40 gallon breeder tank-We ranked the best 40 gallon breeder tanks, and here are our top four picks!

40 gallon breeder tank for those who have kept fish for some time may eventually be interested in breeding their fish. Then a specialized spawning tank is what you need. One standard size for 40 gallon breeder tank this article provides a comprehensive look at five of the top 40-gallon breeder tanks currently available, as well as a wealth of helpful information for anyone considering fish breeding as a hobby. A breeder tank is not the same as a regular aquarium because it lacks the elaborate features that most aquariums have. A breeder tank’s primary purpose is practicality rather than aesthetics.

Ideal size for a breeding tank:

For fish breeding, a 40 gallon breeder tank aquarium is ideal, but a smaller tank will do. When it comes to protecting their eggs and young, many fish species are highly territorial when they are in the spawning process. The standard dimensions for a 40 gallon breeder tank are 36 inches in length, 18 inches in height, and 16 inches in depth. When empty, a tank of that size made of glass would weigh about 55 pounds.

40-Gallon Aqualon Breeder Tank:

This tank’s high-quality, long-lasting glass construction is complemented by leak-preventing silicone edging. If you plan to keep your spawning tank in a backroom and it won’t be a focal point of your home, the finish probably isn’t essential. This breeder tank is available with oak or black trim. There’s a cross brace in the middle of the tank.

Transparent 40-Gallon Breeder Tank:

The Sea Clear 40 gallon breeder tank includes a reflector and an electrical lighting fixture, making it a good value for a breeder tank. A lifetime guarantee gives you additional peace of mind with your new aquarium. The Sea Clarity is an acrylic aquarium. It’s a little more expensive, making the tank much more durable and clear than standard glass aquariums.

Perfecto Productions Item Number: APF10040 Capacity: 40 Gallons:

The high-quality glass prevents distortion, so you can see every detail of your fish, eggs, and fry in this aquarium. The tank is reinforced in the middle and made to last with a black, silicone-sealed frame designed to prevent capillary action and leaks. This tank is suitable for use with a canister or HOB filter, making it suitable for use with freshwater, saltwater fish, or aquarium inhabitants, making it ideal for breeding purposes.

Acrylic Fish Tank with Sea Clear System II:

In addition to the crystal-clear aquarium of the highest quality, you will receive a wet/dry filtration system that will be neatly concealed at the tank’s rear. There is room for a protein skimmer, a heater, and the mechanical, biological, and chemical filter media that make up this system’s three tiers. You’ll need to purchase a bulb separately, but the aquarium has a full hood that houses a 24-inch fluorescent light fixture.

Equipment for a Breeding Tank of 40 Gallons:

When stocking a breeder tank with fry and juvenile fish, it’s crucial to get the right accessories to minimize the stress of any sudden changes. Below are some required resources and articles that can provide further clarification and insight.

Method of filtering:

An effective filtration system is necessary for any fish tank, as it removes waste products like ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates from the water. Fry need oxygenated water for proper development, so a reliable mechanical filtration system is also essential. Since water circulation can significantly impact certain species’ spawning preferences, a breeder tank must have a filter with an adjustable flow rate.


In a breeder tank, the water temperature is also crucial. Spawning in fish typically requires water temperatures just above their preferred range. Since most fish begin reproducing in the spring and early summer, when the water temperature is slightly warmer in the natural environment, you will need to maintain a similar temperature in your home breeder tank. Choose a heater for your breeder tank that can be adjusted rather than one that is fixed in its settings.

Source of illumination:

As before, the lighting conditions during spawning are species-specific for fish. Lighting that can be adjusted between daytime and nighttime can be beneficial, as some fish species prefer. Many fish species, for instance, spawn first thing in the morning, so if you buy a lighting unit with a timer and effects setting, you can make the lights gradually brighter, simulating the dawn, to encourage spawning. It’s essential to keep in mind that floating plants can serve as both light diffusers and safe havens for young fish.

Tank partition:

During and immediately after spawning, some fish species have been observed to act aggressively toward one another. It’s possible that a tank divider is necessary to keep your fish safe. When the time is right, and both fish are ready to spawn, the divider allows them to see each other and prepare for spawning without having any contact. You can position the divider so that a flat rock or spawning mop takes up the area directly beneath it when the female fish is ready to reproduce.

Creating a fish breeding tank:

To successfully breed a particular fish species, you’ll need to adapt your breeder tank’s setup slightly from a regular fish tank to accommodate the desired species’ unique spawning habits.

Nesters in a bubble:

Fish like betas and gourami are among those that build nests out of bubble plastic. The male fish produces large bubble masses, typically in a corner, under an overhang, or around floating plants. The female fish will lay her eggs beneath the bubble nest, and the male and female will bring the eggs to the nest together.


Livebearers like Guppies, Swordtails, Platys, and Mollies are ridiculously easy to breed and usually get on with the job without your intervention. There should be plenty of thick vegetation in the tank for the fry to hide in until they are big enough to be safe from the parents and other inhabitants. It’s more challenging to raise chickens that lay eggs. Sand is ideal for some species, while others require flat rocks.


There is no need to put a substrate in the breeder tank unless the fish you intend to breed are egg buriers. Substrate-less aquariums are much simpler to maintain and monitor for hatchlings and juveniles. If there’s any concern about the parents eating the eggs, a layer of fine grating or mesh placed directly above the tank floor will allow the eggs to drop to the bottom.

Water Quality Indices:

Eggs and fries can either die or thrive depending on the water’s pH, hardness, and temperature. Fry can be lost, or spawning prevented if the water parameters of the breeder tank are suddenly altered. Before you set up the breeder tank, ensure the water’s pH and hardness meet the needs of the adults and the fry.

The Water Cycle:

Fry are very sensitive to nitrogen compounds produced by fish waste, so changing about 25% of the water in your breeder tank daily is essential. Small amounts of live food, rather than fish flakes, can help cut down on waste, and regular tank cleaning with a vacuum will keep the water clean and free of debris.


In my opinion, a 40 gallon breeder tank is ideal for both seasoned fish breeders and novices just starting in the hobby of livestock farming. Most species of Coldwater and tropical fish can be successfully bred in any of the breeder tanks reviewed here, so long as the aquarium is appropriately adapted to the needs of the fish in question. Long-term fish-breeding cost savings are possible, and the process also provides an excellent opportunity to play with color variations in a low-risk environment.


Why do 40 gallon breeder tank aquariums get dubbed “breeders?”

A fish tank with the dimensions of a 40 gallon breeder tank aquarium is well-defined. A breeder tank’s bottom is square, unlike the more rectangular base of a standard 40-gallon aquarium. Because of its lower height, breeders will have easier access to their fish.

How big is a tank that can 40 gallon breeder tank fish?

The standard dimensions for a 40 gallon breeder tank are 36 inches in length, 18 inches in height, and 16 inches in depth. When empty, a tank of that size made of glass would weigh about 55 pounds.

If you have a 40 gallon breeder tank, how many fish can you keep in there?

Twenty fish can be kept comfortably in a 40 gallon breeder tank. They are highly sociable and do well in a community aquarium, like Guppies.

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