Interesting facts to know about Cold war season 3!

Cold war season 3 will introduce deleting several teams. This mode contains deathmatches on the game’s most extensive maps. Squads have four members. Maps, game types, weapons, and other elements are added to Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. You can learn more about Warzone and Cold War’s third season here. There are two new game modes for those who are sick of playing the same old games this season. A venerable method called Sticks & Stones has appeared too far in each Black Ops game. Fans will have another chance to play it once Season 3 begins. Start with a Tomahawk, Ballistic Knife, and R1 Shadowhunter crossbow. In this article, we will discuss more Cold war season 3.

Studios that contributed to Call of Duty:

What will take place in Cold war season 3 of the well-known franchise has been demonstrated to the public by Vanguard and Warzone Pacific. Players can anticipate a new Battle Pass, time-limited events, and fresh first-person shooter content, just like in previous seasons. Players will be able to participate in the action as the American sniper Mateo Hernandez at the beginning of the season. Kim Tae Young, a mysterious killer, and acrobatic pilot Florence Carter will be introduced to the team later in the season.

The Search for Adler:

A new limited-time event named “Hunt for Adler” will start with the start of Season 3. During this event, you will encounter difficulties in both the Warzone and Cold War game types. According to Treyarch, the benefits gamers can receive for participating in this event are unknown. They have, however, informed players that new Adler skins, calling cards, and weapon charms are on the way.

The battlefield’s new map is exciting:

The start of Operation Rapid Sunder is set on April 21 at noon. This event will force Verdansk, which all players are familiar with and adore, to change significantly, making Warzone an entirely different game. Verdonk experienced a zombie apocalypse during Season 2. However, it appears that it is finally over. There are speculations that Verdansk would be destroyed by a nuclear missile, returning the world to the Cold War.

How does Cold War’s third season compare to the first two?

Treyarch studios have released two teasers that give players a sense of what they may anticipate from the future season, even though Activision has not made it obvious what they want to do with the upcoming season. To begin, it would appear that the Warzone Verdansk map will undergo a comprehensive overhaul. There are hints in a few movies found on Reddit that the new Verdansk map will be set around the 1980s.

Black Ops Cold War:

Reddit received an unintended upload of the gameplay trailer at some point. It displays well-known locations in Verdansk, such as the Stadium, that have been transformed to seem like they did in the 1980s. As the release date of Cold War Season 3 draws closer, Activision will start providing more specifics about what will be added to the game. Due to future study, more information on the Black Ops Cold War video game is available.

Dig Site is a new Call of Duty POI:

Alterations were made to Warzone season three as a direct result of the discovery of Classified Arms and Godzilla and King Kong. In this area, the skeletal remains of long-extinct Godzilla and Kong monsters have been uncovered. In addition, several of the Warzone Season 3 Points of Interest that were already present have had new elements added to them as part of the latest update. Thanks to adding a new Gulag landscape, you will also have the opportunity to engage in the deadly fight and reclaim Caldera.

The New Caldera Dig Site is where?

Given how much of an influence Godzilla and King Kong had on Warzone Season 3, it is only fitting that Caldera now has a new landmark called Dig Site to demonstrate its imprint on the region. On a Pacific island, two enormous excavators were digging up the ground. They discovered Kong and Godzilla fossils. There are many covers here because there are many monster bones, tents, and excavators.

The identical controls from the Cold war season 3:

Players can take on the role of zombies during the Warzone Haunting of Verdansk event in October of 2017. Zombies will once again have access to Charged Jump, Gas Grenade, and EMP Blast, in addition to always being able to see where their opponents are. In addition, zombies have a distinct edge because they are immune to the effects of the gas clouds gathering everywhere about Verdansk.

Warzone Sykov pistol at Cold war season 3:

Fans may get their hands on this new weapon if they win five separate handgun duels and have four pistol kills to their credit. When the contamination level reaches 100%, the player can gain control of zombies and obtain a new weapon. In addition, they are provided with a skull icon that they are free to use in any way they see fit. In terms of its physical make-up, the Cold war season 3 Sykov pistol looks precisely what its name suggests it should.

For Cold war season 3 introduces the New Hold Gulag:

Warzone Season 3 introduced Gulag, a new one-on-one arena in Caldera. The setting for Hold’s action is a “hold,” a fortified structure. Contrary to most holds, this one is symmetrical, includes narrow passageways and large open areas, and allows players plenty of room to maneuver and alter their tactics. Hold’s three-lane design is typical of many arena maps. Thanks to this, you can charge through, hide in, or lock down to defeat your opponent and rejoin the battle royale.

Warzone’s third season changes Caldera landmarks:

Many previously introduced POIs in Caldera underwent significant alterations as part of the Warzone Season 3 launch update. Peak received substantial concrete defences when it was repaired after being damaged by the first volcanic activity on the map. Accessibility to the area was further improved through better transportation connections. There are numerous other cables throughout the mountain and the stronghold. You’ll be able to engage in a lot more dynamic, vertical conflict with the help of these cables.


Contamination in Cold war season 3 has been progressively increasing over the past few weeks, and it has finally hit its highest level of 100%. A new skull emblem may appear in the upper right corner of the screens of players who entered a match after the incident. It might not be immediately apparent what it signifies. If you’ve joined a game since the event, you might have noticed that the icon’s colour scheme has changed. This guide can help Call of Duty: Warzone fans learn about the main character.


What do you anticipate for the fourth season?

Season 4 won’t be out for another month; therefore, it’s too early to foretell its events. The Season 3 Warzone upgrade was mostly a new skin for Verdansk, so I don’t expect any substantial map changes.

What will happen in the third season of the Cold War?

In season 3 Reloaded, participants can play Standoff, a Black Ops II 6v6 map, and Duga, a multi-team Ural Mountains map. Both maps have multiplayer. This update adds characters, game modes, and two game kinds.