this Amazon bundle pack feature unique color schemes. Each single-shot blaster fires one dart at a time, is powered by the user’s hand (no batteries required), and is packaged in recyclable, no-fuss cardboard boxes.

The item’s dimensions:

Height 10.98

Width 16.5

Length 1.73

It is to be released at 00:01 on December 15, 2020.

Dart Zone Enforcer Super Commando Toys:

Enforcer belt blaster powered by an Enforcer motor. Rapid-fire on full-auto.Ammo belts with two 40-round clips. In the blaster, three drums supply the belt with power.3-inch foam spheres. Eighty darts with waffle tips. Darts can travel as far as 80 feet. All Dart Zone brand blasters and most standard blasters from leading brands are compatible with darts. They required six AA batteries (batteries not included).

The item’s dimensions:

Height 13.75

Width 16.25

Length 21.75

To be released at 00:00:01Z on September 20, 2019

XShot Excel Regenerator Foam Dart Zone:

Incredibly versatile, the regenerator’s many attachments allow for over a thousand possible blaster combinations, making it the ultimate all-in-one blaster. The blaster may be personalized in over a thousand ways with the regenerator’s 12 attachments, which include scopes, tripods, dart stocks, and more. It’s no surprise that X-SHOT blasters have received the dart zone award three years in a row, given that the regenerator’s 10-dart clip has an astounding range of up to 80 feet/24 meters.

The item’s dimensions:

Height 10.24

Width 4.72

Length 19.09

Weight 1.763698096

On October 10, 2020, it will be released.

DART ZONE Powerbolt X Dart Belt Blaster:

The 18 foam darts fired by the powerboat belt blaster reach 80 feet! The handle pump action of this rapid-fire blaster propels the darts far and fast.SURESHOT darts and a single ammo belt are included in the Powerbolt Belt Blaster. Slam-fire action with a pump!Darts can travel as far as 80 feet! Sureshot waffle tip darts may be used with any Dart Zone blaster, as well as the vast majority of regular blasters from the industry’s top manufacturers.

The item’s dimensions:

Height 8

Width 2.25

Length 20


In recent years, Dart Zone has become increasingly popular among blaster fans. In addition to the Nexus Pro, the MK2, MK3, and the Dart Zone Max Stryker, the Pro line has brought innovations to the blaster space, increasing the use of short darts in the hobby. For those who prefer a lower fps experience, Dart Zone has added a variety of exciting blasters. Dart Zone Spectrum, Superdrum, and Villainator are just a few examples. Regardless of your preferred dart type or fps limit, Dart Zone has a blaster that is an excellent value for the money.


Is Dart Zone’s dart accuracy high enough?

The most accurate darts available on the market are these. The full-length versions are more expensive.

Does Nerf produce Dart Zone?

Prime Time Toys’ Dart Zone brand of dart blasters debuted in 2010 under the company’s ownership. BallistixOps, Dart Zone Pro, and Dart Zone Max are the three series that come under the brand’s banner.

Do Nerf darts work with Dart Zone darts?

All of our Nerf and knockoff dart guns work perfectly with these darts.