Concealed Void Lost Sector-A New Thrill

Concealed Void Lost Sector: One of Destiny 2’s eleven secret challenge missions, Concealed Void Lost Sector, is best completed by players who are level 60 or higher. Legend and Master Lost Sectors, the game’s ultimate challenge and the means to an exotic item drop, alternate daily in Destiny 2. If you are interested in learning more about the Destiny 2 Concealed Void Lost Sector, including its location and helpful hints, continue reading our in-depth guide.

Difficult Level Destiny 2:

Additionally, Champions will have their unique buff types, such as the recently added Barrier and Overload, which cause shields to recharge and enemies to charge you, respectively. There are also a variety of modifiers you might come across, such as Arach-NO!, which causes every member of the defeated fallen to drop a bomb at their feet as they die.

Concealed Void Lost Sector Energy Barrier:

One of the eleven secret challenging missions in Destiny 2, the Concealed Void Lost Sector, is not to be taken lightly by any Guardian. Destiny 2’s daily rotating Lost Sectors for both Legend and Master offer players the chance to complete the game’s ultimate challenge and acquire a powerful exotic weapon or armour set. However, in the most recent updates, Bungie introduced a new type of Lost Sector. It’ll also let you go deeper inside, but only if you can clear out each room before an energy barrier comes down.


If you’re trying to find the hidden void sector, this guide section should help you with information like where to look, how much power you should use, and more.

Finding the Lost Sector:

In Destiny 2, you must travel to Europa to access the Void Lost Sector. This Lost Sector is not on the plane level, but once you reach the location marked above the Asterion Abyss to the north of Charon’s Crossing, it is easy to spot. You can reach the location by making a path to the right of the cliffs from the spawn point in Variks, upon which you can leap onto your sparrow and fly there. Proceed until you reach the clearing, and then look for a sizable passage that leads underground. Here, in the left-hand ice wall, is where you’ll find the passageway.

Hidden Void Lost Sector Master Mission in Destiny 2

The master difficulty of Destiny 2’s Void Lost Sector is the ultimate test of player skill and fortitude. In Master mode, you face more shields and Champions, and your equipment is locked. Moreover, the Champions arrived with their barrier and Overload protection types and recent buffs. The word “Arach-NO!” is one example of a modifier. It means that one defeated player has dropped the bomb at their feet as they die.

Level 1320 Concealed Void Lost Secret:

Be sure you’re not dissatisfied with your current situation before venturing into the Concealed Void. To finish this month’s master difficulty, Lost Sectors, you’ll need to approach light level 1320. However, the exotic armour piece is unlocked for players who complete the master difficulty independently.

Learn the ins and outs of the Lost Sector of Destiny 2’s Concealed Void and where to find Exotic Gear on your own

The Beyond Light Exotic armour sets can be found in the Lost Sector known as Concealed Void, which can be found on Europa. So that you’re prepared if this Lost Sector ever shows up in the daily rotation and you want a shot at that Exotic Armor, I’m going to walk you through it, step by step.

The first part of today’s guide will cover the Concealed Void, followed by a quick discussion of getting ready for the Legend and Master Lost Sectors and how to get there, and finally, a look at some of the available Exotic Armor.

Arranging: Armor, Upgrades, and Strength

It would help if you got ready for the experience in advance. The Champions and Shields needed to enter the Concealed Void Lost Sector on Europa will be displayed when you hover over the icon for the sector. For instance, Overload and Barrier were the champions within the Concealed Void Lost Sector. It would help if you equipped your weapons with Overload and Anti-Barrier mods.

The seasonal artefact is where you can get these upgrades: Before venturing into the Lost Sector, ensure your seasonal artefact’s mods are unlocked, and your armour is equipped with them. A challenging task will become nearly impossible if you don’t research the Lost Sector’s prerequisites and prepare a build that can handle the champions and shields.

Last but not least, power needs. The Lost Sectors for Legend in Season of the Splicer are 1310, while those for Master are 1340. You can enter under-levelled, but you’ll have a difficult time, so it’s recommended that you get as close as possible to the required power level before venturing in.

Hidden Space Map of the Missing Sector

You’ll likely encounter some Fallen Shanks and Dregs as your first challenge in the Lost Sector. You can’t see him, but behind that wall is an Overload Champion. Make quick work of him with your Overload weapon; in my case, that’s a hand cannon. After I have stunned the Champion with the Overload weapon, I fire a few rounds of Anarchy at them, and they usually die quickly. A few hand cannon shots after they have been stunned and have some Anarchy bolts attached should do the trick.

Solar Weapon Concealed Void Lost Sector:

The Dregs with solar shields will be around the corner once you’ve dispatched the Overload Captain. After you’ve finished them off with your Solar Weapon, you’ll have to deal with the big heavy Shank and some Vandal Snipers hiding in the distance. Use your energy weapon to disable the Shank’s shields, and then move in for the kill, avoiding the Vandals’ sniper fire as best you can. Assuming you can make the ascent and squeeze through the opening, you will soon find yourself in the next section of the Lost Sector.



Destiny 2’s Lost Sector, Concealed Void, can be found on Europa. Once you’ve landed, reach the Asterion Abyss coordinates above. It’s easy to figure out that this Lost Sector is located below the glacial plates and not on the surface.

Q2. What is the Master Difficulty on Destiny 2’s Hidden Void Lost Area?

The short mission in Destiny 2’s Concealed Void Lost Sector is elevated to a new level when played on Master difficulty. Be satisfied with your current shields and Champions before venturing into the Concealed Void on Master difficulty, as this setting also locks your equipment.

Q3. Can you explain what the Concealed Void Lost Sector is?

One of Destiny 2’s eleven secret challenge missions, Concealed Void Lost Sector, is best completed by players who are level 60 or higher. Each day in Destiny 2, players can choose between a Legend Lost Sector and a Master Lost Sector, each of which presents a unique challenge and offers the chance to obtain a powerful exotic.


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