Here is everything to know about Travis the chimp attack!

travis the chimp attack

Travis the chimp attack chimpanzee, was a beloved animal actor and a presence in his Connecticut area since his tragic attack on his owner’s lover Charla Nash in 2009. Tragically, on February 16, 2009, Travis the Chimp, a celebrity chimpanzee who had assaulted his owner’s close friend Charla Nash, murdered her. Because of Travis’ increasingly … Read more

Everything that you need to know about Dog With Wig.

Dog With Wig

Dog With Wig, Pick from our wide variety of dog wigs from the most fabulous boutiques carrying pet headwear and wigs. We now present your stock images for the Dog Wig. Photos and illustrations can be downloaded without cost or monetary obligations. Put them to use in lifetime commercial projects. A Big Blonde Wig Is … Read more

Sad Dog Meme – Sad and funny dog meme outline:

Sad Dog Meme

Sad Dog Meme, These Are the Saddest Dog Memes Ever we know we can’t win against Mordor, but on the way to the animal hospital, would you mind if we stopped at Starbucks? Feel like looking at some sad dog memes to cheer up a bad day? Here we’ve gathered a selection of the internet’s … Read more

You need to know about Best Food For Bulldog Puppies.

best food for bulldog puppies

Best Food For Bulldog Puppies With that in mind, aspiring Bulldog owners should know their stuff about dog foods. We’ve put together a list of the most OK dog food for English Bulldogs and a buyer’s advice because a well-balanced diet is essential for a dog’s health. Food for English Bulldogs puppies that is easy … Read more

Everything that you need to know about Hairless English Bulldog.

hairless english bulldog

Hairless English bulldog has a stunning appearance thanks to his glowing skin and glossy hair. The problem is that English Bulldogs are susceptible to bald spots on the back. Bulldog flank alopecia seasonal baldness, or Bulldog seasonal baldness, is the name given to this disorder. Neither English nor French nor American Bulldogs are exempt from … Read more

How Do You Know If Furbo Is Recording?

how do you know if furbo is recording

How Do You Know If Furbo Is Recording How do you know if the camera is an interactive intelligent dog camera that lets you view, chat to and toss treats to your dog from anywhere? The interactive pet camera Furbo was one of the first of its kind to gain widespread popularity. It performs some … Read more

Everything You Need to Know about pit vipers easter post!

pit vipers easter post

Pit vipers easter post sunglasses makers are under fire after an Instagram post and comment about Easter sparked widespread criticism. This “Pit Viper Easter Comment” casts doubt on the resurrection of Jesus and the innocence of children. A few more people thought sharing the company’s sunglasses was a clever way to respond to Pit Viper’s … Read more